🥇[TOP 12] Best Automatic Fish Feeders Reviews in 2021

If you maintain an aquarium and have fish to feed you on a regular basis, but do not have enough opportunities and are taking care of your pet’s feeding schedule, it is essential that you start investing in the best automatic feeder for fish. You should know that stroking a fish is an obligation; and like individuals, they also need to be fed and cared for. You do something in case you have a busy schedule.

So that you do not starve your fish, which makes them sick and finally die, the remedy is to receive the automatic feeder for them. This device would become the friend of your fish when you are not there or accessible to feed them. You won’t need to think about your pet’s overfeeding or starvation.

This report offers buying guides, tips, and automatic fish feeding alternatives that you test out before making your final buying decision. Of course, it makes sense to be educated before taking the plunge. Ultimately, the health and lifestyle of your fish could depend on this. And, to avoid feeling guilty about it, you need to find a great substitute who will do the job for you once you’re away.

The Best Automatic Fish Feeders Reviews

Eheim automatic feeding unit

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Are you currently looking for automatic fish feeders that are complicated to set up and allow you to acquire the amount of food to take out? It looks like this device will meet your needs the best. This gadget avoids the potential for undernourishment in addition to reliable overeating. It focuses on the exact parts of the food.

Depending on how long the feeder is to fill as well as how often you need to feed your friends, a full may be enough for 6 months. Take note that the type of food is an important consideration here. Make sure to use only dry food and that the amount in the drum is 100 ml (3.3 fluid ounces).

This unit is ideal for several types of fish tanks. You can tell if the food thermometer needs recharging because it is really transparent.

Two things you might not like about this fish feeder will be its own inability to dispense a lot of distinct types of food and it looks like it’s not designed to withstand humidity. Keep these things in mind before you become one for the aquarium.


  • Made with a simple installation and layout
  • Equipped with a ventilation system and a built-in fan that keep food dry
  • A piece of cake in the plane
  • Allows consistent feedings
  • Built with an easy to adjust level regulator


  • Not designed to combat humidity
  • Unable to distribute many types of food

All in all, this is really an aquarium feeder. You won’t have to worry once you have to be away for a little while as this device could constantly feed your fish in specific places. This includes a simple getting started guide which makes it much easier for novices to use and is simple to set up. This is just a great method to feed your fish even after you have an extremely busy lifestyle.

Zacro fish vending machine

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This large fish feeder could become your savior if you are the kind of aquarium owner who goes on a business trip or vacation. Why should this device be considered is where it can be charged with a USB stick or batteries made with power alternatives. There is no need to buy batteries, as you can plug them in if you don’t want to.

It is possible to use fish feed in pellet form in addition to powder with some types of feed. Remember that this device works a lot on a 718 liter aquarium.

It is simpler to set up this appliance and it is able to dispense feed for up to 3 days for each interval. If you prefer a fish feed dispenser that won’t overlook if you’re not around, this is a choice you can count on.

Please note that this unit is not a good idea to use if you have a small aquarium, it is considered slightly too big to get a 250 liter tank. In addition, you must ensure that the feeder slot is changed to avoid overfeeding or even underfeeding your fish. It will all be.


  • Built with dual power options
  • Includes USB charger cable
  • Made with huge power roller coaster
  • Could accommodate 6 month feeding interval on a single rate
  • Made with a fairly distinctive ‘set-it-forget-it’ type of layout


  • Slightly too large even for a 250 liter tank
  • Requires that the feed slot be corrected accordingly

In conclusion, the Zacro fish feeder is an option. It is mainly designed for long operating time. Depending on how much it could be used by you. It can be discharged or charged about 800 times in total, as this includes a lithium battery. The compartment is large, so it is able to hold an amount of food for your buddy.

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

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This aquarium fish feeder is one device that every aquarium operator should consider investing in. It is absolutely reliable and made of construction. This will work best for aquariums that are tiny and it might be an option for aquariums without fish. It helps the food to be released at several intervals.

If you are feeling stressed, consider attaching a breathing circuit to the device to keep the fish food dry. Open the device section to access those chambers that feed and from there you shut them off as essential or could fill up. This device is affixed to the tank cover.

