Do Bettas Get Lonely Without Other Fish Around Them?

Betta fish are a popular pet for many people. They have been around for over 2,000 years and have been kept as pets by humans because of their beautiful colors and interesting behaviors.

One question that often comes up is whether or not bettas get lonely without other fish around them… In this blog post, we will examine this question in detail to find out if it’s true that Bettas can’t live without other fish to keep them company!

Do Bettas Get Lonely Without Other Fish Around Them?

No! Betta fish are territorial by nature, so they are quite happy being by themselves. They will get stressed and even sick if another fish is put into their tank. Bettas can also be aggressive, so it’s best to keep them away from other fish that might trigger this behavior in them.

Overall, bettas do not need any additional company when they are kept as pets – they like having the entire space for themselves!

However, that doesn’t mean that your betta fish can’t get sad or bored in their tank. In fact, they can become very unhappy if they don’t get enough entertainment.

This is why I keep my betta occupied with lots of entertainment. You can do this with betta fish toys that you can easily get on Amazon. Also, make sure your betta tank has lots of plants and places for the betta to sleep and hide.

The Mirror Trick

The next time you feel like your betta is getting lonely, try giving him some company… with himself! You can use a mirror to create a reflection, which gives some activity for your betta.

Your betta will flare up and show the reflection who’s boss! Take the mirror away, and watch how happy your betta fish gets knowing that it won the “fight” with the other betta.

This is also a great way to keep your betta engaged in exercise and stimulated, rather than doing nothing all day.

Create a Betta Sorority for Females

Although male betta fish shouldn’t be held together, you can keep female bettas together. So if you’re worried about your female betta being lonely, then you can safely introduce another betta.

If you have a group of female bettas, they will enjoy being together. You can create a sorority by adding at least five females to the tank and making sure that there is plenty of space for them (ideally around 2-5 gallons per fish). Make sure that each betta has its own hiding place!

Female betta fish usually do not fight if their needs are met and enough territory is given to each one. However, this all depends on how much room your tank provides.

Lonely Betta Fish FAQ

Can betta fish die from being lonely?

No, bettas can’t die from being lonely. Bettas are territorial by nature, though, so they will get stressed out if another fish is put into their tank.

Do betta fish need friends?

No, little friends for your bettas do not exist because you should never house a male with another male – there could be disastrous consequences associated with this decision!

While many people think keeping two of these beautiful creatures together would make life more enjoyable… It doesn’t at all.

Do betta fish enjoy being with other fish?

No, bettas don’t like to be with other fish at all. They can actually become sick or stressed if another fish is put into their tank.

Can I keep female bettas together?

Yes, you can keep female bettas together in a sorority. They will enjoy each others’ company and not fight too often if they are given plenty of space to roam around with their own spots to hide away in.

Can male bettas be kept together?

No, male Bettas cannot live with one another because it’s very stressful for them which causes illness or death. Male Betta fish should never share the same tank!

Are betta fish happy alone?

Yes, bettas are happy being by themselves. They are territorial fish so want space by themselves without other fish in the way.

Will a night light stop betta fish from getting lonely?

No, a night light does not stop betta fish from getting lonely. Bettas are territorial by nature and get stressed out if another fish is put into their tank – even with a nightlight! You should always turn off the betta light at night.

Will talking to my betta fish make it feel less lonely?

Who knows! It may not work, but I always talk to my betta to make sure it feels loved.

Are betta fish good pets?

Yes, Bettas are great as long as you keep them by themselves! They don’t need any other company but still enjoy being cared for and appreciated by their owners.


In conclusion, bettas are happy by themselves and don’t need any company!

While many people think keeping two of these fish together would make for a more enjoyable experience – it’s actually quite the opposite. Bettas can become stressed when in the same tank as other fish, so leave them alone to enjoy some peace and quiet.