Why is My Fish Tank Cloudy and How to Fix 8 Best Tips

Turbid aquarium water, not knowing How to Fix Fish Tank Cloudy is one of the questions many newcomers to learn about aquatic life often encounter. Today, let’s join Memfish Store to learn Why is My Fish Tank Cloudy simple and effective in keeping the aquarium clear and not cloudy again.

Why is My Fish Tank Cloudy

First, turbidity in aquarium water is a common occurrence in all aquariums and aquariums. The cause of this situation is in many reasons, which can be mentioned as: The background is not clean, the layout is not clean, not on biotechnology … and external problems such as dust will also cause the aquarium to become turbid.

But the main reason leading to this situation is that our aquariums do not have a stable microbiota to help decompose impurities and harmful substances in the water. In order to have a clear and stable aquarium, aquatic life, what we need to aim for is to create a very healthy and stable microbiota.

How to Fix My Fish Tank Cloudy

The reason why the aquarium water is cloudy, I have shared the above, and right now I would like to teach everyone how to do in the aquarium water is the simplest way.

Water exchange

Impurities generated during the development of aquariums and aquariums can be mentioned as: sex from the lake floor, damaged aquatic plants, rot, substances secreted from driftwood, rocks, feces fish… these are the main causes that directly affect the water source in the aquarium. The water change plan will be a direct one to improve the quality, minimize impurities in the aquarium, aquarium, and make the water clearer and cleaner.

Advantages: Effective immediately, no cost …

Disadvantages: Causing an imbalance in the ecosystem in the aquarium, aquarium, can harm plants and animals in the aquarium.
Toilet Cleaning aquariums, aquariums is one of the measures that you should periodically do, this will help our aquarium be cleaner, free from impurities, harmful moss … to help the aquarium and The aquarium aquarium is always in balance and calm.


Microbiological supplement is one of the best options, to help improve the microbiota in the aquarium, balance the water environment, absorb and digest harmful substances and excess melons in the aquarium, aquarium fish. . In particular, decomposition of fish manure is a major cause of turbidity and death in aquariums. A new water bath is one of the most effective treatments that you should follow periodically.

Use filtration and regeneration of microorganisms

To have a stable microbiota, to help aquariums and aquatic animals grow well and stay clean, these 3 methods are not enough to create a healthy microbiome. Measures like adding microorganisms also only support and replenish microorganisms with immediate and non-permanent profitability.

The main option used by aquarists is to invest in a good aquarium filter and have quality filter materials, the filter material will be a place to feed microorganisms, help microorganisms to live and create microbes. New birth for the aquarium. This is the most important method to do in aquarium water and aquariums.

Using Purigen

Purigen is a filter material product with the property of absorbing impurities. It is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents, but a unique porous synthetic polymer. This product eliminates water-soluble and insoluble impurities at a speed and capacity that exceeds all other competitive products by over 500%. Purigen controls ammonia, nitrite and nitrate by removing nitrogenous organic waste, which would otherwise release these toxic compounds.

Purigen’s impact on trace elements is minimal. It significantly increases redox. It polishes the water for unprecedented clarity. Purigen gradually darkens as it is released, and is easily renewed by treatment with bleach. Purigen is designed for both seawater and freshwater use.

Feed the fish just enough

It is also important to feed the fish to keep the water in the aquarium clean and clean. Fish food is one of the main causes of turbid aquarium water. If we feed the fish with too much amount, the fish can not eat it completely, it will directly affect the water source, when the food dissolves, the water will always appear cloudy and dusty. Controlling your fish feed is one of several ways that will have a positive impact on your aquarium’s aquarium ecosystem.

Light control

Light is partly affecting the growth of mosses, harmful in the aquarium, which makes our aquariums and aquariums not clean and limits the viewing experience for aquarium fish. Controlling the light will help inhibit the growth of harmful moss, help your aquarium stay at its best and stay balanced. Buying genuine aquatic lamps will help reduce the problem of algae in the aquarium or aquarium.

Raising fishes to clear the tank

Keeping fish to clean the tank will help your job more leisurely and efficiently. We cannot satellite some narrow positions and thread the inside of the aquarium, aquarium, the fish cleaning the tank will help us do that job, making the aquarium cleaner so the water will be clearer. .


With the above 7 methods, Memfish Store would like to affirm that it will help improve the aquarium ecosystem, help the aquarium water to be cleaner and cleaner. Please perform the 6 above plans periodically to bring the best results. Leave your comments on this sharing, if we still do not take any steps, please share it so everyone knows how to help Memfish Store.