Can Betta Fish Eat Bananas?

One of the most common questions pet owners have is what can their pets eat. It’s important to know because some foods are toxic and should never be given to your fishy friends.

One question that often gets asked is whether or not betta fish can eat bananas. In this article, I will discuss if it is safe for your betta to eat a banana, as well as how you might go about feeding them one!

Can Betta Fish Eat Bananas?

Yes, betta fish can eat bananas. However, it should be noted that bettas are carnivorous and while they may enjoy the sweetness of a banana or two, this food is not their natural diet.

Bettas love fruit in general so feeding them bananas is no problem for our little finned friends. Just make sure to feed sparingly because too much sugar isn’t good either! This food should definitely not replace their main diet of pellets and frozen brine shrimp

If you’re wondering how often to give bananas to a betta fish, I recommend feeding your betta with no more than one or two tiny pieces of banana per week. This will give them a small taste but keep their diet balanced!

The best way to feed your betta fish bananas is by cutting the banana into very thin pieces, making sure that there are no big chunks. Place it in their tank and watch your little friend swim over for a snack!


Is banana healthy for betta fish?

No, feeding your betta too many bananas will not help them live longer. Instead, you should focus on giving your little friend a diet high in protein and fat content as this is what they would be eating naturally if living in the wild!

How much banana should I give to betta fish?

Only give tiny pieces of banana to your betta fish. Don’t go chucking in the whole thing! I like to feed them a piece that is roughly the same size as half a pea.

Can betta fry eat bananas?

Yes, but as mentioned above, you should limit their intake of bananas to a few pieces here and there. A couple of times a week is more than enough!

Can betta fish eat banana skin?

Yes, the skin itself does not pose any problems for your little pal so give it right on over! Just make sure that when peeling off the skin that you get rid of all of those strings as these can be harmful if they wind up wrapped around your betta’s fins or stuck in his mouth.

Is too much banana bad for my betta?

Feeding your pet too many bananas will lead to them developing fin rot from lack of protein. This goes back to what I was saying earlier about proteins being an important part of a betta’s diet – they are carnivores! So be sure to give them protein-rich foods.


In conclusion, betta fish can eat bananas but it is important to limit their intake of this fruit because too much sugar isn’t good for them.

I hope you enjoyed this article! To be honest, I prefer to give sea monkeys as a betta fish treat. Be sure to check out my other articles on what bettas can and cannot eat.