Do Betta Fish Poop: The Comprehensive Guide

It’s no secret that betta fish are beautiful creatures. But have you ever wondered what their poop looks like? Betta fish typically produce a lot of waste, and the color of it can vary depending on a few factors. Let’s learn more about betta poop…

Do Betta Fish Poop?

Yes, betta fish poop! Betta fish excrete through their rectum and the color of it can indicate what they’ve been eating. It usually looks like a small, dark brown pellet.

Betta fish produce a lot of waste, especially since they eat mostly protein. The water will often be cloudy from their excrement and it’s important to change it regularly.

The Pooping Habits of Betta Fish

The amount and frequency of pooping can depend on what they’re eating, how much water they have, and their age.

I’ve found that my betta fish produces a lot of poop right after I feed them. It’s as if they’re trying to expel all the food from their system quickly! This may be because I use high-quality food that digests easily.

How Often Do Betta Fish Poop?

Betta fish poop every day, sometimes several times a day. If you think about it, this makes sense because betta fish are constantly eating and their digestive system is fast-paced to accommodate for the food they take in.

There are times when the frequency of pooping may drop, like if the betta fish is stressed or sick. In these cases, you might only see them poop once every few days.

What Does Betta Fish Poop Look Like?

Betta fish poop is typically dark brown, almost black in color. It looks like a small pellet that tends to fall quickly to the bottom of the tank. If you’re using a Betta fish food that is high-quality, then their poop may be firm and not very smelly!

If you’re wondering what betta fish poop looks like, that’s it! While their food can affect its look (for example- bloodworms produce more waste than pellets), they pretty much always produce waste.

Colour and Shape

The color and shape of betta fish poop can vary depending on their diet. For example, if they’re eating a lot of bloodworms, their poop will be red or black in color. Their poop can also be rounder if they’re eating more pellets than other foods.


The size of betta fish poop is random and typically very small. I’ve never seen one that was larger than a grain of rice. Poop that is large can be a giveaway that your fish is having trouble with digesting its food.

Why Does My Betta Fish Have Stringy Poop?

If your betta fish is producing stringy poop that’s brown, it’s probably because they’re not digesting their food properly. This can be due to a few different reasons:

  • The food you’re feeding them is too big or not compatible with their diet
  • There’s something wrong with their digestive system and they need to see a vet
  • They are being fed too often

White stringy poop is usually because of parasite worms. If you suspect your fish has worms, take them to the vet immediately for treatment.

Where Do Betta Fish Poop From?

Betta fish poop from their rectum, which can be located on the bottom side of their body. You can sometimes see it hanging out of their bum, especially if they’re having trouble with digesting.

While it may not be the cutest thing ever to see your fish’s poop hanging out like that, I’ve learned over time that it can actually mean he or she is sick and could use some extra attention!

What Color Should Betta Fish Poop Be?

Betta fish poop should be a dark brown color. However, the hue may change if your betta is eating different food. For example, red betta fish poop can indicate that they’ve been eating bloodworms. If you are ever unsure about what your betta’s feces look like, it’s best to consult a vet.

Why Is My Betta Fish Poop Red in Color?

Betta fish poop can be red in color if they’ve been eating a lot of bloodworms. This is because the worms contain a lot of iron, which will dye their feces red.

If your betta’s poop is consistently red, it might mean that they’re having trouble digesting their food. In this case, you should take them to the vet for treatment.

Why Is My Betta Fish Poop Black in Color?

Betta fish poop can be black in color because of the food they’re eating. It usually isn’t anything to worry about. If their diet consists mostly of pellets, for example, then their feces will likely turn dark brown/black after digestion takes place.

Why Is My Betta Fish Poop White in Color?

If your betta fish is producing white poop, it could be a sign of parasites. Some common ones include anchor worms and gill flukes. You should take them to the vet as soon as possible for treatment because left untreated, those parasites can put your betta’s life in danger.

It’s worth mentioning that parasites in betta fish are rare, so there’s also the chance that the poop is white because the betta fish hasn’t been eaten enough food.

Why Is My Betta Fish Not Pooping?

A betta fish not pooping is usually a sign of trouble. It could mean that they’re not eating, that they have a blockage in their digestive system, or that they have parasites. If your betta isn’t pooping, it’s best to take them to the vet for a check-up.


This is usually caused by eating too many pellets. If you’re noticing that your betta isn’t pooping as much as usual, try cutting back on the number of pellets you’re feeding them. Generally, they should only be given a few pellets 1-2 times a day.

Constipation can be fixed by adding a small amount of blanched spinach or cucumber to their diet. This will help to soften the stool and make it easier for them to pass.

Epsom Salts

Have you treated your betta to a salt bath? Maybe to treat a disease? If so, then this could be why they haven’t pooped in a while, as Epsom salts are known to be hard on the digestive system of betta fish.

Does Betta Fish Poop Float?

Generally speaking, betta fish poop floats because it is light in weight. However, the poop floats or sinks depending on how much air is trapped in it.

Betta fish poop is usually pretty easy to spot. However, sometimes you might be confused about whether it’s actually their feces or just food debris that they haven’t finished digesting yet.

When betta fish are eating pellets, this can make it hard to tell the difference between their poo and what’s left of their meal because everything will sink to the bottom of the tank together. In this case, it’s best to wait until they’ve finished eating and then check the water for any signs of poop.


In conclusion, betta fish poop can come in a variety of colors depending on what they’re eating. It’s usually dark brown, but it can also be red, black, or white. If your betta is having trouble pooping, take them to the vet for treatment.

Remember, it’s recommended not to feed your betta too much or the fish may suffer from constipation. This will cause the feces to harden and make it difficult for them to pass. I hope this guide has been helpful! Thanks for reading.