Ranchu Goldfish: King of Goldfish

Ranchu Goldfish, a strain of goldfish, are loved by many people. Almost in the feng shui aquarium of families are like the Ranchu goldfish. Why are they so loved and raised? To answer these questions, please join us to find out!

What is The Ranchu Goldfish: Care and Guide

The meaning of the name of the Ranchu goldfish

Ranchu goldfish in addition to having a colorful color, they also possess a very beautiful, flexible body. Below will be the full origins of the Ranchu goldfish‘s characteristics and behavior.

Origin of Ranchu goldfish

Ranchu goldfish is a breed of goldfish originating from the country of the rising sun – Japan. Ranchu goldfish were bred and developed from the reign of Emperor Meiji (1870 – 1885).

Ranchu goldfish are considered “the king of goldfish” because of their impressive beauty that is very different from other goldfish lines.

Ranchu goldfish are the result of the breeding from the lion-head carp line of China (called the lion goldfish).

Nowadays, Ranchu goldfish have been widely bred and raised in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Ranchu goldfish adaptive properties

Ranchu goldfish are freshwater fish, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor breeding environments.

However, when keeping you should also pay attention to the temperature and amount of water in the tank. Ranchu goldfish are suitable for living at temperatures from 18 to 23 o C.

Besides, to pay attention to the pH in the aquarium is always in the range of 6.5 – 7.5 and the dH is in the range of 4 – 20.

Ranchu fish are fish with very good excretion system, when keeping Ranchu goldfish, you need to pay attention to regular water changes for them.

Even though Ranchu are small fish, they still need enough space for gas exchange. Therefore, you should leave plenty of space in the tank and only keep about 5 fish in a small tank.

The average life expectancy of a Ranchu goldfish can be up to 20 years (in order to live up to 20 years, they must be taken with very special care).

How the Ranchu fish breed

Ranchu fish are a breed that reproduces in the form of eggs. If kept in large tanks or fish farms, you may find males and females pairing up on their own, or the owners can pair their fish according to their preference.

Ranchu fish spawning

During the breeding season, the female’s belly is clearly enlarged. This is the time when the male will chase, force the female into the walls of the tank to spawn.

At this time, the male will continuously have actions such as: Swimming around the female; gash, insert the posterior tail into the female’s belly; Press the female against the walls of the tank, obstacles, … to push the eggs out of the female’s belly.

Then, the male will perform the action of watering sperm on the eggs that the female has just laid.

With each spawning time, the female usually lays from 900 to 1000 eggs, you can easily see the eggs appear in areas such as tank walls, duckweed, rock holes, …

Ranchu goldfish form characteristics

Ranchu goldfish have a moderate body size, extremely well balanced and suitable for keeping in small feng shui aquariums.

A Ranchu fish as an adult can be 12 – 15cm long, with maximum size fish that can be up to 20 – 30cm in length. Their overall body shape is relatively proportional between the body, tail, abdomen and pectoral fins.

Ranchu fish head

Ranchu goldfish head is quite square, most of them are rectangular, the distance between the eyes is relatively far.

Ranchu goldfish eyes are relatively small and set at mid-range not too high towards the top of the head or backwards.

On the heads of Ranchu goldfish, there is a very special feature – a small, shaggy bump that stands out. This hump helps create a balance between the top of the fish’s head, face and gill cover.

The body of the fish is Ranchu

Unlike conventional goldfish varieties, Ranchu Goldfish have a slightly arched back to the base of the tail, then cut off.

Ranchu fish’s body and dorsal are very broad and lack dorsal fins. The body of the Ranchu fish is relatively short and round.

The tail of Ranchu goldfish

The most special feature of the Ranchu goldfish is in the caudal fin. The Ranchu’s tail is relatively and, spread out like a large soft fan.

The length of the long tail corresponds to 3/8 of the body of the fish.

Ranchu fish color

Ranchu goldfish have a very bright color, the common color of Ranchu is deep red or orange red.

Besides these 2 popular colors, Ranchu goldfish also have a mix color such as red – white, red orange – white, black spot color – yellow – white or pure white.

Scales Goldfish Ranchu is divided into 2 types: squamous and squamous semi-metallic iridescent.

