10 Best Substrate For Betta Fish Reviews in 2021

Betta fish are several of one of the most typical fish since they’re so simple to care for. Prior to you spend in a Betta fish aquarium or aquascape, you’ll desire to make certain you are doing what’s essential to maintain your brand-new fish comfy, delighted, and also healthy and balanced.

Picking the Best Substrate For Betta Fish storage tank or aquarium can indicate the distinction in between a satisfied as well as healthy and balanced fish as well as one that is continuously injuring themselves or creating health issues as well as illness.

What is The Best Substrate For Betta Fish

18 Pounds Decorative Pebbles Small Black Stones Aquarium

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This is a pure black, pea-sized crushed rock. I like this particularly since it is not a repainted crushed rock, these are all-natural rocks.

Some colored or repainted crushed rocks can be bothersome due to the fact that they will certainly seep shade right into the water or the paint will ultimately begin to remove of the stones.

You do not have to fret regarding that with all-natural rocks. Pretty cool.

Black crushed rock can truly make your Betta stand apart. I actually like the comparison in between the incredibly dark substratum as well as the vibrantly tinted fish.

This is kind of a huge bag, so relying on your container dimension, you could have some left over. You might constantly utilize the continuing to be rocks to top potted plants or a few other attractive function.

Much like various other crushed rocks, waste will certainly gather down in the stones, so you’ll require to make use of a crushed rock vacuum cleaner.


  • All-natural, unpainted rocks
  • Wonderful comparison in between fish and also substratum
  • Will not transform water chemistry


  • Waste needs to be cleaned

CaribSea Eco-Complete 20-Pound Planted Aquarium

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A nutrient-rich dirt substratum for betta containers with online plants.

This dark dirt is loaded with online micro-organisms that will certainly aid to develop your betta storage tank quicker. Floraspore has actually been included to aid advertise origin development.

Shout-Out!: This might be among the very best done in one item for real-time plants in your betta aquarium.

The structure of this item is solid sufficient for plants to root right into without condensing, an attribute that avoids the origins from stunting. This dark dirt does not have food additive as it is sourced normally.

Call-Out!: It includes sufficient nutrients that it will certainly provide your betta storage tank an alkaline uniformity, not the most effective particular for PH degrees.

The supplier specifies that no rinsing is required, enabling you to stay clear of an action throughout container configuration.


  • It has plant-friendly nutrients
  • The structure is permeable sufficient permanently origin development
  • This item includes online healthy and balanced real-time microorganisms


  • It will certainly need an added covering to maintain it in position
  • This will certainly impact the PH degrees in a betta fish aquarium

Flourite Fish Tank Substratum

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If you’re fantasizing concerning having actually a largely grown storage tank to highlight your betta, after that this may be the substratum you require. Flourite is understood throughout the fish tank profession for being a leading selection for sustaining plant development. You will not need to include any kind of modifiers or utilize a layer of rocks to make this substratum job.

This is a suitable substratum for betta containers due to the fact that it looks all-natural and also the permeable clay surface area supplies a lot of space for developing healthy and balanced microorganisms in your storage tank. You will not have troubles with dead areas and also the clay will not hurt even more fragile fish. There’s likewise a sand variation of this substratum if you choose the smooth appearance!


  • Suitable substratum for grown storage tanks and also assists advertise plant development and also durability.
  • Clay crushed rock is permeable to enable development of healthy and balanced microbial nests and also huge sufficient to advertise water flow via your substratum.
  • Functions with any kind of sort of filter and also ideal for the majority of water types.


  • Clay substratums are extremely unclean and also difficult to wash tidy, so you might require to do a number of water modifications prior to your fish tank water is clear.
  • Not offered in several shades as well as does not be available in man-made or brilliant rainbow alternatives.
  • Not excellent for contributing to energetic containers or those that currently have fish or plants in them, however an excellent alternative for beginning brand-new storage tanks.

