Red Dragon Flowerhorn Cichlid for Sale

Flowerhorn cichlid, one of the ornamental fish lines that many hobbyists love. This fish not only has a unique appearance, but also a feng shui fish that attracts a lot of fortune. To find out more information about this fish, please join us to find out!

How to Care Flowerhorn Cichlid

Origin of purebred Flowerhorn cichlid

With a unique beauty, colorful and colorful humped heads help them quickly win the hearts of many aquarium hobbyists.

Flowerhorn cichlid is actually not a pure strain.

The Flowerhorn cichlid line is a line of fish bred by aquarium artists between Taiwan’s Red Parrot and some famous fish lines of the Americas.

The first Flowerhorn cichlid fish appeared in the world was in Malaysia and have the English name Flower Horn and Chinese 花 罗汉.

In 2001, Flowerhorn cichlid began to be widely propagated and became a trend.

Currently, Flowerhorn cichlid is extremely popular in Asian countries such as China, Japan, , Taiwan …

In addition, there are a number of other countries in Europe and America.

Since 2004, the Flowerhorn cichlid strain really developed and became a trend that is loved by many people.

Characteristics of Flowerhorn cichlid

Flowerhorn cichlid is a strain that is in good health and rarely gets sick. Therefore, health care for them is not too difficult.

A Flowerhorn cichlid fish as an adult has a length of about 25-30 cm.

Flowerhorn cichlid as an adult inherits many outstanding features from the Red Ket strain.

Flowerhorn cichlid fish’s body has a very colorful sparkle color, each individual Flowerhorn cichlid has a different color arrangement.

A perfectly beautiful La Han fish must have a broad tail, long and thin fins, eyes must not be too large and protruding, and short gills.

In addition to the above characteristics, what makes aquarium hobbyists love the Flowerhorn cichlid is that in their large humpback, they are similar to that of a fairy, so they are called Flowerhorn cichlid.

The bigger the hump is, the more beautiful and valuable the fish is.

Flowerhorn cichlid has many colors: pink red, dragon red, light blue, silver, yellow, black gray, dark black, five colors….

The average lifespan of a Flowerhorn cichlid fish can be up to 10 years, depending on the care conditions of each mermaid.

Reproductive behavior of Flowerhorn cichlid

Although Flowerhorn cichlid is a strain of aquarium fish, their spawning process is relatively easy and also very easy to take care of.

Normally, Flowerhorn cichlid fish at about 1 year of age will begin their first spawning process.

At this time, the hobbyist should add 2 Flowerhorn cichlid fish 1 male and 1 female to the same tank.

After the approach between two fish, the female begins the pregnancy and spawning process.

The Flowerhorn cichlid females will begin to lay eggs on the substrate.

Their spawning process takes about 2 hours, the female spawns and the male swim following watering the sperms on top.

After they are finished laying eggs, the parents should be separated from the egg tank.

About 48 hours after spawning, the fry will begin to hatch and you should feed the Flowerhorn cichlid fish with microbiological foods and small daphnia.

After about 2 weeks, you will start to select good fish and weak fish for breeding.

How many Types of Flowerhorn Cichlid are there?

There are many lines in the Flowerhorn cichlid fish market, which makes it difficult for many hobbyists to distinguish.

Below, we will summarize the most popular and popular lines of Flowerhorn cichlid.

Flowerhorn cichlid diamond

Diamond Flowerhorn cichlid, also known as the Flowerhorn cichlid fish, is blessed with longevity. Diamond Flowerhorn cichlid is a line of fish bred between Chau Kim Cuong and Blue Dragon.

This Flowerhorn cichlid fish line is loved by many people and voted as the most beautiful Flowerhorn cichlid strain in the aquarium market of .

Diamond Arowana has a relatively round body, strong and has a line of clear scales stretching from the gill to the tail of the dark blue tail.

The diamond Flowerhorn cichlid fish head is relatively round, bulging and brought forward. Flowerhorn cichlid diamond fish eyes are red, the two cheeks of the fish are yellow.

King Kamfa (King Kamfa)

Thai Red Fish is also known as King Kamfa Arowana or Jinhua. This strain is mainly bred in Thailand.

