Top 16 Frequently Asked Questions About Betta Fish

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Top 16 Frequently Asked Questions About Betta Fish

​Can a Betta fish live in a vase?

No, a Betta fish cannot live in a vase. It is cruel and poor for their health. They need space to be able to move around and show any signs of illnesses that may want to develope long-term or short-term.

How long will a Betta fish live?

A healthy Betta will usually live up to 3 years with optimal living conditions: full water change weekly (30%) and clean gravel monthly (do not use soap), along with feeding your betta the right type of food.

Top 16 Frequently Asked Questions About Betta Fish

​What do Bettas eat and how often should I feed it?

A betta’s dietary needs include both meats such as bloodworms and brine shrimp along with veggies such as zucchini and shelled peas. There are some Betta foods available on the market that provides a complete diet for your betta or you can feed them a regular pellet fish food along with a few pellets of betta food once a day.

Can Bettas live together?

No, Bettas cannot live together because they have been known to fight even within the same species. They have been known to kill one another by fighting until death ensues. Each Betta has its own personality so it really depends on the individual fish on whether or not it will get along with one another, but most of the time this is not likely going to happen.

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Do Bettas need a filter?

Yes, Bettas need a filter because like all other fish they produce toxins such as ammonia and nitrite which will build up in the water over time and make it dangerous for them to live in. Keeping the water clean also keeps them healthier because their fins won’t get torn from having debris in it or chemical imbalances that arise when you don’t do full weekly changes and gravel vacuumings. Filters help circulate oxygenated water and remove waste products from the water which makes it safer for the fish.

Can Bettas live together?

No, as mentioned above different betta fish cannot live together because they can and most likely will fight or kill one another. This is all depending on their personality and their living conditions since some may be larger than others it is safer to keep them separate just in case if they ever do fight.

How often should I clean the tank?

Weekly water changes of 30% and monthly gravel vacuumings are ideal for a Betta’s optimal living environment: clean water and clean gravel which keeps his scales healthy along with having a healthy immune system so he can fight off any potential diseases that may arise from polluted water or dirty substrate (gravel).

Do I need to cycle a Betta fish tank?

Yes, Bettas are oxygen breathing air-breathing surface dwellers which means they have gills that take in oxygen from the water and also takes in oxygen from the air. They do not have lungs so even though they are living on land they still need an environment with adequate amounts of oxygen which is why cycling their tanks with bacteria is important so there will be enough “good” bacteria present to help break down wastes byproducts into less dangerous components. Without them being present it would be harmful for your betta fish because of toxic wastes that build up overtime if you don’t do weekly changes and monthly gravel vacuumings.

Why do my Betta’s fins get ripped?

Betta’s fins get ripped for a few reasons:

1. Soap getting into the water from cleaning the tank.

2. Insufficient filter or not having one at all.

3. Inadequate surface area that needs to be available which will allow enough oxygen in the water for your betta fish to breathe properly with their gills being able to extract it from them being a surface dweller as mentioned above

4. Dirty substrate (gravel) can cause fin rips too because of trapped particles in between the rocks allowing bacteria to grow and multiply resulting in damaged/torn fins from fighting since they cannot live together even within the same species which is why its important to cycle your tanks especially if you have multiple Bettas living alone in one tank.

Do betta fish sleep?

No, betta fish do not sleep because they are constantly moving around the water to provide themselves with oxygen which they need being surface breathers as mentioned above. They spend minimal time resting at the bottom of their tanks, but will do so if there is no room available for them to swim around or if they are sick and need to rest until they recover.

How often should I feed my betta fish?

Feed your betta fish 1-2 times a day depending on its size and if it eats all of the food you give it within 5 minutes then wait till next feeding time which would be 3-4 hours later sooner if he finishes that meal in under 5 minutes. If he doesn’t then don’t feed him the next time you see him/her and wait till the next scheduled feeding time for that particular day.

Do betta fish need a heater?

Bettas can live in room temperature water where it is 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit because they are used to living in warm waters of Southeast Asia, but do require an environment where their water temperature stays consistent which means you should have a tank heater available to keep your betta fish’s water at about 78 degrees Fahrenheit so they can thrive and stay healthy. Without one then its possible for them to die from the cold especially when winter comes or if there is any drastic weather changes that affect their tanks such as hurricanes, floods, fires etc.

Can betta fish live with other fish?

NO, not even if they are the same species of Betta because they will fight to the death which can lead to severe injuries or even death for your betta fish which is why its important to cycle your tanks before introducing them into one another’s company so there will be enough “good” bacteria present in the tank’s water and substrate (gravel) to break down wastes byproducts into less dangerous components which would then result in healthy slime layers that act as protection against infections or diseases that may arise from polluted water or dirty substrate (gravel). They also need an adequate amount of space between each other for swimming room allowing their gills to extract oxygen that they breathe which they require being surface dwellers.

Can betta fish live with other aquatic animals?

NO, Bettas are not the best community tank mates because of their aggressive natures towards other fish especially if its another male Betta or different species of Bettas living in one tank together. They can get along with guppies, but this is only for breeding purposes to see what sex they are and if you’re lucky you might be able to witness a spawning event happen between them which would then result in fry (baby guppies). Never house your betta fish with koi or goldfish because of their big sizes compared to the bettas that would make them an easy target for being eaten by the betta fish which is why betta fish tanks need to be filtered or cycled with proper tank heater available for your betta’s survival because if not then they will perish from polluted water.

Why do my Betta’s fins get ripped?

Happens regularly when fighting within the same species of Bettas whether you have one in a community tank or multiple ones living together without dividers that prevent them from seeing each other, but it can also happen when they are being bullied by other pets/animals especially larger sized fish who know the Betta is weaker making it an easy target for eating because Bettas are known as being easy prey so its important to protect them either by having divider bars between their tanks to prevent them from seeing each other or you can place them in their own separate tank so they wont be the target of being eaten by others.