Green Betta Fish Species Profile and Care

The Green Betta fish (Betta smaragdina) is a color type of the Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens). This color type is native to Thailand and Indonesia. It can be found near rice paddies and slow-moving streams, as well as marshes and other aquatic areas that are rich in vegetation.

Green Betta Fish Characteristics

Green Betta Fish Characteristics

The Green Betta fish has long and slender body. The tail is rounded and the eyes are bright red, with a turquoise colored head. Its fins consists of a turquoise dorsal fin, an orange anal fin, turquoise pectoral fins, and a reddish-orange caudal fin.

Green Betta Fish Origin

The Green Betta fish originates from Thailand and Indonesia where it inhabits wetlands such as marshes, swamps, ponds and rice paddies. It can also be found in slow-moving streams containing soft water with plentiful vegetation. In these habitats the Green Betta fish tends to prefer areas with lots of cover such as dense vegetation or submerged branches. The plant life gives this Betta its green coloration.

Green Betta Fish Size

Green Bettas are usually at least 2 inches in length, but can grow up to 3 inches long. Males have longer fins than females and are the largest of the Betta species . Females are typically shorter and stockier than males.

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Green Betta Fish PH

Green bettas do best with an ideal water pH level between 6-8 . Green Bettas may not be compatible with other varieties of Bettas, especially since their environmental needs are slightly different. However, they can be kept with female Guppies or Platy fish , as well as many others that meet the same requirements for living space, water type and water temperature .

Green Betta Fish Colors and Markings

Green Bettas have a pale color shade with green patches on the dorsal fin as well as on the tail. Green is the most common color of this species. Blue-green bettas are also known, but not as common as green . There are many other distinct shades such as olive, yellow-green , lime-green and golden-green bettas that can be found (see picture below). However, these fish do not breed true and will only turn out to be one shade if bred together. When they reproduce offspring may be any colour, similar to how breeding white mice turns out a combination of pink, brown and black colors. Green bettas also have dark brown saddle-like patterns on their backs.

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Green Betta Fish Aquarium

Green bettas need a minimum tank size of at least 2 gallons , but preferably not less than 5 gallons . Their aquarium should have live plants as well as some hiding places from driftwood or rocks. The water must be warm and soft with pH level within the range of 6-8 . Green Bettas prefer moderately fast moving waters instead of currents so a filter is recommended to provide clean water conditions for this species.

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Green Betta Fish Tankmates

Since green bettas originate from softer acidic waters, they are best kept in a species only tank with other peaceful fish that will not nip on their fins. Some ideal choices include small tetras , guppies , platys and other docile species that live at the same temperature range. Green bettas can also be kept with larger fish such as Swordtails or Rainbowfish , but then only if they are introduced to the tank together and given lots of hiding places .

Green Betta Fish Care

No special care is needed besides maintaining suitable water conditions and giving them a balanced diet . The pH levels should stay between 6-8, hardness level should be no more than 10 dH and temperature ideally 80-82F (27-28C). Good quality flake foods for egglayers can be fed along with freeze dried bloodworms, tubifex worms and brine shrimp . Green bettas may not show themselves often, but will still enjoy their owners company and benefit from interaction such as feeding.

Green Betta Fish Lifespan

Green Bettas can live 5-7 years if given the proper care . Since they are not very active, it is important to provide them with a comfortable tank environment where they can hide and rest. It is recommended to keep the lights off because even low light levels may stress this fish and lessen its lifespan. Green bettas can be kept singly or in pairs according to personal preference.

Green Betta Fish Diet and Feeding

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Since green Bettas originate from soft acidic waters, they mainly feed on insects that fall into the water such as worms , crustaceans and larvae . In an aquarium setting, they can be fed with high quality flake foods and can be given bloodworms , brine shrimp and tubifex worms as treats .

Green Betta Fish Differences

Male and female green Bettas differ in markings. Males have a dark brown saddle or marking on their back, while females do not (see picture below). Females are typically shorter and stockier than males. Green Bettas originate from Malaysia , but can also be found in Thailand among other places. They were only recently introduced to the hobby as an ornamental fish (in 2002), so there is much less widespread knowledge about this variety compared to other bettas such as the veiltail or red lucy .

Green Betta Fish Breeding

Breeding this species is not very common and it is difficult to raise the fry . Green Bettas can be bred in small 1 gallon tanks, but should ideally have soft acidic water with the pH level around 6.0-6.8 as this mimics their natural environment best. The recommended temperature range is 80-82F (27-28C). Water hardness should also be below 10 dH for breeding purposes.