Electric Blue Acara Fish: Care, Behaviour and Diet

Electric Blue Acara Fish is also known as “Lion-Head” and another name is Blue Acara Fish. This is a species of fish in the Cichlidae family. They are native to South America, inhabited mainly by Ecuador and Peru. Their other name is Electric Blue Acara Fish.

This is an aquarium fishthe most common of all strains of Cichlids . The distinctive feature of this fish is the brilliant blue light-colored scales that covers the entire body.

Currently, many people buy Green Diamonds to raise, the selling price of Blue Diamond fish also has different differences. Today’s article Pet Mart will help you learn more about this breed.

Characteristics of Electric Blue Acara Fish

Diamond fish has a large head, tapering towards the tail. The body scales are usually yellow, the forehead is dark red. When in the dark, the fish gills turn red, mixed with a few blue lines.

Scales next to dorsal fins red orange, pectoral fins, and ivory-white abdomen. The color of the tail and body contrasts clearly, showing the brilliance when illuminated. This fish has a strong, majestic beauty. Very feng-shui.

Adult Electric Blue Acara Fish can reach the size 13 – 25cm. As a child, about 2 – 3 months old, they are very easy to mistake with glitter. However, there are two different types of fish through color. Diamond fish is slightly inclined to grayish black, caudal fin and dorsal is pink, in contrast, glitter is pale gray.

This is a fish that lives on the bottom layer, has very strong territorial behavior, or concentrates in schools. Males often fight with each other, but can be kept with larger fish.

Habitat of Electric Blue Acara Fish

Ideal temperature for culture is about 20 – 28 ā„ƒ, and fish thrive at 27 ā„ƒ. Well adapted to water with weak acidity or weak alkalinity.

However, it is not advisable to suddenly change the culture environment, easily affecting the growth and color of the fish. In addition, the aquarium should be lit continuously for at least 8 hours.

These are large fish species, they also do not have high habitat requirements. They need pool space for swimming and they need soft substrate to dig for cover. Make sure to build the environment in the tank most similar to the natural one.

Food for Electric Blue Acara Fish

In the wild, Diamond fish is a predator in the wild. They mainly feed on worms, crustaceans and insects.

When buying Electric Blue Acara Fish to raise in a mini aquarium in the family, they are not picky eaters. However, before buying, you can consult the seller of Electric Blue Acara Fish about the right nutrition for them.

The food of Electric Blue Acara Fish is very diverse. You can feed them pellets, frozen and raw foods. Remember that raw food is always better.

Shrimp, earthworms, mussel meat, scales and pellets are all good fish food. You can also feed them crickets, fish fillets, and tube worms. You can also feed them vegetables like cooked peas and spinach from time to time.

It is important not to overfeed your fish with protein to avoid digestive problems. Your fish should be fed 2 times a day, 3 times when the fish are young.

How to raise newborn Electric Blue Acara Fish

To improve the fertility of fish, after spawning, take out and soak in water mixed with purple and methyl blue for 5 minutes. To destroy pathogens and mold.

The eggs about 72 hours after fertilization will start to hatch. At this time the filter should be turned off, leaving only the pump to supply air to the tank. Newborn fry get their nourishment from egg yolks.

After about 4-5 days they start to go for food. After the first week, the breeder can feed the Artemia larvae. After 2 weeks of feeding on algae and small crustaceans.

Recently, a number of professional fish breeders have successfully bred Electric Blue Acara Fish. This fish is considered to be beneficial in feng-shui, bringing wealth to the owner. The current selling price of Electric Blue Acara Fish is quite high due to high demand from the market, especially in big cities.

How to breed Electric Blue Acara Fish

During the spawning stage, the Electric Blue Acara Fish become more colorful than before. After cleaning the substrate, they dig into the substrate to create holes so they can hide the fry at a later point.

Diamond fish breeds by the method of external fertilization. In it, the female first sends their eggs in a safe place in the substrate and the male fertilizes them in the open water.

Reproduction usually occurs in the evening or during the first few hours of the day. When the female lays eggs, its trajectory is the same as the number 8. The male will immediately follow the female to initiate the fertilization process.

A female will lay about 200 to 600 eggs after one spawning. If it is a large female, you can also expect a large group of 1000 eggs.

How do you know if the eggs are healthy? If the eggs are yellow and semi-transparent, the eggs are healthy. These eggs begin to hatch within 3 – 4 days.

After hatching, the fry need about 2-4 more days to germinate. After this period, fry can be fed with brine shrimp, egg yolks, microorganisms and the like.

The common diseases in Electric Blue Acara Fish

When you buy Electric Blue Acara Fish, you will find that they are very sensitive to changes in water quality. Therefore Nitrate and Phosphorus concentrations must be continuously controlled. Therefore, it is necessary to use the filtration system for the aquarium.

The unicorn diamond is very susceptible to infection. Parasites, skin problems can also arise during their development. These diseases can be avoided if the water environment is guaranteed.

In addition, they are also susceptible to Lymphocystis, a viral disease common in tropical fish that infects the fish’s connective tissue cells.

Stress is an important factor in the development of this disease with white granular lesions appearing on the skin and fins and sometimes on their mouths and gills.

It is always best to avoid the use of chemicals when in contact with Blue Acara Fish. Instead try to keep the water clean and ensure a healthy environment with good oxygen.

Where to buy Electric Blue Acara Fish?

Currently, you can easily buy and sell Electric Blue Acara Fish at pet stores, aquarium stores. However, in order to buy healthy and healthy green Diamond fish, it is necessary to have experience with observation.

If you do not have experience in buying Electric Blue Acara Fish, you can consult the previous breeders. Or check out the aquarium associations on the Internet.

In addition to buying Blue Diamond fish from the store, you can also buy Blue Diamond fish online on reputable aquarium websites. Or on the aquarium club.

How much does it cost to sell Electric Blue Acara Fish?

The selling price of Electric Blue Acara Fish compared to other ornamental fish species is moderate. That means the selling price of Electric Blue Acara is not too high and not too cheap. Should buy Green Diamond fish at the address closest to you to save costs.

Electric Blue Acara Fish sellers often price them according to size, color, gender ā€¦ The selling price of Blue Diamond fish at the aquarium stores today ranges from 10-20 $ / fish. Suitable for all players.

Raising Electric Blue Acara Fish is not difficult. If you take the time to learn and care for them carefully, you will surely have healthy blue Electric Blue Acara Fish and extremely beautiful color. Good luck!

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