Freshwater Seahorse

Seahorse also has another name is the hippocampus. These tiny creatures live mainly in tropical seas. For a few countries in East Asia such as China and Vietnam, seahorses are considered one of the precious medicinal species used to cure diseases.

What do Freshwater Seahorse eat? Childbirth or eggs? How much? Where do you buy it?

History of seahorse species

Seahorse has the English name seahorse and is a strain of the genus Hippocampus of the same family with the line of the wedgetail. They exist and reproduce in most of the world’s seas.

Although seahorses are extremely popular, not everyone can fully understand their properties.

According to a few studies by some scientists, the first seahorses appeared on earth about 13 million years ago.

The first seahorses found were the pipefish and the H. slovenicus lines.

These two lines of hippocampus are now extinct and only fossilized skeletons remain.

Then, the H.guttulatus seahorse is believed to be the next descendants of the ancient seahorse that appeared about 3 million years ago. They have the structure and appearance of almost a modern hippocampus.

In 2004, due to a serious decline in the number of seahorses, CITES has intervened to limit the import and export of the hippocampus, for the purpose of preserving the breed.

Where do seahorses live?

Seahorses are found in most seas, but the greatest numbers are in tropical and hot temperate waters.

Their suitable habitat is in areas of high cover such as in coral reefs or mangrove forests.

The Pacific Ocean is home to the most abundant seahorses, namely 4 species.

The Atlantic region has 2 species of hippocampus, including the dwarf seahorse which is famous for its extremely slow speed.

In the Mediterranean region 3 species of seahorses can be found. In other areas of the earth, there are only scattered 1 to 2 species of seahorses inhabiting.

Characteristics of seahorses

Seahorses are small sized aquatic organisms. Their appearance is completely different from that of normal fish.

However, the walrus is still classified as fish class. Because they also have bones and fins on the back almost similar to fish.

An adult seahorse has the size from 1.5 – 35.5cm. Their body shape closely resembles that of a horse’s head.

It is this feature that they are called seahorses.

The head is small, the muzzle is long and pointed, the neck is arched and connected with the body. Their tail is very special, slightly curved and curled inward.

Although the walruses are classified as fish, they are completely free of scales.

Instead, a thin layer of skin covers the bones that form the ring on their body.

Depending on the seahorse species, the number of rings on the body is also different.

The bones that cover the outside of their bodies are the weapons that protect them against predators and the effects of their environment.

For the male seahorse there will be a pocket in the front. This feature is for reproductive purposes.

Seahorses are the only fish that move vertically and their bodies are not horizontal like other fish.

To swim they use the displacement fins to push the body.

In their pectoral part there are 2 very large and extensible fins, the first part of their caudal peduncle may open when in extreme conditions.

Seahorses are fish with very slow swimming speed, according to research the slowest swimming stream is the dwarf seahorse.

They can only swim about 1.5m / hour, because of their poor swimming ability, they often hide in the bushes to hide from predators and rest.

Seahorses are very diverse in types, according to statistics there are nearly 100 species of walrus living in the waters of the world.

Seahorses give birth or spawn?

Seahorses are creatures with a very strange method of reproduction – pregnant males. This is why many people think that seahorses are hermaphrodites.

According to the hippocampus’ reproductive characteristics, the female will put the eggs in a pocket in front of the male seahorse’s abdomen.

The anterior abdomen of the male seahorse is a place to store nutrients and also protect the safety of eggs until hatching.

It takes about 2-3 weeks for the eggs to hatch into a seahorse.

Like most fish, the hippocampus will not keep the young after the fry are hatched.

Because of this property, the number of hippocampus that survive is very low. Due to the ambient temperature and being eaten by larger fish species.

Also, after the foal is hatched, the seahorse will eat some of his cubs.

This is also one of the reasons for the decline in the rate of the baby hippocampus.

Seahorses usually live in pairs of 1 male and 1 female. However, some strains of seahorses live in schools.

Normally, the hippocampus arriving in the reproductive period usually mates in the early morning.

The rest of the day are spent foraging and resting.

What do long-snout seahorses eat?

Seahorses are one of the small sized fish. So their food is some small crustaceans that live near the water’s surface.

Small shrimp species are even invertebrates (larvae) that live in confined waters.

A seahorse’s way of catching prey is similar to that of other fish.

When seeing and identifying the prey to catch, the seahorse will hide and wait for the opportunity. At the same time, use force on the fins and tail to push their body to and catch prey.

Classification of current seahorses

Seahorse seahorse

The hippocampus is considered a species of high value in terms of aesthetics and science, raised to serve many different purposes.

They are distributed in many Asian countries such as Vietnam, Japan, China,….

Characteristic, this species has a broad body and gradually narrows to the tail. Their most prominent feature is the large spines at the top of the head, on a high base.

The whole body of the fish is light brown, the tip of the spine has black spots.

Currently, the hunting of hippocampus is happening more and more, causing the number of this species to decline seriously 1 day.

Therefore, urgent measures are needed to conserve this fish from extinction.

Indonesian seahorse

The Indonesian seahorse is also known as the king seahorse. They are distributed mainly in coastal areas and gulf areas in Indonesia.

