German Blue Ram Cichlid Fish – Best Care – Size, Lifespan

Favored for a very splendid name, the Blue Ram Cichlid, also known as cichlid ram, is popular with many species and diverse colors. Why do hobbyists hunt this fish? The origin? Advantages? What are the typical characteristics of Blue Ram Cichlid? We will find out in detail all of that information through the article below.

Origin of Blue Ram Cichlid

The Blue Ram Cichlid is scientifically known as Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. When researching on the ocean world, scientists often choose this fish as a typical “face” to explore and discover the behavior of fish species.

However, with its beautiful, good-looking appearance with colorful and eye-catching colors and patterns, the Blue Ram Cichlid is ​​now one of the most popular ornamental fish species in the market.

Besides the aesthetic issue, their name “Blue Ram Cichlid” also carries many good meanings according to theism of some idealists.

The dwarf Blue Ram Cichlid habitat

The whole body of the Blue Ram Cichlid is covered with a colorful 7 rainbow colors and is very beautiful.

However, if you want to maintain a good health, prolong their lifespan as well as let colors maintain their luster is not easy.

You must pay attention to their living environment as well as their temperature.

The natural habitat of the Blue Ram Cichlid is ​​warm water, in the river basins in Venezuela and South America, this is a suitable condition for this breed to develop.

That is why, in this place keep a very large number of giant Blue Ram Cichlid coming here to live.

The ideal water source for Blue Ram Cichlid farming

Temperature 25.5-29.5 Β° C, 78-85 Β° F, acidity (pH 6), water hardness (dH): 5 – 12, pH: 6.0 – 7.5 is the most suitable condition for Blue Ram Cichlid grows and develops to the maximum.

If it satisfies fully the appropriate needs, the largest size of the Blue Ram Cichlid can reach 5 to 7cm in length.

How do Blue Ram Cichlid reproduce?

This fish is omnivorous and can live in all layers of water. When the mating season comes, like other fish, the Blue Ram Cichlid will pair 1 male and 1 female and lay eggs

They do not like fast and fast currents because their health is not resistant enough. Blue Ram Cichlid prefers places with slower currents.

It is a habit of the Blue Ram Cichlid to lay eggs on fine rocks and sand.

It is very interesting that before spawning, the pair of male and female fish will detect the rock they feel most satisfied with, most suitable for childbirth, and then scrub the stone with their mouth. .

After the female spawns on the rock, the male will set up to fertilize the eggs. Starting from this period, the pair of fish parents will continuously look after their newborn babies, taking turns.

From 5 weeks onwards, when the fry start to swim, they will surround their parents during this time learning to hunt and hide.

Why is it called the five-color Blue Ram Cichlid?

Under direct light, the miracle is that the color on the body of the Blue Ram Cichlid constantly changes, creating a magic that makes viewers exclaim for their beauty.

What do Blue Ram Cichlid eat?

This is also what the Blue Ram Cichlid loves, ie the right level of light is enough to warm their swimming water flow.

As a fish with eye-catching colors, green spots spread evenly on the sparkling body with subtle rainbow colors.

Their backs are the part with the most color density, starting from there gradually fading towards the abdomen.

When you pay close attention you will see a black line running from the back of the cap to the base of the tail.

The fins are like a program, so are any Blue Ram Cichlid.

The finer the fin more lengthens the fish creates a shimmering appearance, increasing their size when we observe with the naked eye.

In fact, it’s not just aesthetically pleasing.

The fish of different species, when fighting for food, will be afraid and terrified to run away instead of trying to fight because of that big appearance.

The caudal fin is one lobe, the pointed end resembles an extremely beautiful fan. Especially in males, the front of the dorsal fin has two long, second and third hard rays.

The outstanding varieties of Blue Ram Cichlid with special colors that are popular with many people include: fire Blue Ram Cichlid, blue Blue Ram Cichlid, yellow Blue Ram Cichlid, blue Blue Ram Cichlid … which are popularly sold. turn on the market.

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Blue Ram Cichlid farming techniques

Here are the typical rules when you want to keep a aquarium fish that you can refer to to build a separate space for them in your house:

What do Blue Ram Cichlid eat?

Favorite food of Blue Ram Cichlid fish is small crustaceans, bow and arrow, species of filariasis, larvae of flies ….

You can also use various types of audiobooks to increase your fish’s ration.

Blue Ram Cichlid aquarium

With the tank model, you should keep the Blue Ram Cichlid with a variety of aquatic plants with moderate light, at the same time water filtration should be done regularly, to avoid fish infection.

Blue Ram Cichlid are very active, so you can keep them in pairs or with many other fish in the tank.

In addition, the five-color Blue Ram Cichlid loves to hide, you can also decorate with stones or wood to make a shelter for the fish.

Disease prevention for Blue Ram Cichlid

Blue Ram Cichlid is a species with good immune system, they rarely get sick. However, you need to change the water in the tank regularly, not to let waste, waste, … affect the health of the fish.

In addition, the light in the tank must always be kept at a moderate level, combined with filtering and watering several times to keep the fish healthy.

How much does Blue Ram Cichlid cost? Where to buy and sell in Fish Store

The Blue Ram Cichlid breed is not too expensive, among the aquariums they are of the middle class although their beauty is not inferior to the more expensive species.

At reputable fish shops, the common price is 5 – 20$ / fish .

The min-max selling price is 5 – 20$ . The popularity of customers is on the popular scale.

If you have a need to buy Blue Ram Cichlid to add to your aquarium collection, you can refer to the price above, avoiding the case of buying the wrong price with the expensive difference.