Panacea Products APN70002 100 Count Pan Marbles for Aquarium

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Remedy Products Marbles can make an appealing and also somewhat uncommon enhancement to your storage tank. The marbles are available in a vast option of shades, allowing you to pick one of the most appropriate color to comparison with your betta.

The marbles are made from extremely sleek glass that is secure for usage in freshwater storage tanks, as well as will not impact the water chemistry. The marbles do not have a permeable surface area, so they will not advertise microbial development. The marbles’ smooth surface area will not damage your fish.

You would certainly require a whole lot of marbles to cover a container flooring, you can conveniently integrate them with various other substratums to produce a diverse structure as well as look for your storage tank base.


  • The marbles’ structure is extremely smooth as well as will not harm your betta’s tail or fins
  • The marbles are pH neutral so will not alter the water chemistry of your storage tank


  • If you utilize marbles as the only substratum in your container, fish waste will certainly come to be entraped, which might trigger contamination in your container

Carib Sea ACS05832 Super Natural Peace River Sand for Aquarium

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Carib Sea Supernaturals Tranquility River Sand is your best choice on all-natural, eye-catching big grain sand in your betta storage tank. This things has actually been especially grown for freshwater fish tanks that utilize online plants.

Plus the sand is very carefully chosen and also made to match the all-natural unique atmospheres of the bodies of water in Asia where bettas live natively.


  • This sand does not alter the pH in your fish tank, which is a big demand for an excellent substratum. This aids to stabilize out points by supplying wonderful surface location for healthy and balanced microorganisms to expand.
  • The sand is ideal as an underlayer in betta storage tanks– please usage with crushed rock as a leading layer for ideal outcomes– with real-time marine plants in them. The plants can quickly root right into the sand, which will certainly assist them grow.
  • We likewise like the all-natural, beautiful shades of the cozy browns, reds, tans, as well as off-whites grains. The mix develops an exceptionally all-natural and also attractive atmosphere for your fish. Couple with an all-natural big rock– like the leading selection provided above– and also you have actually obtained the excellent setting for your betta to grow in.
  • We likewise enjoy the reality that the grain dimension is as well big to obtain gobbled right into filters like a great deal of better sands do.


  • The only genuine problem we have actually had with this item is that it might take a while to tidy. All sand takes a while, so that’s not extremely unexpected. Really little of it drifts, which is a significant bonus offer, yet it will most definitely take a while to prepare it for the fish tank when you initially mount it.

WAYBER Uneven Ornamental Crystals

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Are you truly seeking to make a declaration with your betta container? Attempt these Wayber attractive crystals.

It isn’t plainly mentioned by the firm these appearance to be brightened purple crystals. I simply like the various tones of purple located in purple. This will certainly offer your betta storage tank a genuinely special look.

Being an all-natural crystal these must not influence the water pH. Simply ensure to clean them ahead of time.

The only disadvantage to utilizing this for a substratum is the tiny 1 extra pound section dimension. You might require 3 bags to properly cover a 2.5-gallon container. Unless you have lots of cash to invest I would not advise attempting to cover a whole 5-10 gallon container with these.

If you do have a bigger container these would certainly function terrific to accent a less expensive base substratum like sand or crushed rock.


  • Refined purple amethyst looks wonderful in a betta storage tank!
  • Easy to clean up
  • Smooth structure will certainly not hurt betta fins


  • Can boost pH as well as water firmness

Spectrastone Shallow Creek Regular for Freshwater Aquariums

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One of the several factors this substratum is extremely preferred is due to its all-natural appearance and also shade. The substratum likewise comes in a range of dimensions, shades, as well as structure.

This suggests that the shades will certainly not be as loud as an ornamental substratum can in some cases be. It likewise suggests that it will certainly enhance the shade of your betta instead than subdue it. This substratum’s all-natural appearance suggests a lack of synthetic shades, which equates to a neutral pH.