This species is usually quite large in size, their body length can reach 30cm.

In appearance, the king seahorse usually has 3 main colors: white, light yellow and slightly black.

The fish’s whole body has ring bones, a spiral tail that allows them to stand upright in deep sea environments.

In Oriental Medicine, the Indonesian hippocampus is considered to be a species that is used to tonify the kidneys, and to support the male’s physiology.

Seahorse bone

Seahorse is a species of hippocampus living in freshwater environment, distributed mainly in countries in Southeast Asia and some other countries such as China, Japan,….

The reason, this fish is called a bony seahorse because the entire body extending to its tail is covered by many sharp vertebrae.

In addition, the microscopic rays of this fish are also quite shorter and do not divide as fast as other seahorses.

Like the Indonesian seahorse, the bone hippocampus is also being used a lot in traditional medicine for the purpose of enhancing male physiology.

Black seahorse

The black seahorse is one of the offshoots of the line of hippocampus, which is found abundantly in the Indian Ocean.

However, in Vietnam, you can also see them in some provinces in the Gulf of Tonkin or South Central.

In terms of characteristics, apart from possessing a large body with characteristic black color, they almost do not have much difference compared to the hippocampus.

Currently, black seahorses are being raised for many different purposes such as: ornamental, traditional medicine, …

White seahorse

White seahorse is one of the 3 largest hippocampus species in the world at present, their body length can reach from 30 to 35cm.

In addition, the entire body of this fish is covered with a beautiful milky white color with sparkling micro lines.

White seahorses are usually distributed in waters with a depth of 15 to 20 meters in some countries such as Australia, India, Vietnam, …

They are very valuable species in many aspects such as: Oriental medicine, economic, and considered extremely rare.

What effect is seahorse? What effective cure?

According to some studies, most of the compounds in seahorses are good for the human body, have therapeutic and anti-treatment effects with some of the following diseases.

Nervous diseases and seahorses treat asthma

Seahorses are one of the few animals that contain prostaglandins.

The compound helps to regulate the nervous system, the immune system and control the pituitary gland activity in the brain part of the person very well.

Not only that, in the body of a hippocampus there are very good compounds to aid in the treatment of asthma.

Supportive in the treatment of cell-related diseases

In seahorses contain peptides, active substances against a number of microorganisms.

Capable of destroying foreign cells that may appear in the human body.

Therefore, using seahorses can help destroy some tumors in the patient’s body.

How to soak seahorse wine cure impotence

Its use of enhancing vitality and treating impotence in men is probably too famous

This is also considered one of the great cure-all remedies, helping many men regain their youthful form.

No longer worrying about physiological issues affecting your health and confidence.

To effectively treat impotence with a hippocampus, you need to prepare the following ingredients: Seahorse, Toppedum, longan, white wine, porcelain or glass.

How to use seahorse to treat impotence:

Put all ingredients above and cut into small pieces, then put in a ceramic or glass jar and close the lid tightly.
Keep the jar in a dry place, away from sunlight, you can shake it well so the wine can soak into all ingredients.
Usually, it should take about 1 month for the drug to start working to its fullest extent.
However, if you can’t wait too long, you can use it as soon as 5 to 7 days after soaking.
Every day, you should only use from 25 to 30ml and divided equally into 3 drinks.

Use seahorse To treat female infertility and infertility

Not only bring the treatment of impotence for men. Seahorses are also known to be a great remedy for infertility and infertility for women.

To treat female infertility with a hippocampus, you need to follow these steps:

Preliminary process, clean seahorses, then dry and pulverize.
Use about 2g hippocampus powder mixed with water to drink 3 times a day, morning, lunch, and dinner

How to use hippocampus to treat tumors

In addition to treating diseases related to physiology in both men and women. Hippocampus is also known to help treat diseases related to tumors, especially in the abdominal area extremely effectively.

To help seahorses fully utilize the treatment of their tumors, you need to prepare the following ingredients: Seahorse, white rice.

Seahorse porridge cooking process for tumor treatment.

First, you preliminarily prepare, wash the seahorse, and then chop it into small pieces
Then, boil the walrus with white rice and cook like a regular porridge ..
Add the necessary spices such as fish sauce, seasoning seeds, salt and use while still hot.

Where to buy and sell seahorse for aquarium?

Most of the provinces in the country have places to sell fresh seahorses and dried seahorses.

The price of seahorse is quite diverse and quality from popular to genuine is available.

Or more simply can order seahorses online on websites like facebook – specializing in trading reputable seahorses.

In addition to the seahorses raised domestically, there are also seahorses imported from Indonesia with higher prices.

How much does seahorse cost 1kg?

Ocean seahorses will be sold in grams and kg and the price is also divided according to the size of the seahorses.

Seahorses of the size from 14 to 17cm, the price is about: …

Bigger sizes from 18 – 22cm have a price of about: …

The above seahorse price is only a reference price, the price on the market may vary from time to time and depending on the quality and breed of the hippocampus.

Above are all the information about seahorses help you can better understand the small seahorse and the miraculous effects from this species.

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