How to Aquarium Snail Eggs Care

So instead you go and buy yourself some mystery snails. They look so lovely in the pet store, with their little eyes peeking out from behind their shells. But after a while, your tank starts to smell funny. You look into your tank, and a bunch of little eggs have been laid. And then you’re stuck with this big pile of eggs in the bottom corner of your aquarium.

What Are These Mystery Snail Eggs?

The eggs that mystery snails lay are called “oviparous” eggs – which means they contain embryos within them. The embryos will grow and feed off their yolk sac for around three weeks before hatching out as baby snails – yes, baby snails come from these egg capsules!

You can’t eat these mystery snail eggs or anything like that – because then what would happen to the babies inside? It’s a good thing to leave them alone so that they can hatch into baby snails for you to enjoy.

slug snail eggs

Hatching the Eggs

If you want to know how long it will take for your baby snails to hatch, then look at the back of the egg case. There should be a little “stalk” inside that attaches it to whatever substrate is in your aquarium (e.g. gravel or sand). Then there’s another one underneath where the eggs are laid on top of each other. Count down three weeks from when you first saw these “stalks”, and you’ll find out some time during those three weeks, your mystery snail babies will start hatching out of their eggs!

How To Hatch Mystery Snail Eggs

The best way to hatch these mystery snail eggs is just leave them alone – don’t touch them or try to remove them. They’ll hatch on their own, and it’s good for the eggs to stay where they are as this is where they receive warmth from your aquarium lights.

How To Care For Mystery Snail Babies

But once those little mystery snail babies do start hatching out of the egg cases, you’ve got a whole new set of problems to deal with: what am I going to feed them?

Well, if the tank is large enough, then there will be plenty of algae available just by nature of how large your freshwater tank is. But most people don’t have such big tanks – so you’ll need some additional food. You can buy special snail pellets or blanched vegetables like zucchini and lettuce to feed your baby snails.

Or you could just let them graze on the algae in your tank – there will be plenty for them to eat, if you have a big enough tank. You can’t expect them to survive on what’s available inside of the egg clutch itself – it’s not a proper food source at all.

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How Long Do Mystery Snail Eggs Take To Hatch?

The answer is three weeks from when the eggs were laid. This isn’t exact though – from time to time, some eggs may hatch early or later than expected.

What About Freshwater Snails?

Freshwater snails are the same kind of animal that mystery snails are – they’re just called something different depending on their species. So if you want to know how long it takes for freshwater snails to hatch, then look up in this list under “how long do mystery snail eggs take to hatch”, and you should find out there!

How Long Do Mystery Snail Babies Take To Reach Their Full Size?

How long it will take your baby mystery snails to reach their full size is anywhere between 2-4 years. Some people say that 1 year is good enough time for them to grow into adults, but I’m not so sure about that. It seems like such a short amount of time – and mystery snail babies also don’t grow as fast as, say, apple snails. Or pond snail species. But I suppose it’s possible that they’ll reach adulthood quicker than expected!

FAQ: How Do You Stop Mystery Snails From Breeding?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any way to stop mystery snails from breeding if you’ve already got them in your tank. The best way to prevent breeding is to make sure that there are only one or two mystery snails in your tank at all times – never more than three because then they might start reproducing. The bigger the population gets inside of your tank, the higher the chance that these freshwater snails will breed quickly. This is also true of apple snails and other kinds of freshwater snails, so if you’ve got a ton of mystery snail eggs on your hands – don’t add any more to the tank!

Final Thoughts On Raising Mystery Snail Babies

Overall, raising baby freshwater snails isn’t hard at all. It’s not too different from raising baby guppies or platies or anything like that. You’ve just got to make sure there’s enough food and space and heat (and in this case: algae) – and they should do fine!