How Often do Cory Catfish Lay Eggs?

How Often do Cory Catfish Lay Eggs? The short answer is that Cory catfish will lay eggs every week, but not on a set schedule. The thing to understand about Cory catfish is that they do their own thing and don’t really care whether or not you are there to watch them lay the eggs. When it comes down to it, your best bet for learning when you can expect your Cory catfish to lay eggs would be to observe and learn from previous experience. However, you should always keep an eye out for signs of breeding behavior in order to better prepare yourself for what may come next!

Cory Catfish Breeding Behavior To Look For:

-Spawning takes place during the night time hours

-You will begin seeing your Cory’s chasing each other around the tank in order to breed

-The Cory catfish will begin creating a pit in the gravel in which to lay eggs in

-Spawning can be very rough, as Cory’s are one of the more “aggressive” types of fish. The male Cory will chase the female around and try to convince her that spawning with him is a good idea. He may also hold her against plants or some other obstacle while she decides whether or not she wants to spawn

-After the female has spawned, you may see her move away from your Corys and appear stressed out

-This is all normal behavior! Don’t worry about seeing any of this if it happens in your tank! It means that everything is going well and your Corys are happy!

Cory Catfish Egg Numbers:

The number of eggs a Cory catfish lays every week will vary with the amount of food that you give them. The rule of thumb is that if they are being well fed, then they likely have enough energy to lay more eggs! If the female Cory seems stressed out and does not appear to be eating, she may only lay one or two eggs per day. Try your best to feed her as often as possible and leave plenty of plant cover in order for her to find a safe spot away from the male while she is laying her eggs! After all, that’s what it’s there for….

Can Cory Catfish Lay Eggs Every Week?

Yes, Cory catsfish do breed every week. They will lay between 6-15 eggs per week, but the amount of eggs they lay is dependent on how well they are being fed. If your Cory catfish are being overfed, then they can lay more eggs than usual!

How To Tell if Cory Catfish Eggs Are Fertilized

The easiest way to determine whether or not a Cory catfish eggs is fertilized or not would be to watch for any changes in behavior before and during spawning. Begin by learning when your Corys begin their breeding ritual. This way you will know that it is time to look out for their eggs! When the female lays her eggs, you should also notice that she begins carrying them around until they. Sometimes this may even take a few days until she is finally done protecting those eggs!

How Long Does It Take for Cory Catfish Eggs To Hatch?

The answer to this question would be 5-14 days depending on the water temperature and whether or not you have any live plants in their tank. If you have live plants, the fry should be able to evade predation by hiding among them or under them. One thing that is important for you to understand about breeding Cory catfish is that they will eat their own young if given a chance. This means that it might be a good idea for you to remove some of your other fish from the tank during this time, as they are likely going to be eaten alive (by their own parents). Live plants are the best way to prevent this, but if you do not have any plants in your tank, then try adding some algae wafers or sinking pellets into their tank. These foods are typically eaten by bottom dwelling fish anyway (including Cory catfish fry), and they can provide a quick meal while hiding from your adult Corys!

How To Breed Cory Catfish

You will begin seeing signs of breeding behavior when you see your Corys chasing each other around the tank at night time hours. Once spawning is done and eggs laid, it is important for you to make sure that the female has plenty of food available to her while she is caring for her eggs. I would also recommend getting rid of other fish in their tank so that your Cory fry are not eaten!

What Is the Difference Between Male And Female Cory Catfish?

As mentioned before, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between male and female Cory catfish unless they are breeding or you have a microscope available to you. The best way to determine this is by looking at their anal fins. More specifically, look at where that anal fin meets with their body (the base). If there is a hard cone-like protrusion coming out of that area then you know that fish is a male. This will only show up during spawning season though so be sure to pay attention if you plan on spawning them!

How To Tell If Your Cory Catfish Is Pregnant

You might begin wondering if your Cory catfish is pregnant right after you notice them breeding. The answer would be no, as they can only become pregnant once their eggs are fertilized! If your female does not release her eggs after being chased by a male for several days, then she may have already been impregnated and the eggs inside of her could be rotting away. This would cause an awful smell to come from your aquarium. If this happens then it is best to remove them from your tank (taking care to get all of the eggs out of the gravel) in order to prevent any disease or infection that might spread throughout the rest of your fish!

What To Do With Cory Catfish Eggs

If you want to breed Cory catfish (which is definitely not something that everyone would want to do) then you should be aware of what you need to do with their eggs afterwards. If spawning them was successful, then the male will usually guard his young for a few days after birth. At this point you can take your Cory catfish fry home to care for or leave them in the tank if they are old enough and large enough to avoid being eaten by adults! If you choose to remove them from the aquarium, make sure that they have plenty of hiding places so that they are less likely to become an easy target.

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