How to Get Rid of Snails in Fish Tank: 3 Best Tips

How to get rid of snails in fish tank? If you own a fish tank, then snails are your nightmare! They’re small molluscs that can be found commonly in fish tanks. And as their name suggests, they love munching on the plants or just anything near them. So how do we get rid of these unwanted creatures? Let’s find out more about ’em and here are some tips and advice for getting rid of those pesky things!

What is a Snail?

A shellfish is basically a gastropod mollusk, which means “stomach footed”, if you didn’t know. Anyways, snails have a soft body, hard shell that protects its tender insides and antennae (feelers) on the top. These creatures are generally brownish with stripes across their back in one form or another. They live on land by hiding under rocks and other decaying wooden objects such as logs.

They also eat fruits, vegetables and even dead insects! There are actually several species of snails but here we’ll talk more about how to get rid of garden snails. However, there are some habits particular to fish tank snails so let’s take a look at ’em first.

Snail Habits

These shelled mollusks tend to be nocturnal creatures – they hunt for food at night and hide during the day. They live for a couple of years and lay eggs once in a lifetime.

Their eggs are hidden under plants or bark, so it’s very hard to detect ’em unless you’re looking at closely – they appear as small white dots, about 0.5 mm big. And when the eggs hatch, tiny snails emerge and start eating what surrounds them almost immediately! Yuck right? So let’s get rid of ’em before they multiply in your fish tank!

How to Get Rid of Snails in Fish Tank

1. Remove all the plants and decorations from your fish tank.

This way, snails won’t have any food to feed on and will starve. This is the most common step in how to get rid of snails in fish tank with plants – if you don’t remove the plant, then snails will eat it while hiding inside so they won’t be seen!

2. Fill the fish tank with water, salt, and table salt

Adding salt into your aquarium may sound odd but this will definitely kill all the snails you don’t want around. As for table salt, just add a few pinches into the water near them (but make sure not to pour it over their heads or shells!)

3. Add dish soap to make it bubble up

Dish soap contains chemicals that can easily kill snails. Again, make sure not to pour it directly over their shell (you don’t want them to wash off do you?)

4. Wait for about an hour before you remove everything from the aquarium

Just so you know, sea salt and dish soap may damage your plants or decorations, especially if they were submerged within water – so please take note of that! After an hour, slowly remove all the stuff inside and drain out the remaining water into the sink or empty bucket. Or just leave it overnight until all of the snails die on their own in there since they can’t survive without food or water.

5. Empty out the water that is left in your fish tank and rinse it out thoroughly

This will make sure you’ve removed all of the killed snails inside, so their bodies won’t contaminate your water when you pour it back in. But before that, take out plants and decorations carefully so there won’t be any further damage to ’em.

6) Clean off any algae or dirt on the inside of your fish tank so that snails can’t hide there anymore

That’s why it’s important to clean up thoroughly – you don’t want snails hiding out in places where they can easily hunt for food. And if possible, decorate with sandpaper or smooth pebbles instead as these are too difficult for them to crawl around. Also remember to change the water in your fish tank regularly!

7) Put new decorations back into your fish tank

After you’re done cleaning, it’s time to put your decor and plants back in. Make sure none of them are broken or damaged, or else snails will hide inside for food!

8) Rinse out any old food or leftover snacks

This is a good habit to follow anyway – never let leftover food be a source of temptation for snailed pests! That way they’ll never touch anything inside your aquarium and will starve before they multiply. Hunger pangs can drive these creatures crazy after all haha. Also remember to change the water in your fish tank regularly so there’s always something fresh for ’em. And make sure that everything is tucked in before this happens yet again!