🥇[TOP 10] Best Beautiful Type of Goldfish in The World

Goldfish have many different colors such as five flowers, red, orange, jade white dragon or single black … Type of Goldfishh yet? Breeding methods have created an extremely impressive variation of goldfish.

The 10 Type of Goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish

This extremely unique goldfish is called the Suihogan bubble-eyed goldfish. This is because its eyes have two large bulging pockets and are filled with liquid inside. However, this fish is not. The size when reaching maturity is about 15 to 17 cm. Suihogan is believed to have originated in China.

Ranchu Goldfish

The Japanese believe that Ranchu goldfish is the king of goldfish because of its rare beauty. They are crossbred from the Chinese lion-headed fish. Ranchu goldfish have no fins and possess many eye-catching, vibrant colors.

Butterfly Tail Goldfish

Butterfly Tail Goldfish possesses a beautiful and extremely lovely appearance, like flying butterflies. This fish has an X-shaped tail, a white body, and impressive red lips. The fins are also red. Jikin butterfly-tailed goldfish according to many sources believe that it originated in Japan.

Telescope Goldfish

Perhaps hearing the name, you already know the shape of this goldfish. Demekin telescope goldfish possesses extremely unique large eyes. They also have many different colors such as red, red – white or black – brown … The minus point is that despite the big eyes, the ability to see is poor. According to sharing from the brothers, should not keep this fish with other species in the same tank.

Oranda Goldfish

Oranda goldfish is originating from China and Japan. This is an extremely famous goldfish species in the world. As well as being loved by fish farmers around the world. Their characteristics are that they possess a hat like a raspberry on their heads, beautiful beautiful wings. And the most prominent is the unique 4-branch tail.

Lionchu Goldfish

Lionchu Goldfish is a rare line of Thai goldfish. This line was bred from the common lion head fish and Ranchu. These children have unique large heads, striking and striking colors.

Ryukin Goldfish

Another unique goldfish from Japan is the Ryukin goldfish breed. We have quite large fins cheic61, curved nose, colorful, shiny outside. If raised well, the Ryukin goldfish reach an adult size of about 21 cm.

Calico Goldfish

Calico goldfish possesses a rare color that does not have to be said. This baby is a mix of colors like red, orange, yellow, gray and black. Combined with transparent white strip. Very unique and different from other goldfish.

Pompom Goldfish

Hanafusa Goldfish, also known as PomPom Goldfish, is a beautiful breed of goldfish. The identifier is the excess flesh just above the nose. Although they look out of place compared to the whole body, they are also loved by many brothers.

Pearlscale Goldfish

Finally, there is a strange girl from Japan. It is Chinsurin pearl-scale goldfish. The reason for her name is because the scales on her body look like precious pearls.

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