Some difficulties detected that go with this fish feeder would be the small feeding bubbles which make it somewhat difficult to find food in the box when loading, as well as the compartments and spaces are created from the exact same dimensions, but these are not. t well aligned with each other.


  • Made with an easy-to-use timer that provides you with up to four meals a day
  • Allows you to pre-measure unique types and amounts of food
  • Known for its exact and reliable quartz timer
  • capable of serving up to a total of four human flakes
  • Equipped with a battery status indicator


  • Compartments and spaces are equal in size but do not line up well
  • Small feed pockets

If you want to provide your fish with many different foods without needing to combine them, the Fish Mate f14 Aquarium Fish Feeder is the matchless bet. It is an option for fish aquariums due to the dimensions. Its identifying design which is aerodynamic would be loved by you and it doesn’t sound strange. While this is a unit, it is the kind of device that you could completely bank on the go. Best of all, it is.

Torlam Car Fish Feeder

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If it becomes somewhat intimidating to consistently feed your fish due to a lifestyle, auto aquarium feeders can save the day. Whether you are on leave for days or even months, you can now put money in a fish feeder which will ensure the fish will be fed even if you don’t have the chance or time to act yourself. even.

This device is equipped, there is no need for it if you do not need it to use them all. Since it is not difficult to place to feed any length of the day, you will be amazed and can be to provide double or perhaps triple if necessary, ultimate feeding.

However, a few issues that may be encountered in case you use this fish feeder will be its complex instructions and also please note that the amount of food to be dispersed might change. See before you pay for that particular alternative to examine these variables.


  • Guarantees excellent percentage controls
  • Allows you to insert food without any problem
  • Built with a moisture proof hopper
  • Programmable for a total of 4 feedings per day
  • Made with a large capacity for food


  • Directions can be a bit confusing
  • The amount of food published may differ

In summary, this aquarium feeder is a worthwhile buy. It can be programmed and let work by itself, but if you need to it can be changed in some way. As you can see, this could allow you to get the job done and revel in feeding the inhabitants of your aquarium. This comes with a hopper so you can make sure the food stays dry.

Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder

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This aquarium feeder with lid was designed with capabilities, it can provide consistent and accurate portion control, is complex to read due to its LCD displays, and is suitable for many food sticks and pellets.

Yet and all, some of the downsides that you might encounter once you start using this car charger will be that it is not durable enough to withstand bad weather with other creatures and it cannot be fully invoked in case you wish. for use in lakes and massive ponds.


  • Includes long-lasting battery life
  • Can program up to a total of 3 feedings
  • Ideal selection for small to medium-sized lakes or water ponds
  • Allows editable meal sizes
  • Backed by a seven-year warranty


  • Seems less solid and more robust than high-end options
  • Not beneficial for lakes or massive ponds

This unit could be touted as one of the most outstanding fish feeders for aquariums because it is quite useful and comes with great features and functions. It helps users to place 3 feedings per day and it is possible to serve food manually between designed ones.

Why this is a choice is that the amount of food given in addition to the feeding intervals is easy to change. You can rest easy knowing that your fish are getting the amount of pellets they need.

API automatic fish feeder

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This item is an extremely affordable fish pellet feeder. It is intended to dissolve and distribute the food after a few hours. When using it, keep in mind that you need to eliminate a volcano rather than using it in an aquarium or fishbowl.

This is because although it is affordable, it can provide your fish with the food they need for 14 days when you are away from home, plus this feeder is safer to use if it melts in water. from the tank since fish enthusiasts those who have used it have promised that it will not adversely affect their fish.

A few complaints that aquarium owners who have used this feeder understand its inclination to change the tank water or tank bottom does not do the trick. It looks like it won’t work to consistently feed fish when you are on vacation.


  • Contains organic ingredients to meet the nutrient needs of fish
  • Built with a simple layout but works efficiently and faithfully
  • No worries to establish
  • Includes sufficient food supply to feed 5-10 fish 14 times
  • Sold at a really cheap price


  • Tends to cause the water in the tank to turn dark
  • Don’t do the trick

If you are looking for inexpensive fish feeders, this may be one of the top choices. This can be made in the shape of a pyramid and includes granules which are distributed to feed the fish. It does its job efficiently by feeding all kinds of fish like grouse, bettas, goldfish, plecos, discus and sabers.