The bred Red Taihas overcame many shortcomings from the original Flowerhorn cichlid strain.

The red Thai Flowerhorn cichlid have overcome the shortcomings of the cujo tail, the pouty lips and the face of this line are also much more aggressive.

A remarkable feature of the King Kamfa Flowerhorn cichlid strain is that the scales are filamentous and stick together – called a flat bauble.

The ones with full-bodied pearls are called the extremely rare five-color Flowerhorn cichlid.

Red Thai Flowerhorn cichlid has the disadvantage that the hump is relatively small, very rare with large humpback and most of the male fish are infertile.

The common characteristics of these Flowerhorn cichlid fish of Thai origin are similar to the Red period and Red Texac are all mature for a long time.

Red Dragon Fowerhorn Cichlid

The Red Dragon Fowerhorn Cichlid is ​​also known as Red Dragon or Fire Phoenix. Just hearing the name surely you can imagine the color of this fish.

Covering the body of the fire phoenix is ​​a bright red color.

Magma Arowana

Magma Arowana fish powder on the ese market has a relatively cheap price, only about 30 – 40$ per fish . The Magma Flowerhorn cichlid is relatively easy to keep and has a variety of colors.

A Magma Flowerhorn cichlid must meet the standard of short body (short body), large humpback, thick curves, tight flag tail.

Normally, the Magma Flowerhorn cichlid fish will have blue and red (red magma) diamond scales.

Black fish

The Black Flowerhorn cichlid is actually not another subspecies of the Flowerhorn cichlid strain, this is just the difference in the color of this fish.

Black Arowana originated from Malaysia, they are the result of a cross between the Taiwanese snapper and some fish from the Americas region.

In general, except for the mysterious pure black color, the Black Flowerhorn cichlid is not much different from other Flowerhorn cichlid. Specifically, they have a fairly protruding lip, large and protruding hump on the head, soft fish fins and sparkling colors.

With jet black color is very mysterious and quite rare in the market, so the black drought usually has a quite high price.

Silk Thai Arowana

Silk Thai Flowerhorn Cichlid fish appeared on the market. The origin of this strain, according to many people, is believed to originate from Thailand.

The Lu La Han Thai Silk has silver scales or blue light covering the whole body. On the body of this strain there are no words and long strands.

The Silk Thai fish line has the features of the La Han strain with pearl leg.

This fish line is very popular in the ese market because of its very different body color.

In addition to the above-mentioned Flowerhorn cichlid fish lines, the aquarium market also has other beautiful ornamental fish such as red monkey, black, blue diamond, blue diamond (fish Flocking), red texas drought, king hybrid mackerel …

How to raise beautiful Flowerhorn cichlid

In order to take care of a beautiful Flowerhorn cichlid, the hobbyist must have the techniques and spend a lot of time taking care of them.

Our article below will share our experiences in raising Flowerhorn cichlid.

Food for Flowerhorn cichlid

Flowerhorn cichlid is a relatively easy fish to eat. In order for Flowerhorn cichlid fish to develop comprehensively, you should feed them with pellets purchased from aquarium stores.

This type of feed will contain sufficient nutrients and quantify the serving of fish.

In addition, if you want to raise beautiful Flowerhorn cichlid, you should regularly feed them ground pork, shrimp, shrimp, squid and small fish.

For the fry line (Flowerhorn cichlid fish), you should feed them artemian food.

After about 1 week of artemian nurturing you can feed them dry foods and fresh foods for mature fish.

What do you eat?

Should split meals during the day for fish, each meal should only be fed a little to avoid too much food in the tank.

Just looking at the fish’s belly is slightly bulging, so a little bit is the fish is full. In addition to the amount of food you should also train them to eat at a fixed time.

Thus, will help them live more properly and also a way to increase the size of humpback in the head of Flowerhorn cichlid.

How to stimulate humpback growth on Flowerhorn cichlid fish head

There are many ways to stimulate humpback size for Flowerhorn cichlid, below we will introduce 2 easy to do and most effective ways.

