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How to Set up a Fish Tank? Setting up a fish tank is as simple and easy. But the most important thing during the set up is do it carefully. You need to understand how according your aquarium size you will have to select various components like :- heater, air pump, filters (wet or internal), thermometer and accessories (like light). So before starting with setting up of your fish tank let us go through few tips which can be useful for first time fish keepers :-

How to Set up a Fish Tank?

1. Remove tank/aquarium from the box:

This is very simple step. You just have to take out the fish tank from its place and then empty it through a bucket or similar container.

2. Put your tank /aquarium in position:

Now you need to put your fish tank at its permanent place according to your convenience. Its best if you can do so keeping tank flat on ground floor and for safety purpose you can use support like stones underneath it.

3. Rinse all gravel and ornaments:

After setting up of fish tank now fill about 2 inches of water in it with help of hose pipe, and then if any floating debris are present then remove them by using net or by siphoning with help of pump (the pump should be used carefully to prevent any fish loss). Now put all ornaments and gravel in it, but make sure they are clean.

4. Fill your tank:

Now get the water from sink at first and then fill rest of the water in your aquarium with help of bucket . It is advisable to use softened water for filling, because if you use hard water it may cause harm to fish later on called as copper poisoning. You can add tap water after boiling them by putting tea candle inside it. The idea behind this is that bacteria living inside the candle will make the pH levels neutral in case of acidic tap water so that no harmful chemicals are present inside it which might affect fish adversely

5. Turn on filter (and heater if applicable):

After filling water you can now turn on the filter system, as it will help in cleaning up traces of dirt and debris. Now check heater (or if using powerhead) if they are working properly. On the other hand after completing of entire process above now open your fish tank door to make room for air circulation inside your tank so that any impurities present get removed from it.

6. Add in treatments:

You should add proper treatment chemical solutions into water like API Stress Coat , Tetra Safe Start etc or their both combined, which have been specifically formulated for use with new aquariums and are an easy way to enhance immunity of fish during its adaptation stage and stimulates biological filtration . It is advisable to follow dosing instructions given in bottle. It is best to add these treatment during first day of setting-up tank in tank water. Always treat new water with Aquarium salt like Tetra Marine Aquarium Salt .

7. Let the tank cycle:

After adding all components now you need to wait for some time so let it process and work properly, this called as cycling . After a few days of this process your fish will be ready for living inside the aquarium permanently in very good health condition without any disease or kind of infirmity. So before starting feeding them you should wait for about two weeks so that nitrogen cycle completes its entire process.

8. Keep testing your water:

The whole purpose behind keeping an aquarium is not simply having beautiful aquatic life but also keeping water in the tank as perfect and healthy as possible for aquatic life to grow in it. To make sure everything is working fine you need to test your water at regular intervals. You can do this by using Algae Clear , a powdered freshwater aquarium algae control which helps to reduce filter clogging caused by algae growth resulting in reduced maintenance tasks like cleaning or replacing of filters, gravel or decorations


1. How long do you have to wait to put fish in a new tank?

Answer : It is not easy to say for how long you have to wait. You need to wait till all nitrogen cycle processes in tank gets complete and with this a biological filter starts working efficiently . You can check if iron levels are decreasing or nitrate level is present by using test kit . Iron and Nitrates should be at zero level so that fish can live healthy.

2. How do you set up a fish tank for a beginner?

Answer : Its very simple process, just follow the steps mentioned above . Aquariums differ mainly on size and complexity of its internal parts like filters, heaters etc depending upon type of water it holds. The simplest ones are those which hold only fresh water (called as Freshwater aquariums ) and then salt water fish tanks which hold different kind of water in sump area and rise into each other.

3. What do I need for a fish tank setup?

Answer : You will only need an aquarium, quality filter system , good heater, lighting system . For some aquariums you will also need accessories like fake plants, gravel etc that helps to make your tank look more beautiful. The most important thing is you should buy the best one available in market because it lasts long if taken care properly .

4. How do you set up a freshwater tank?

Answer : If you have decided to keep only fresh water aquatic life then here are few steps: (i) Install Aquarium / Tank along with filter system and turn on UV sterilizer (ii) Add water conditioner into water for 24 hours before the start of fish tank . Aquarium salt can also be added like Tetra Marine Aquarium Salt with dosing directions given on bottle. (iii) Add gravel at its bottom and add some plants, stones etc. This depends with your choice of aquarium style that you have bought .

5. Why do I need to wait before I put fish in the tank?

Answer : You need to wait because nitrogen cycle process takes time so that biological filter starts working properly and all impurities get removed from tank water by this process without any effect on life of living aquatic animals inside it . Also while setting up your tank make sure you use good quality filters preferably ones which are rated for 250 to 400 gallons of water and heaters.

6. What temperature should the water in my fish tank be?

Answer : Freshwater Aquariums require cold water, about 68°F-77°F . If you are keeping saltwater aquarium then temperature is higher and it ranges from 77°F-84°F for tropical fish tanks and 84-88°F for subtropical or marine species .

7. Is the set up of a fish tank different depending on the tank type?

Answer : Yes , if you have planned to keep fresh water aquatic animals then your internal parts like filters etc will have to be different than one which holds marine life with lot more special needs like right amount of oxygen levels. In saltwater fish tank sump area holds all living marine life because of which it needs to be cleaned properly .

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