Decdeal automatic fish feeder

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The purpose of this fish feeder inspection is to show consumers what this gadget is like. Why is this remarkable among the competitions is that consumers are allowed to schedule time to create diet programs. Its controller power function makes it easy to control the fish feeder using the program of the mobile phone.

A few issues that you might find as soon as you get this feeder will be its potential to cause noise sometimes and there is a tendency for your food to get soaked as the appliance could be exposed to moisture.


  • Built with a voice controller
  • Designed with a large capacity cartridge
  • Made with superb memory placement
  • The power plug is easy to change
  • Fairly easy to control using the cell phone program


  • Food can be soaked as the appliance can acquire moisture
  • gets the tilt to produce a noticeable sound every now and then

Usually this aquarium feeder looks beautiful. Its memory function which ensures consistent distribution of dependent food after the network connection has already been outside is trustworthy. And, it presents another alternative where there is an unlock button to unload the food outside the preset intervals. The plug can be immediately changed by you on the charger depending on the situation. This is exactly what makes this unit such a rewarding investment if you are constantly away from home and will never repent.

Zoo Med BettaMatic daily betta vending machine

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If you would rather feed yourself for the fish that are built to help you feed your friend once, this will probably be your best partner.

This unit is supposed to feed tiny betta pellets. Please note that it would not work with kinds of fish feed, flakes etc, once purchased it includes batteries, sample fish guardrail kit and you might also find a great instrument of food.

You need to be aware of how this fish feeder is built with programming and the food pellets seem to be big so that they fit into the funnel. They are two.


  • Made with flexible function and 2 mounting options
  • Excellent value
  • Works with 1 AA battery
  • Contains a food sample once purchased
  • able to feed bettas once a day in an automated strategy


  • Comes with just one type of fixed programming
  • Food pellets are huge enough to fit the funnel

Overall, this aquarium is made for betta tanks. Its compact size makes it easier to place in nano and betta tanks. Likewise, it is created with sliding thighs to help change the diameter of the tank part. It is also possible to remove the tabs and adhere to the tank using Velcro on the feeder, but it must be done.

Penn-Plax Daily Dual II Battery Operated Automatic Fish Feeder

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This automotive fish feeder inspection is supposed to help fish hobbyists make the best choice when it comes to purchasing the fish feeder. And, of the decent, more budget-friendly quality choices you can expect, there are none outside of this particular brand. This can be equipped with a food drum by making the necessary modifications, and the atmosphere can be successfully worked out by you.

Maybe this fish feeder is not somewhat tedious to handle because there is a need when you stop using it and there is a chance that your food is due to evaporation.


  • Running with a battery
  • Stellar to release pellet or flake food twice a day for a total of one month unattended
  • Can be attached to any tank or stand
  • Sold at a really affordable price
  • Renowned to use while you are on vacation


  • Requires the battery to be removed every time you stop using it
  • Food may have become moist from evaporation

This device can be among the best holiday fish feeders if your budget is limited. This makes feeding more convenient and easier once you have to be away from the animal. All you will need is to place it and allow it to rotate to feed your fish twice. This is the alternative if you are concerned about feeding your fish while on a business trip or on vacation.

Petacc automatic fish feeder

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When incorporating fish food on the fish feeder section, it is not necessary to take out the food thermometer; it means that you can reduce or increase the total amount of food without sweating. This is built with a hopper which can help keep the fish food dry. Because it comes with the food capacity feature, you can choose the total amount of food to disperse at each meal, so if you’re away for days, you don’t have to worry.

On the contrary, this system seems incapable of remaining mounted on the edge of the tank and it tends to turn the water in the tank. These are the issues that you might want to deal with once you purchase this particular unit.


