7 Best Steps: How to Biuld an Acrylic Aquarium for Sale?

If you are looking for How to Biuld an Acrylic Aquarium, you should know that it is strong, durable, waterproof and has the same crystalline transparency as glass, which allows you to contemplate your fish with impeccable clarity. . More importantly, acrylic sheets can be bonded together by various methods. Once they have been, the joint area of ​​the two sheets will be virtually transparent, meaning there is no potential leak.

Using acrylic to make an aquarium is easy once you have the right tools and the know-how. You can cut acrylic sheets yourself or, if you prefer, order custom cut Plexiglas sheets directly from specialty stores.

Depending on your skill level, the tools you have, and your daring, you can make your aquarium a simple cube with right angles, or round the edges to make it more decorative. We will only deal with the first way to do it, as the tools and expertise needed to do the second are quite advanced.

How to Biuld an Acrylic Aquarium for Sale

Step – Dimensions

The first thing to do is decide on the size of your aquarium. You need to consider the size of the fish you want to acquire, the number and size of the room in which you want to place the aquarium. You may also want to find out about the cost of a filtration system for large tanks, if you are planning to go big.

Step – Cut the acrylic

Assuming you have decided to cut your acrylic sheets yourself, you will need to clearly mark where you are going to cut it. Always leave the protective film stuck on the plexiglass (with which the sheets are delivered) until the last moment so as not to damage the plexiglass and mark it directly with a marker. You can also use masking tape to mark the cut lines.

Step – Smooth edges

When you are about to glue two sheets of acrylic together, you need to make sure the conditions are just right. The two edges that will be linked must be flat and smooth, but above all they must be exactly the same size. Using a sander , sand the edges starting with 120 sandpaper and increasing to 400 sandpaper. Just to repeat, you can’t glue two sheets together if they have edges. rounded or rugged, make sure they are flat.

Step – Using acrylic glue

There are several ways to tie two acrylic sheets. However, when using acrylic to build aquariums, we recommend that you use cyanoacrylate glue . You will also need to make sure that the two sheets fit exactly together, otherwise you run the risk of the bond not forming properly.

When joining two sheets side by side, use a narrow nozzle applicator to apply acrylate glue to the two edges and hold them tightly together with lock pliers or clamps.

When joining two plexiglass sheets to create a right angle, apply glue along the inside length of the joint and clamp the sheets together. Let the acrylic glue dry for at least 48 hours. When it turns transparent, you’ll know it’s hardened.

Step – Assemble the acrylic sheets

You need to assemble your aquarium carefully, and the more time you take to make sure your acrylic sheets are properly prepared, the more likely you are not to go back and touch up your acrylic.

Step – Test

Once the glue has cured, you should inspect your new aquarium and make sure it is suitable for your needs and has no leaks. Filling your aquarium with water and letting it sit for a few days is usually a good way to test the quality of your work. If at the end of this period no leaks occur, you know that things went as planned and you can fill it with your fish. If you have a problem, depending on the severity, you may just need to apply more glue or possibly replace the entire sheet.

Step – Final touches

Once you are happy with your aquarium, you can apply the finishing touches and clean it. Acrylic is very easy to maintain and you will only need a damp cloth. Never clean the tank with an alcohol-based cleaner as this will seriously compromise the strength of the material and its transparency. You may also want to smooth and polish the outer edges of the tank, which can be done the same way you did to smooth the edges in step 3, but this time more precisely and in a final fashion.

So, you had an idea how to make an acrylic aquarium before entering the aquarium hobby business. Now it’s your turn to have a little daring, the DIY spirit and the sense of innovation to give your fish a new home.

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