Can I Keep Betta Fish In A Bowl?

Betta fish are beautiful, tropical creatures that can be found in stores all over the country. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but one thing they have in common is that they need an aquarium to live happily.

However, many are wondering if bettas can be kept in bowls. Let’s find out!

Can I Keep Betta Fish In A Bowl?

No, betta fish can’t be kept in bowls. This is because bowls don’t give them enough space for their requirements, they lack a filtration system, and the betta fish would not be able to enjoy their natural habitat.

Bettas are also known to be a bit aggressive, so they need space to swim around and establish their own territory. They also like having plants in the aquarium – these make them feel comfortable when there aren’t any other fish or people around… Fishbowls simply don’t provide these necessities.

What Should I Keep My Betta Fish In?

I recommend keeping your betta fish in an aquarium that is at least two gallons in size. This will give them enough room to swim around and explore their surroundings, but not too much space for them to get lost or feel claustrophobic.

If you have more than one betta, like two female betta fish together, then you will need a larger tank that is at least five gallons in size. Also, there should be plenty of hiding spots for the fish to get some peace.

Another requirement is a filtration system. A filter is necessary to help keep the water clean and healthy for your fish. It does this by removing waste, which can build up in an aquarium over time.

What Is Wrong With Fish Bowls?

Fishbowls are bad for betta fish for quite a number of reasons…

For starters, fish bowls are too small to house a betta fish. Bettas need AT LEAST two gallons of water to be happy, but most bowls are only one gallon in size. It will be very difficult to find a large enough bowl for your betta fish.

Even if you do find a bowl big enough, it will be very hard to move from location to location. This is due to the size and shape of the bowl, which is harder to move than a long tank.

Another problem is that the bowl very rarely comes with any sort of filtration system either! This is a huge problem for betta fish as they need a filter to keep them clean, but it is especially important for bowls since they lack oxygen, and betta fish need a lot of it.

Finally, there aren’t many places for hiding spots in these tanks! Due to the shape, it’s hard to put decorations on the bottom for your betta to feel comfortable and safe – after establishing their territory around the tank.


How long can a betta fish live in a fishbowl?

Not long! Betta fish need a tank with a filtration system to survive and thrive.

Why are bowls bad for bettas?

Bowls do not offer enough space for your fish to live, and they lack a filtration system.

Can you keep a betta in a 1-gallon bowl?

No, betta fish should be kept in tanks that have at least 2 gallons of water per betta fish.

Does a betta fish bowl need to be covered?

Yes! Betta fish are known for jumping out of bowls and tanks, so make sure they are covered at all times to avoid any accidents. I recommend using a breathable cover, like fishnet, so that your betta can get some fresh air.

Can betta fish live in a tiny bowl?

No, betta fish need at least two and a half gallons of water. If they don’t have enough space to swim around freely, their lives will be severely limited.

Can betta fish live in a bowl without a filter?

Bettas should only be kept in tanks with filtration systems – bowls simply aren’t big or stable enough for them! Additionally, there’s no room for any supplies like heaters or decorations that make the tank more suitable for your pet’s needs.


In conclusion, betta fish can’t live in bowls, especially if the bowl is small and has no filtration system. Their needs aren’t being met and they’re not nearly as happy or healthy when kept this way!

No, betta fish can’t be kept in bowls. This is because bowls don’t give them enough space or room for their requirements – and betta bowls often lack filtration systems as well.