Why Does my Fish Tank Smells, Treat: Cleaning and Maintaining Your Aquarium

How to clean the environment in the tank and not harm the fish. After a while, the aquarium begins to show dangerous warning signs such as fishy smell, water is cloudy, the tank wall appears a lot of green moss … the article below will guide you on how to and Why Does my Fish Tank Smells.

Why should my Fish Tank Smells, Treat?

If the fish tank condition continues, the fish will die and make the smell of fishy and rotten worse causing serious pollution to the surrounding habitat. infection is no longer pure.

The simplest way to treat fishy fish tank water is to remove residues, leftovers, and debris from which the fishy smell in the tank will disappear. Most likely it is because the balance in the tank has been affected. The reason is that uneaten food accumulates in the tank, beneficial microorganisms do not grow.

Some effective ways to Fish Tank Smells, Treat

We’ll show you a few simple ways to treat fishy aquarium water that are easy to do as follows:

Treat, Fish Tank Smells fish tank water by removing green moss, algae

Moss or green algae on the tank surface, you should use a specialized tool to scrape this algae layer away. Then rub around the surface of the tank before changing the water. Currently, all kinds of tools to remove algae, moss and algae are sold in stores.

Fish tank cleaning is one of the effective methods many people use to make your tank cleaner, you can put in a fish tank to clean the tank. This fish feeds on algae and other impurities in the tank. However, you must still pay attention to the color of the water in the aquarium.

Treat, Fish Tank Smells water by cleaning it up

Before you can treat the fishy tank water, a thorough cleaning should be done both inside and outside the tank. This is when you clean the tank water without fear of water getting dirty.

You only clean the tank without cleaning all the decorations in it because it is the environment for beneficial bacteria to survive and grow to eliminate fish pathogens.

Treat, Fish Tank Smells by changing the water

You need to suck up about 10-15% of the water in the tank and replace it with an equal amount of new water. To do this you use a pump, which pumps water from the pool containing clean water into the aquarium.

You should use bleach to de-chlorinate the water before you pump the water into the tank. The water pumped into the tank should be about the same temperature as the water in the tank you just sucked out. tank and on feed then compare with each other.

Watch out for the pump nozzles to prevent water from overflowing from the tank. Keep some distance between the water and the top of the tank as the fish will occasionally come to the surface to inhale oxygen.

Treat, Fish Tank Smells tank water with a filter

To treat fish tank water both convenient and effective you should use water filter by many people are applying because of its convenience and efficiency.

Use an aquarium water filter to remove the fishy smell from the aquarium

There are many different types of filters. You can choose from many different suitable designs such as mechanical filter, biological filter, chemical filter … The filter is an indispensable part for cleaning water in the aquarium.

  • Biofilter: Biological filters should be checked after 2 weeks. This is the most important filter for an aquarium because it removes toxic wastes such as nitrite and ammonia. T
  • Mechanical filtration: It removes suspended matter through the filter cartridge. This type of filter keeps the water in the aquarium clean and free of dirt. The water flow from the pump passes through the filament sheets from which the dirt is trapped.

The mechanical filtration system can remove dirt as small as 3 microns and can remove harmful bacteria or dead algae. However, this system needs to be cleaned regularly because it is easy to get clogged.

  • Chemical filtration: The chemicals often dissolve in the water, so using a mechanical filtration method that cannot be removed. This type of filter can stabilize the chemical composition of your aquarium. But chemical filtration can do this.

Chemical filters are carbon sheets that trap dirty chemicals in tiny holes. Carbon filtration is most commonly used. This filter can remove ozone, copper, chlorine, iodine, antibiotics, some proteins and dissolved sugars, mercury …

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