Best Automatic Turtle Feeder

Turtles are wonderful aquatic pets that bring life and fascination to your home or office, thriving in both freshwater and marine environments. Feeding these captivating creatures can be a bit tricky, especially when life becomes busy. That’s where an automatic turtle feeder comes into play. This essential gadget not only ensures that your turtle receives the proper amount of food, but it also creates a consistent feeding schedule.

Automatic turtle feeders come in various shapes, sizes, and features, designed to cater to the specific needs of your beloved pet. A reliable automatic feeder should be easy to set up, have a sufficient food capacity, and include adjustable feeding settings to accommodate your turtle’s appetite and dietary requirements.

When selecting an automatic turtle feeder, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the food compartment size, the feeding frequency, and the device’s durability. Moreover, it’s essential to ensure that the feeder works well with different types of food – such as pellets, flakes, or even live food – since turtles have diverse diets. This allows you to provide your turtle with a well-rounded and balanced meal plan.

We’ve put together a comprehensive review of the best automatic turtle feeders on the market, evaluating various aspects of each product so that you can make an informed decision. Our aim is to help you select the perfect feeder that keeps your turtle happy, healthy, and well-fed.

Best Automatic Turtle Feeders

We have curated a list of the best automatic turtle feeders to ensure your pet receives the proper nutrition while making feeding time hassle-free for you.

Zoo Med Turtlematic Automatic Daily Turtle Feeder

Zoo Med Laboratories INC Turtlematic Automatic Daily Turtle Feeder
  • Automatically feeds your turtle daily.
  • 12 hour sleep function at night to prevent waste.
  • Can be used to feed your turtle while you are away to feed them on a routine schedule each day.
  • Can be mounted anywhere on your tank, rotates 360.

This feeder is a convenient and reliable option for turtle owners looking for an automatic feeding solution.


  • Automatically feeds your turtle daily
  • 12-hour sleep function to reduce waste
  • Can be mounted anywhere and rotates 360 degrees


  • May dispense too much food on the lowest setting
  • Batteries need frequent replacement
  • Potential for food clogging

We recently tried out the Zoo Med Turtlematic Automatic Daily Turtle Feeder and found it to be a great help for busy turtle owners or for those going on vacation. The feeder ensures your turtle gets fed consistently on a daily basis without any worry.

The 12-hour sleep function is a thoughtful addition, as it prevents waste buildup and keeps the tank clean during the night. Additionally, the 360-degree rotation and versatile mounting options make it easy to find the perfect spot for the feeder in your turtle’s tank.

However, we noticed that even on the lowest setting, the feeder dispenses a generous amount of food, which can lead to water becoming stale and muddy. It may take some trial and error to find the right balance to prevent this issue. Another downside is battery life; we found ourselves needing to replace them more frequently than expected. Make sure to have extra batteries handy.

Finally, some users reported issues with food clogging in the feeder’s mechanism. While we didn’t encounter this issue ourselves, it’s worth considering when making a purchase. Despite these drawbacks, the Zoo Med Turtlematic Automatic Daily Turtle Feeder offers a convenient solution for feeding your turtles consistently and keeping them healthy.

Petbank Automatic Turtle Feeder

Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder - Rechargeable Timer Fish Feeder with USB Charger Cable, Fish Food Dispenser for Aquariums or Fish Tank
  • Environmental & convenient: Equipped with a USB charging cable, this automatic fish feeder is suitable for various charging scenarios. No need to repeatedly buy batteries, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Long work time: Powered by a large-capacity battery, Petbank auto fish feeder can be charged and discharged up to 800 times. According to the number of feedings set, it can be used for 3-6 months on a single charge. It is recommended to charge 10h for the first time to avoid insufficient product work voltage.
  • Large capacity: 200ml large-capacity feed bucket fish feeder automatic dispenser, suitable for a variety of fish feed such as granules and powders.
  • Intelligent design: You can set up to 4 feedings a day, feeding 1-3 times each time. At the same time, you can also feed manually and experience the fun of feeding.
  • Fish Feeder for Vacation:Fits for 600L (158 US gallons / 131 UK gallons) fish tank, the feeder can perfectly feed goldfish and turtles on weekends or holidays.

The Petbank Automatic Turtle Feeder is a must-have for busy turtle owners seeking a reliable and convenient feeding solution.


  • USB rechargeable, eliminating battery waste
  • Long-lasting battery life (3-6 months)
  • Large 200ml capacity for various fish feeds


  • Learning curve for setting and programming
  • Product size may be larger than expected
  • Trial and error may be needed for optimal food dispensing

Upon using the Petbank Automatic Turtle Feeder, we immediately noticed its environmentally-friendly design. Equipped with a USB charging cable, we no longer needed to worry about constantly replacing batteries. Plus, the battery life of this feeder impressed us, lasting anywhere between 3 to 6 months depending on the feeding schedule.

The large 200ml capacity was perfect for holding various fish feeds like granules and powders, ensuring our turtles and fishes stayed well-fed. Additionally, the feeder’s intelligent design allowed us to set up to 4 feedings a day with 1-3 times each feeding. This feature was especially helpful when we had to be away on weekends or holidays, as our pets never felt neglected.

However, setting up and programming the feeder for the first time was not as seamless as we’d hoped. It took us several attempts to follow through with the instructions and fully understand the interface. Once we got the hang of it, though, it functioned as expected.

