How to Get Rid of Snails in Fish Tank: 3 Best Tips

Is your aquarium overrun with snails and you don’t know How to Get Rid of Snails in Fish Tank? It is not uncommon to see your aquarium populated with unwanted snails, these small invertebrates whose proliferation is very fast can quickly become a real scourge.

Where do the snails come from in my aquarium? Why are they here? Is it dangerous for my fish? How do I get rid of the snails in my aquarium? The answers to your questions and our solutions to remove unwanted snails from an aquarium .

Why are there snails in my aquarium and where do they come from?

The first question an aquarist asks himself when he sees a colony of snails in his aquarium is where it comes from. Many amateurs wonder how these snails could end up there when they did not even introduce any themselves….

The arrival of snails in an aquarium is generally done when a new element is introduced into the tank (a plant, a new substrate, a decoration, etc.) and on which there are snail larvae which will grow and grow. reproduce at maturity. Thus, invasions of aquarium snails are not uncommon as the larvae are almost undetectable and all aquarists encounter this problem.

But having snails is often a source of peace for the most beginners who wonder if it will have an impact on their existing population and who, above all, do not know how to get rid of them !

Is it good or bad to have snails in your aquarium?

When snails appear out of nowhere, one wonders whether or not this is dangerous for the balance of the aquarium. In fact, the presence of these invertebrates is a good indicator of the state of the water and their behavior will give you some clues. Although unwanted, their presence can be very useful to you !

Snails are known to be formidable against waste because they feed on it. Thus, they will participate in the balance of the tank by preventing the waste from rotting and polluting the water. They also take care of eliminating algae and dead plants. Many appreciate that a few snails are present because it can only bring positive.

The amount of snails is also a good indicator, if they are reproducing quickly it means that you are feeding the fish too much. The water is very polluted with organic waste and it is in your interest to act before this affects the health of the fish.

Likewise, if the snails seem to want to escape from the aquarium or if they all die suddenly, the water balance is bad: poor oxygenation, unsuitable parameters, etc.

Limit and How to Get Rid of Snails in Fish Tank

Having a small group of snails that coexist with your fish is very useful , we recommend that you keep them, but beware of invasion. To control their numbers and prevent them from encroaching on fish space, there are several solutions.

Of course, before you want to eradicate snails, test your water to make sure it doesn’t present a problem. Remember that snails are not there for nothing.

Manually remove snails

The first solution, but also the most tedious, is to remove all unwanted snails by hand . This is a fairly long step as it will be almost impossible for you to remove them all, especially if the invasion is large. In addition, you will not be able to remove the larvae and snails will continue to hatch.

You can also use a snail trap to attract them (almost) all at the same time. You can buy this accessory in a specialized store, but you can also make it by inserting a salad leaf on the floor of the bin under an inverted plate. The next day you will only have to turn the plate to see the stuck snails.

Buy a snail-eating fish

Another solution to regulate the snail population in your aquarium is to introduce a snail-eating fish . Several species are known for this task: dwarf tetraodon, botia lohachata, clown botia, nannacara anomala…

You can also fight against snails… with another snail! The Anentome helena is a snail-eating snail. In addition to being very nice to observe, it is very useful.

The insertion of a snail-eating fish should not be done without thought, however, make sure that the future fish can coexist with your population and that the aquarium parameters are adapted.

Products against aquarium snails

Finally, there are chemicals to fight against snails . However, they are not recommended because they can be dangerous for certain fish and for the balance of the aquarium. In addition, they cause the direct death of all snails, which also causes massive water pollution.

But you can use this type of product to kill the larvae present on new elements. However, be sure to wash the plant or the decoration well before introduction into the aquarium to remove the product.

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