Do Betta Fish Need Light at Night?

Betta fish are a common household pet. These beautiful, exotic fishes have become popular for their brilliant colors and interesting behaviors. But although they are amazing pets, many first-time owners are wondering whether they need a light on at night.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about whether or not bettas need a night light, their nocturnal habits, and more!

Do Betta Fish Need Light at Night?

No, you should turn off all lights at night. This is because betta fish rest at night when it’s dark – just like humans.

The goal is to recreate their natural habitat, which means providing light during the day and darkness during the night.

If you have a timer on your aquarium lights, make sure to turn them off for 12-14 hours once night falls so that they can go to bed! This will give them a chance to relax and rest before the next day.

Unfortunately, many betta owners care for their fish wrong by exposing them to bright lights 24/7. This is because they are seeking the “glow” that bettas have in order to show off their beautiful colors, which can also make it hard for your betta’s eyesight over time.

However, there are serious consequences to leaving the light on, which I talk about whether down the article.

Betta Fish Natural Habitat

In their natural habitat, bettas live in rice paddies and ponds. They prefer quiet areas of still water that are shaded by plants or structures, like overhanging tree branches.

Bettas are most active at dawn and dusk, which is when they feed on insects that have been attracted to the surface of their habitat by light.

When they’re resting at night, bettas typically sleep near a plant or some other structure that provides shade and shelter from predators. This is why it’s so important to provide live plants in your betta fish tank.

So if you want your betta fish to be happy in its home, remember to keep it dark at night – your betta fish will love for it!


Are betta fish OK in the dark?

Yes! Bettas enjoy complete darkness at night.

Do betta fish sleep like humans?

Yes, bettas sleep in a similar way to humans. They rest at night when it’s dark.

Will my betta fish get lonely if I turn off the lights?

No, your bettas will be fine if you turn the lights off. If you’re worried about your betta being lonely, then you can keep two female betta fish together.

Do betta fish sleep at night?

Yes, betta fish sleep at night and hunt during the day. This is because they use their eyes to see food and other items in the top layers of the water.

What happens if I leave the betta fish light on at night?

It’s bad to leave the tank light on at night because it disturbs the betta’s natural sleep cycle. It can also cause stress and reduce their appetite for food. Just imagine if you had to sleep with a bright light in your face all night!

Are betta fish nocturnal creatures?

Betta fish are not nocturnal! In fact, bettas are diurnal creatures. This means they’re most active during the day and sleep at night when it’s dark. You may not have noticed this because you were asleep while your betta was asleep!

Can betta fish see at night?

Betta fish can also see very well during low-light conditions like these because of a structure in their eyes called the “tapetum lucidum.” This means they don’t need bright lights to see during darkness.

When should I turn on betta fish light?

You should turn the light on when you wake up in the morning to feed your betta. In fact, when you open your bedroom curtains, this is a good time to provide your betta with some light – whether natural or artificial.


In conclusion, bettas need darkness at night to rest. If you want your betta fish to be happy and healthy, then remember to turn off the lights each evening!

I know it’s amazing to be able to see our bettas in an LED-lit tank, but your betta needs rest just as much as you do. How would you like it if you had to sleep with a bright light on all the time?

I hope this article has helped you answer your question about whether betta fish need light at night.