  • No problem adding food
  • makes it less complex to set up the preferred feeding schedule
  • Built with large feed capacity
  • Unique design helps prevent moisture
  • Allows two different fastening methods


  • The water in the tank can become muddy
  • could not stay mounted on the top edge of the tank

Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

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It’s really sailing to set up would be to adhere to these directions which are guide. Choose the feeding intervals and you can check the button which gives you the option to feed your fish when you need it and whenever you are available. Whether you are looking for a Torlam Auto Fish Feeder or want to get different types of aquariums, it might suit your needs better.

Either way, the instructions are somewhat difficult to read and it seems inconsistent when it comes to the total amount of fish food it dispenses.


  • A convenient choice for aquariums and home aquariums
  • Manufactured with dual installation methods that consumers can choose from
  • Allows a simpler controller
  • Backed by a one year warranty
  • Allows up to 4 feeding occasions in total


  • Incompatible with the amount of food it distributes
  • Hard to read instructions

Overall, this finned feeder is a fantastic catch that you shouldn’t miss. It allows you to configure a total of 4 feeding intervals. This allows to consider 2 adequate feeding intervals for fish. It is proficient at feeding all kinds of fish and you can also use several kinds of fish feed.

Uniwood Automatic Fish Feeder

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This Uniwood feeder is designed to be used at times of up to a total of 4 feedings per day. However, you are free to decide whether to feed the fish once or twice a day, it may depend on your needs. It does not create any irritating sound and saves you energy.

This instrument comes with a few points and these consist of the need to replace its battery and this does not seem very reliable in terms of supplying exact parts at all times.


  • Runs quietly and made to look fashionable
  • an extremely reliable automotive fish feeding tool that guarantees a precise dimension of the fish food
  • Eliminates moisture that makes food soaking wet
  • An excellent power-saving device
  • Perfect gift for a fish lover or aquarium owner


  • Requires regular battery replacement
  • Seems unable to provide exact parts every time

This fish feeding instrument is exceptional because its layout is intended to prevent the accumulation of moisture. This way, the food will not be more prone to blocking the mechanism over time and will remain dry. This appliance can contain various kinds of food such as legumes, crumbs in addition to flakes. Without a doubt, this automotive feeding instrument allows you to go on vacation with ease and peace of mind.

Things to look for when buying an automatic feeder

There are a lot of factors to remember when buying a reliable and functional fish feeder for you and a few of them are:

  • Your current lifestyle. Outside of the home and in case you have a busy schedule, getting a reliable automotive feeder that is built with a cartridge that is is essential. If you are not constantly on the move, a fish feeder can work well.
  • You can set it up and use it regularly, or maybe you just need it if you’re away for days. In any case, you will.
  • Cut. In case you have a huge aquarium and keep a lot of species of fish, choose the dimensions. As much as you can, avoid buying cans as they are difficult to fill. If you have an aquarium with fish, go for distributors. When it is empty, everything must be filled. The dimensions of this cartridge will indicate that this is happening.
  • Refilling is often done at frequent intervals; this could trust the aquarium fish population.
  • Heating system. An automotive feeder equipped with a ventilation system and an excellent fan can be a safe solution for your pet. The air flow in the food compartment is intended to ensure that the food does not spoil.
  • Therefore, it is essential to inspect the ability of the feeder to handle humidity in a proper way to acquire one, as this is one of the most essential considerations in keeping food fresh and safe to eat.
  • Control of amount and time. Go for an automatic feeder that is included with a timer. This will allow you to develop a clearer and more precise schedule for each feeding period.
  • An automotive fish feeder makes it easier to care for your fish because you can easily set the feed quantity. Choose the one that is able to dispense food of the appropriate size. Also make sure you inspect the operating instructions, be aware that every fish feeder should consist of basic manuals.
  • Battery indicator. Get an automotive fish feeder that has an extended battery life. Choose the one that is equipped with a transparent indicator that reveals the battery life. Remember to take your pick as they really are much easier to read.

Meanwhile, other features that would be handy for getting a battery indicator are an alert bell or built-in dock. These features help the users to make the charger as beneficial as possible.

Other Critical Elements to Consider

What is an automatic feeder and how can this function work?

An automatic fish feeder is designed to dispense the amount of food to the aquarium at a daily period. There are a few feeder choices to distribute the food further. This would help ensure that your furry friend is well fed when it’s time to allow your fish to go on vacation or to be fed.

