🥇[TOP 11] Best Beautiful Type of Goldfish in The World

Best Beautiful Type of Goldfish? Goldfish tank is a wonderful home decoration to any surroundings. It can makes the living room, bedroom, and study more gorgeous and lively. The most important part of that tank is it contains beautiful and healthy goldfish.

But be careful! There are many kinds of goldfish which you might take for the best one, but actually this kind of fish will make your heart-broken because these fish look beautiful but not healthy anymore.

In fact there are 101 different types of goldfish in our world including traditional carp type, colored carp type, comets type, bubble eyes type (the first picture), etc.. But I think three types have their own special character; it’s Fantail Type (second picture), Oranda Type (third picture) , and Ryukin Type (fourth picture).

Top 11 Best Beautiful Type of Goldfish in The World

1. Black Moor:

Moor goldfish, also known as Japanese or Black Moor Goldfish, is one of the most common and easiest to keep breeds of goldfish. It’s body color can be black and white or brownish with a metallic sheen.

However, people should take an interest on it because its growth rate is very slow compared with other types of gold fish (even longer than 20 years for some owners). So if you just want to decorate your tank without thinking about raising any pet fish to be remembered generations from now, this fish will not cost much time and money at all.

2. Bubble Eye:

The bubble eye goldfish is actually having no biological meaning behind his strange head shape and bulging eyes. As long as your fish is healthy, it will be okay to raise your little pet for a long time. The most important thing you should pay attention at this point is whether the eyes are protruding or not. If the bubble eye goldfish looks like bulging out eyes, does not eat food normally, and heavily breathing with congested gills (the inflow organ that takes oxygen from water into the body), then these three signs mean that your fish has severe disease and needs help by professional instantly.

3. Celestial:

Celestial refers to highlight on head part of goldfish which makes its even more beautiful than before. This feature can make you feel envy about these creatures because of their gorgeous look while swimming in tank room (if you have any). It’s type of goldfish should be raised by you carefully because if it is not well taken care of, the disease will strike and make your pet fish die.

4. Comet:

As its name suggested that this animal can move quickly by its own ability like a shooting star in night sky. The comet goldfish has a high vitality and thus need to be careful about water quality regularly (at least once daily), especially temperature and ammonia concentration. If you have no time to clean up your tank every day, I could suggest that you try raising another kind of goldfish which does not need much effort for maintenance although it looks less beautiful than this one.

5. Fantail:

It’s body color is mostly yellowish with black, white and red cover at the tail part. It’s very popular among many countries as a kind of pet fish to be kept in small size tanks for a long time since it looks beautiful, easily raised and even reproduce by itself with no need of any help from owners. If you have this kind of fish near your room or bedroom, you will still feel relaxed because its body trait is not noisy at all.

6. LionHead:

The lion head goldfish has similar appearance like fantail type but bigger than the previous one and much more vigorous than them in terms of activity. You can see that your lionhead goldfish prefer spending most time swimming than laying on bottom part of tank water quietly (but it does not mean that it is too lively and needs to be put on hold). This kind of fish can also reproduce by itself so much.

7. Oranda:

It has large flat head whose size is about more than half of its body part. The eye looks small with triangle shape which makes the oranda goldfish look like a cartoon character especially when you are watching them swim in one long line (usually from right to left). You will know that your pet is healthy if it does not have any breathing problem like rapid gill movement, gaping mouth, etc.. If those signs appear, please contact veterinarian as soon as possible for treatment.

8. Ryukin:

The ryukin goldfish is very similar with celestial type but the only different is that it has oval shape body while celestial one prefers circular body with big head. If you can provide your goldfish a larger tank, this kind of fish might live longer than 12 years old because its vitality is so high. I suggest choosing ryukin as pet fish rather than other kinds since it does not need much time and cash for maintenance since they are getting older (that’s why people love raising them).

9. Shubunkin:

The shubunkin is usually mixed with oranda type especially when it is just small size when bought from market place. It will grow up as soon as several months pass by so please adjust water temperature and food amount appropriately depending on its size to make sure that your pet fish can grow up strongly and maintain its health condition. You will love the gracefulness of shubunkin when it is older or bigger because of its body color becomes brighter, spotted pattern at the head part and tail fin becomes more erect which makes it look like a real swimming swimming animal.

10. Telescope:

The telescope goldfish has a very unique feature on its eye which does not look straight but obliquely lower (like looking down to see what’s around). The unusual view from its eyes might make you feel afraid at first sight (especially if you are new in raising this kind of fish) but actually they are so graceful and their characteristic makes them special than other goldfish types. If you are willing to spend more time to manage your goldfish tank (for example by cleaning up the water, feed them regularly and etc..), I would suggest you to raise telescope type of goldfish since it is very unique, strong in vitality like lionhead type but less noisy than fantail or ryukin.

11. Veiltail:

The veiltail has similar appearance with celestial style but its fins are longer and more curved at back part. It has bigger tail fin too with many “veils” behind it which makes this kind of fish look very graceful when swimming freely. The most special characteristic that make veiltail looks so attractive among all kinds of goldfish is their long tail fin that usually connected to the body by one little “veil”. You can see that the tail fin of veiltail is bigger than other kinds of goldfish.

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