Can Betta Fish Eat Sea Monkeys?

Betta fish are freshwater fish that originates from Thailand. They have been popular pets in the United States for over 40 years, and they can be found in pet stores everywhere.

You may have recently brought a betta home from the store, only to wonder what you can feed them! In this article, we look at whether betta fish can and will eat sea monkeys. Let’s find out…

Can Betta Fish Eat Sea Monkeys?

Yes, betta fish can eat sea monkeys. They are both delicious and safe for your betta fish to eat!

In fact, giving sea monkeys to your betta will be extremely stimulating and rewarding. You see, your betta will enjoy hunting its own food and it will be incredibly entertaining for you.

What Else Should I Feed My Betta?

It’s important that your betta fish eats a balanced and varied diet. They should eat a mixture of different foods, including betta fish flakes, live food such as bloodworms and insects, pellets, bananas, and vegetables. They can even eat bread in small amounts!

Remember to only feed your betta small quantities at a time – it’s better for their digestion if they don’t overeat! In fact, it’s best to feed your betta several times a day.

I like to feed my betta fish a high-quality pellet that meets all of its nutritional needs, and then for a treat, I chuck in a few sea monkeys for my betta fish to enjoy once a week.


Can I feed only sea monkeys to my betta fish?

Although bettas can eat sea monkeys, I wouldn’t recommend a diet that consists of only them. For optimal health, give your betta a mix of high-quality pellets and live food.

Can I put sea monkeys in my betta fish tank?

Yes, but your betta fish will eat the sea monkeys!

What about those sea monkey kits?

You can feed your betta fish with the sea monkeys from the kits, but be warned that they are different kinds of shrimp. In fact, these shrimp will grow to 1-2cm long.

Can betta fry at sea monkeys?

Yes, betta fry can and will eat sea monkeys. I recommend also giving your betta fry some betta fry food to balance things out.

Are there other kinds of tiny crustaceans that my bettas can and will eat in the wild?

There certainly are! Many small freshwater organisms that you might find in a stream would be an ideal snack for your pet-finned friends. Some examples include copepods (such as water fleas), daphnia, blood worms, etc.


In conclusion, betta fish can and will eat sea monkeys. Sea monkeys make a great treat for your betta, as long as you don’t overfeed them!

You should now know whether or not sea monkeys will make suitable food for your beloved pet betta fish. They’re certainly nutritious enough, but there are other considerations that must be made before deciding on this diet plan…thankfully, we’ve already covered them all right here today.

There are many different foods you can feed to your betta fish. You can find some of them by checking out my other articles – just type “eat” into the search bar!