These devices operate by means of a power cord with the help of the power supply or with a battery. The advantage of the latter is that you won’t have to worry about electrical disturbances or shocks. On the other hand, the advantage of fish feeders is that you won’t have to worry about developing battery life.

Each automotive feeder is made with a variety of boxes containing fish food. The cans would be rotated by this device on a timing mechanism to allow the food to be dispersed throughout the aquarium over a period of time. This way your fish and other inhabitants could be fed. There is no problem with underfeeding or overeating.

What are the different shapes of automatic feeders?

There are two types of fish feeders, including:
Fish feeders with portion control

It is possible to find the role of the device. These are meant to have the ability to gain great control over the total amount of food that goes into your own aquarium.

This device is built with an arrangement of trays that users will need to fill each tray with the fish food they want to distribute to the aquarium within a period of time and then the timer needs to be set. The material of a tray is emptied at the aquarium at the time.

Likewise, you can rate each meal and mix the types of food to make sure your fish are getting the amount of food they need. This is a good idea to use for tanks.

On the other hand, the downside of this type of feeder is that they are only able to carry the amount of food, which means it is not perfect. The vast majority of these versions include two weeks of food.

Rotary Barrel Fish Feeders

These versions will be the most typical types and will include all of the simpler designs. The barrel spins and distributes food to the aquarium. The amount of fish feed dispensed is indicated by the size of the hole in the barrel; all and always, users can have control over the size of the hole.

They are able to carry the majority of food, which also makes them perfect for people who would have to go on vacation for days; some variations could contain 5 months of food.

While hose feeders have a cartridge that could cause difficulties for aquariums. The barrel could fill up with several types of food that you might not be sure would be released.

For example, you would prefer to combine flakes and beans. Lots of flakes can be scattered as pellets and the fish can be undernourished. Please note that larger raw fish foods should be avoided as sticks and wafers could block the start of the cone.

Why would you want an automatic fish feeder? (Earnings)

The use of fish feeders is advantageous; This really is one of the reasons aquarium owners who are constantly on the move and have a schedule should consider purchasing fantastic quality.

Some of the Pros that you can enjoy if you have a fish feeder include:

  • What is preset. It suggests that you are just getting something calculable and reliable. You know your pet will be fed and that’s fine with it. If you are busy and at home doing something, you shouldn’t be feeding and enjoying watching them eat.
  • Even if you have to be away for a few days due to a business trip, vacation, or other reasons, you can have peace of mind knowing your fish is eating on time and not being overfed. or undernourished even when you’re not about to. work for them. It is easier to place the fish feeder to generate food from a canister and it also gives you peace and freedom.
  • Automatic fish feeders are reliable and flexible. The parts of the food could be checked. Really, you choose to feed the fish up to 4 times (this could depend on the design of the feeder), and meet the specific needs of the ecosystem. The models are all designed with timers that allow users to place it and you are done.
  • The food will not spoil the aquarium water mainly because this gadget is able to release food in small parts at regular intervals.
  • You can save money and time when you buy and install a fish feeder because it is designed to reduce the amount of food waste.
  • There is no need to ask or disturb someone to briefly look after your fish while you are away.
  • Each fish in your aquarium could get food because you can set different schedules for different species of fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most reliable brands of automatic fish compressors?

As you may know, wise investments should be made by manufacturers around the world. In addition to the best brands that are very reliable and that you can always rely on to make automotive fish feeders, we can mention the following:

  • Fish mate
  • Eheim
  • Decdeal
  • Petacc

Please note that automotive feeders are a bit more expensive than their opponents. The main reason behind this is that their products are created with features and functionality that can never be found in alternatives.

In the long run, you will find many aquarium owners and fish enthusiasts in your home who prefer these brands over others. Their characteristics and performance make alternatives.

How to install and use?

You can incorporate automatic fish feeders into your aquarium at any time – as a matter of fact; this can be done as soon as you have installed the aquarium.