Moreover, the feeder’s size caught us off guard, as it was larger than we anticipated. While not a deal-breaker, this is something to consider when fitting the feeder in a specific space or tank setup.

One critical point we’d like to make is that finding the right food dispensing setting took us some trial and error. After adjusting the feeding door opening, we used tape to secure it, ensuring consistency during the feeding process.

In conclusion, the Petbank Automatic Turtle Feeder has its minor drawbacks, but its eco-friendly design, long-lasting battery, and large capacity overshadow them. We found this product to be extremely useful in maintaining a consistent feeding schedule, making it a go-to choice for busy pet owners like us.

Seahighpet Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder

Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium,Vacation Auto Fish Food Dispenser - Moisture-Proof Programmable Weekend Holiday Electric Timer Fish Feeder for Turtle Tank | Betta Tank
  • Pretty Easy to Program: Automatic fish feeder can help you complete automatic feeding 3 times a day, each feeding can be rotated 1-3 times, the feeding time can be set arbitrarily according to your needs, programmable fish feeder with large LCD digital screen is easier to program. At the same time, you can press the manual button to feed immediately with one button and experience the fun of feeding in different ways, smart betta auto fish feeder suitable for busy business travel
  • Moisture-proof Design: Auto aquarium fish feeder adopts a gravity-type moisture-proof cover design. When the fish feeder automatic dispenser rotates to the bottom, the moisture-proof cover opens by gravity and starts to dispense fish feed. Turned over to the top, the moisture-proof cover will automatically close due to gravity, keeping the fish food dry and fresh, and preventing the fish food from getting damp
  • Long working hours: You can see the battery usage on the monitor can last 2-4 months. This is a good option because you can rest assured that your fish won't starve when you leave. it applies to holidays
  • Large Capacity & Easy to Use: 200ml/0.75gallon large capacity, suitable for pellets, flakes, powders and other fish feeds. You can easily increase or decrease the amount of food by adjusting the feeding door on the top of the feeder. Adjust the slider to control the amount of feed distributed each time. It can be easily disassembled and cleaned, bringing convenience to your holiday
  • Two Different Fixed Methods: Seahighpet fish tank feed dispenser is suitable for different types of fish tanks. It is fixed vertically or horizontally on the top of the tank wall with a clamp seat. You can also use double-sided stickers to fix the automatic fish tank feeder on the surface of the fish tank cover

The Seahighpet Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder is perfect for busy fish lovers who need a reliable, easy-to-use automatic feeding solution.


  • Easy to program
  • Moisture-proof design
  • Long battery life


  • Limited to 3 feedings per day
  • Not suitable for all fish food types
  • Quiet operation may be too subtle for some

We recently tested the Seahighpet Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder and found it to be an excellent solution for fish owners who are frequently away from home or just want some help with feeding their aquatic pets. The device is easy to program, allowing for up to three feedings per day with customizable rotation and timing options. The large LCD screen makes it simple to set up and monitor.

One of the standout features of this fish feeder is its moisture-proof design. The gravity-type cover ensures that fish food stays dry and fresh, preventing dampness or spoilage. The feeder’s battery life is also impressive, lasting 2-4 months, which means you can have peace of mind knowing your fish won’t starve when you’re away.

While the product performs well, it does have some limitations. The maximum number of daily feedings is three, which might not be enough for some fish species. Additionally, the feeder is not suitable for all types of fish food, being best suited for pellets, flakes, and powders. Lastly, the quiet operation might be too subtle for some, making it difficult to know when the feeder is working or not.

Overall, the Seahighpet Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder is an excellent investment for those seeking a dependable and easy-to-use automatic fish feeding solution, as long as the mentioned limitations are not an issue for your specific needs.

Buying Guide

Consider the Reliability of the Device

When choosing an automatic turtle feeder, the reliability of the device should be a top priority. This means ensuring that the feeder will consistently dispense the right amount of food at the correct time intervals, without errors. Look for feeders with positive reviews, durable construction, and user-friendly programming options.

Determine the Feeding Capacity

The feeding capacity of an automatic turtle feeder refers to the amount of food it can hold and the number of feeding intervals it can accommodate. We should consider our turtle’s food intake and how long we’ll be away from home when choosing a feeder. A larger capacity feeder is generally better because it requires less frequent refilling.

Look for Adjustable Settings

An ideal automatic turtle feeder should have adjustable settings such as feeding intervals and portion sizes. This ensures that we can keep our turtles on a regular feeding schedule, and adjust the amount of food dispensed based on their individual needs.

Feeding IntervalsAdjustable timing to maintain regular feeding schedule
Portion SizesAllows for adjustment based on turtle size and appetite

Check for Compatibility with Turtle Food

Not all automatic turtle feeders work well with every turtle food type. Some feeders may have difficulty dispensing pellets, flakes or other food forms. Before making a purchase, make sure that the automatic turtle feeder is compatible with the type of food our turtle consumes.

Battery Life and Power Options

Automatic turtle feeders typically operate on batteries or AC power. Batteries give us the flexibility to place the feeder anywhere in the turtle habitat without being limited by a power source. However, battery-operated feeders may require more frequent battery replacements. On the other hand, feeder with an AC power option ensures constant operation, but limits feeder placement. We should weigh the pros and cons while considering power options.

In summary, consider these key points while selecting an automatic turtle feeder:

  1. Reliability of the device
  2. Feeding capacity
  3. Adjustable settings
  4. Compatibility with turtle food
  5. Battery life and power options