Metallic scales are orange, red – white, black, blue, brass and white. Semi-needle scales are fish that have 2 colors, 3 colors or a spot color.

How to raise Ranchu goldfish on a beautiful head

How to raise goldfish orchid or Ranchu goldfish growing fast is relatively easy. Even those who don’t have much time can keep Ranchu goldfish.

Below we will share with you some experiences and tips for keeping Ranchu fish healthy and healthy.

What do Ranchu Goldfish eat?

The Ranchu fish are an omnivorous strain, and their nutrition should not be a concern for you.

Usually, Ranchu farmers often buy dry pellets or flakes to feed them.

Should choose food pellets with very small size, the time for the food to sink to the bottom of the tank will be longer.

Thus, the fish can be easily eaten. Fish should only eat with a moderate amount of food, not too much food.

Firstly, if the fish eats a lot, it will damage the digestive system. Second, if too much food is left over, it will pollute the fish farming environment and absorb oxygen for the fish to breathe.

Number of feeding times: fish should only eat 2 meals a day, one in the early morning and one in the early afternoon. Note, after 5pm, the fish should not be fed.

According to the experience of the Ranchu hobbyists, you should feed your fish with dry food that is sold outside the aquarium store.

If the fish eat more raw food, it is necessary to ensure the sterility of the food, to avoid infectious diseases on the fish.

Ranchu goldfish aquarium

Ranchu goldfish are very rare species, but in the process of raising you should also pay attention to the following:

orchid goldfish

Change the water of the aquarium: any animal, fish, except the Ranchu goldfish needs a clean living environment.

If you ensure that the water environment is always clean, your Ranchu goldfish will not suffer from diseases such as scalp fungus, tail fungus….

You should regularly change the water for the fish, a week should do from 3 to 4 times.

Note, if your family uses tap water, you should settle all of the cl 2 gas and put it in the aquarium (if the concentration of cl 2 in the water is too high, the fish will easily suffocate and die).

How to prevent disease for Ranchu fish

During the farming process of Ranchu goldfish, they can suffer from diseases such as: fungal disease, gill rot disease, fin rot disease, wheel disease, anchor disease….

The best way to prevent these diseases is to always keep the water source clean, in addition to adding plants to filter the air in the water.

In addition, in the fish’s diet you should provide adequate nutrients such as protein and fiber so that the fish can produce enough resistance to the disease.

Note, if you already have fish in your tank that you want to raise new fish, you should keep new fish outside for 2-3 days, if you are healthy, you can put them inside the tank.

After you put the new fish in the tank, you should add a little salt water, methylene blue or some antiseptic.

When keeping Ranchu goldfish you should observe their eyes. If your eyes are often lethargic and the fish rarely swim, then your goldfish may be suffering from white spot disease or fungus.

If this happens, you should go to the aquariums to buy the fungus in a small bowl and pour it into the aquarium.

Ranchu goldfish selection technique: Ranchu goldfish price

A pair of Ranchu goldfish can cost up to 50 – 100 dollars, so when buying fish, you must choose carefully. We’ll share a few tips on how to choose a very healthy Ranchu goldfish:

Come to the aquariums, observe the fish for about 1-2 hours.

The fish with strong swimming strength, gentle and flexible movements are the Ranchu goldfish that meet the standard of health.

Besides being healthy, you should also pay attention to the beauty factor. A Ranchu goldfish is considered beautiful, it must have a square head, the hump on the head must be big and rough, the back of the fish must be very wide and well-proportioned.

The scales should be small and evenly arranged, the fins of the fish should be very small and soft. The point to note that is the tail, the Ranchu goldfish has 3 types of tails: three-tail – four-tail – peach blossom tail.

The most beautiful tail is the quadruple. The tip of the tail should choose those with round and symmetrical tip tail, do not choose the ones with overlapping – twisted – buckled tail, so the fish shape will be very bad.

Pay attention to observe the fish’s anus, so choose those with small anus – not protruding – to have 2 scales to be a beautiful fish.

Best List Aquarium Size for Freshwater Ranchu Goldfish

Below is our list of recommended Best Freshwater Ranchu Goldfish Aquariums, you can refer to the largest samples for fish to grow and develop well.