Here are the guides on how to use and the best way to install an automatic feeder:

  • Disable the feeder from other devices in your aquarium so that the fish food does not interfere with anything as it is dispensed.
  • Once you’ve figured out where to place it, you can start mounting it. Please note that the way may differ depending on the version you purchased.
  • Many variations have brackets in which you mount the charger on the outer part of the aquarium, there are different versions that come with suction cups that rest on the part of that aquarium.
  • The point is to bring in the power source – there are only two choices for doing this; it can be a power cord or a battery.
  • Then you can prepare the feeder and fill it with fish food. For this it is crucial to use the buttons on the screen. There must be a choice to regulate the size and feeding must be carried out.
  • If your feeder includes a button that says “feed today”, consider using it to check if this is working without a problem. If not, see that you are at the power interval that is preset to examine if it is currently working.
How do I feed my fish during the holidays?

If you will be away for days, fill the pockets of this feeder with the amount of food for your pet. The appliance would dispense food to the water according to your programmed schedule. Keep in mind that this strategy is acceptable for fish that consume flakes and pellets, as it would not contain live food and bloodworms. Bloodworms that are freeze-dried are available.

The best way to produce an automatic fish feeder in your home?

The procedures on the best way to make your automotive feeder are as follows:

For materials

Substances you would need to get the job done include a set of scissors or a sharp knife, 3 wooden sets, a cleaned and empty plastic jar, superglue, an old vibrating cell phone, a plastic cap, a nail or hook in which to hang the magazine.

  • Remove the best cap. Use the pliers or scissors to cut off the bottom part of this pot.
  • Place the plastic cap on a fixed spot on the desk and make sure the open end is facing up.
  • Glue the matches with the plastic cap. This can be completed depending on how much food you want to distribute at each meal. For a small amount of food stick a match, but if you want a small amount of food more matches are needed.
  • Place the mouth of the plastic jar on top of these matches and secure it in position with the adhesive. Let them dry.
  • Fill the plastic pot with food in the hole. Fish food could spread around the matches, which would stop.
  • Place the cell phone to vibrate, then place it in the jar.
  • Hang the feeder in addition to your aquarium. You do this by hammering a nail, using a screw in the hook or can use a hanging hook.
  • Call the cell phone when you prefer to feed the fish. The phone would vibrate and could shake the charger, allowing the fish food to be released through space.

How long do the cubes last to feed the fish?

Weekend Feeding Cubes can go on for up to 3 times longer to feed your pet for a quick vacation. The same, the vacation power packs a total of fourteen days, that’s long enough for you to enjoy vacation.

The best way to clean and maintain?

Automotive feeders are not difficult to wash and maintain. You should clean the device when you clean the aquarium. Replace foods frequently and make sure everything is dry to prevent this feeder from malfunctioning.

Only dried food can be placed in the appliance. If your fish love food, you are considering switching to freeze-dried fish feed choices.

What is the warranty?

When purchasing a fish feeder, it is essential to read the item description or label for a product warranty. This is just a great way to protect your investment. As you probably already know, sometimes it is inevitable to encounter problems with this purchased merchandise whether it is automatic or digital devices.

So in the event that the product you have purchased is covered by a warranty then you certainly will not have to worry because in the event that you encounter any issues such as faulty devices or anything else related to it, you can rest assured that your problem would be taken care of.

It is wonderful to choose because it is the only method to save choices that include guarantees. After all, you deserve to find the best in the trade from the purchase price tag that you paid for your item.

Automatic fish feeders can be found and marketed at local fish or pet stores. For you to enjoy choosing alternatives, it is suggested that you go fishing or pet stores to inspect the features and layouts that you think will best suit what you are looking for. The inspection of the item is beneficial.


In sum, the best automatic fish feeders may not be perfect for everyone to people who have the ability to take care of their fish. It cannot be disputed that this device can be a solution for feeding your fish if you have to go on a business trip, go on vacation or want to stay in the office for a while.

Clearly, aquarium owners might find that he tries to maintain aquarium fish in the proper manner. This involves a considerable amount of work in addition to constant daily monitoring. Nowadays, due to the development of aquarium feeders, caring for fish is becoming tedious and time consuming.

With the ten fish feeder choices reviewed in this informative article, along with buying guides and other information regarding the importance of this device, aquarium owners are able to choose the best merchandise that can meet to their needs and their fashion.