Additionally, in addition substrate has substratum large surface big, location provides beneficial offers advantageous microorganisms medium they tool to require.

All-in-all, the Spectrastone Shallow Creek Routine is among the most effective substratums for bettas, as well as we enthusiastically advise it for you.


  • It sustains plant development.
  • It motivates the advancement as well as activity of excellent germs.
  • This advertises great water flow.
  • It has no food additive.
  • It has a neutral pH.
  • This is perfect for tiny dimension container as well as fish.


  • It has structure that not as smooth as some crushed rock.
  • It needs even more rinsing than various other items prior to usage.

Caribsea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand, 20-Pound, Crystal River

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If you like sand over crushed rock and also marbles, the Carib Sea Naturals Fish Tank Sand is a natural-appearing substratum that functions outstanding in Betta storage tanks. Like various other Carib Sea items, the Naturals line of sand substratum is natural and also does not leech chemicals right into your water.

For an all-natural appearance, you can blend the Carib Sea Naturals with Spectrastone crushed rock to develop an one-of-a-kind look and also offer your plants added holding power in the substratum. The fragments in the Carib Sea Naturals are thick yet still loosened adequate to aid maintain your plants safeguarded.


  • The little grain dimension makes the Carib Sea Naturals excellent for grown fish tanks.
  • This is a natural-appearing substratum that assists imitate a river bed.
  • The sand is not treated with rough chemicals or dyes that hurt your water top quality.


  • Some clients have actually whined regarding the thickness of the sand calling for a lot more upkeep.

Glofish Aquarium Gravel, Black with White Fluorescent

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If you like intense shades to make your storage tank much more fascinating together with the intense as well as dynamic shades of your betta fish, the GloFish fish tank crushed rock is just one of the recommended choices. A lot of individuals select the intense tinted substratum for fish tanks even if it makes the container much more sensational.

This substratum has various sizes and shape rocks in addition to various shades. To produce a much more lovely container making use of GloFish Fish tank crushed rock, you’ll require to accent it with a blue light that highlights all the various tinted rocks.

Even if this crushed rock is made from little pieces, you’ll require to be cautious placing it right into the storage tank to avoid developing a mess. The bundle is additionally a little bit loosened, so you need to be additional mindful to prevent several of the small pieces going all over.

Cleaning up is additionally a vital point to take into consideration when acquiring your substratum, as well as with the GloFish crushed rock, you will not have a difficult time cleansing it even if they remain small, as well as they are simple to clean off.

Despite the fact that this crushed rock is risk-free for the fish, it is ideal if you prevent placing little pieces that can be suited fish mouth showing up to be really harmful. This crushed rock is on the side of being the best dimension, so your betta fish can be secure.

The greatest drawback of this item is that it does not look all-natural, which ought to not be an issue for most individuals.


  • Great for Creating Beautiful Fish Tank.
  • Chemically risk-free for fish.
  • Finest experience with blue light.
  • Respectable brand name.


  • Chips off really quickly.
  • Not all-natural appearance.

Carib Sea SuperNaturals Peace River 20LB

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If you’re a follower of the Carib sea due to its attractive appearances yet choose crushed rock, after that you can choose the Tranquility River Crushed Rock.

Made in the USA, tranquility River crushed rock has no dyes or paints, as well as it is the most effective method to offer your container setting an all-natural river appearance.

The substratum has a neutral PH, so your water equilibrium will not be impacted. Tranquility River Crushed rock has little grains that are smaller sized than the normal pebble crushed rock. It is, actually, the tiniest of the crushed rock item we assessed.

The good news is, its dimension avoids the accumulation of any kind of fragments. It additionally gives the most effective structure where your plant can prosper a healthy diet, as well as subsequently, produce an all-natural residence for your betta.


  • The small-sized grains enhance plant development and also produce an all-natural residence for bettas.
  • Has no paint or dyes.
  • Neutral PH for water equilibrium.


  • Can be costly.