Keep the male close to the female:

When the male and female fish are in great contact, they will then produce a number of hormones – including the hormone that helps to enlarge the fish’s head size.

Stimulate the ferocious nature of Flowerhorn cichlid:

To do this, you should attach a mirror to the outside of the aquarium’s glass.

When the Flowerhorn cichlid fish find themselves in the mirror, they mistakenly think they will be their opponents.

This will also help them release hormones that stimulate hump growth.

However, this method should only be done in about 1-2 hours, if a long time will make your fish tired and injured.

Habitat of Flowerhorn cichlid

Want to raise 1-2 Han fish indoors, you should first prepare a glass aquarium with a length of about 1.2 – 1.5m, and the width of 60 – 80cm.

Usually in Flowerhorn cichlid aquariums should only be decorated with a little white filter gravel and a few small aquatic plants.

The average temperature in feng shui aquariums must reach 25 – 30 o C, the pH is about 6.5. On average, you should change the water twice a week.

Note: when changing water, keep 1/3 of the old water and only pump 2/3 new water. Newly pumped water must absolutely not have cl 2 gas .

In addition, you should place the aquarium in places with a lot of light, with a lot of oxygen. This is both a sense of feng-shui and helps the Flowerhorn cichlid fish grow well.

Common diseases in Flowerhorn cichlid fish

When your Flowerhorn cichlid is not eating, you should observe it carefully. Because the cause of the anorexia may be before they have eaten too full,

Second, when the fish reach their reproductive stage (female fish often stop eating)

Third, your fishes have been infected with the virus (possibly due to fungal disease, anchor disease …).

In this case, you should go to the aquarium store to buy green medicine and drop it into the aquarium and continue to monitor the situation of the fish.

Common diseases in Flowerhorn cichlid

This case is very likely to happen if the diet for fish is not appropriate.

More dangerous causes are diseases related to the intestinal tract such as viral infection or infection found in raw foods.

Flowerhorn cichlid fish with cataracts:

The main cause of cataracts is polluted water environment.

To overcome this case you should use Erythromycin Eye Ointment cream to apply to the eye area for the fish.

At the same time add potassium permanganate to the aquarium to disinfect.

Flowerhorn cichlid is the cheapest price for how much money?

Below is the price list of some Flowerhorn cichlid fish lines that are very popular in the market today:

Selling price Flowerhorn cichlid baby fish:

Because it is a baby fish, Flowerhorn cichlid will have a much cheaper price than an adult fish. If you are a beginner, you should choose to buy these fish to be able to get used to their living conditions and habits.

However, Flowerhorn cichlid fish has weak resistance, it is easy to die, so you need to pay close attention to the living environment, tank temperature, fish food, …

Price list of Flowerhorn cichlid fish in the market:

  • Ordinary La Han fish meal: 3 – 15 $ / fish
  • La Han Thai Fish: 20 – 35$ / fish
  • King Lai Arowana: 5-10$ / fish
  • King Kamfa Arowana : 15 – 20$ / fish

The purchase price of Flowerhorn cichlid is based on maturity level

When Flowerhorn cichlid is more mature (about 3 to 4 months old), their price will be slightly higher than Flowerhorn cichlid fry.

This is the time when the cyst on the fish’s head has developed fear and is easily seen with the naked eye.

Buying price of Flowerhorn cichlid

At this time, you need to have careful nutritional care, help the tumor grow more, and help the color of the fish become colorful.

Price list of mature Flowerhorn cichlid in the market

  • Thai Red Arowana: 25 – 60$ / fish depending on the size of the fish.
  • King Lai Arowana: 30 – 50$ to 1.5 million / fish
  • Fish Flowerhorn cichlid King Kamfa : Yes price from 50 – 100$ / child.

Flowerhorn cichlid fish prices are based on color and type of fish:

On the market today, the one with the highest price is King Kamfa fish.

In addition, depending on the color, pattern, and head size, Flowerhorn cichlid will also have different prices. There are Flowerhorn cichlid fish with prices up to hundreds of 1000$

In case you do not have enough financial conditions but still want to play this line of ornamental fish, you can find aquarium groups on social media sites like facebook, the forum will have many people liquidating at low prices.