How To Reseal A Fish Tank

How To Reseal A Fish Tank? Fish tank sprung a leak? No worries, your fish and home are still safe! In this article we will explore how to reseal an aquarium. We’ll explain what you need and show you step-by-step instructions on how to do it so that the leak doesn’t happen again.

Your fish is in good hands with our guide for repairing damaged tanks – even if they spring leaks or crack from pressure changes like during thunderstorms.

How To Reseal A Fish Tank

1. Remove the fish:

Remove all fish from the tank and place them into a large bucket, bowl or other container.

2. Remove the old sealant:

Use a razor blade to cut away as much of the old sealant as possible. You can use an x-acto knife if you have one available but be careful not to damage the glass itself.

3. Clean the old residue off with acetone:

Scrape away any remaining old sealant using a small flathead screwdriver or other similar tool. Make sure to wear eye protection when removing this caulk, as it will splatter and often contain toxic chemicals! Thoroughly clean your tank of all leftover residue before moving on to step four.

4. Apply a ¼” bead of aquarium sealant:

Use your razor blade to form a ¼” wide bead of sealant around the tank on all sides, as if you were sealing a crack in the glass. You can also use an x-acto knife or other sharp straight edge for this if you prefer. Make sure you overlap the seams by at least one inch for a secure seal!

5. Repeat the process:

Continue to fill your tank with more of the aquarium sealant, making another ¼” wide bead that overlaps in an β€œX” pattern as discussed before. Use this method until all sides are filled and only a small amount of sealant still remains in your bucket.

6. Allow cure time to be reached:

Let your tank sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours. The longer the better! It may seem like it’s not ever going to dry, but have patience and after an entire day you will notice the sealant has sealed the tank and is no longer going down.

7. Refill the tank 3 inches at a time:

Using a ½” tubing, you can now start refilling your fish tank with water. Do so 3” per day for up to 7 days until all of your water has been returned to its proper levels.

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