How to Decorate a Fish Tank: Best tips and ideas

The first interest of Decorate a Fish Tank is to recreate the natural aquatic environment of the fish we own so that they evolve in the best possible conditions. The other advantage is to integrate a fascinating element into the home to the delight of young and old. But beware, we do not go haphazardly in the decoration of our aquarium because it is better to respect certain basic principles.

Decorate a Fish Tank: interests and main principles to observe

Each type of aquarium must be set up differently. In principle, we do not install large elements in a very small aquarium, that goes without saying. You still have to give the fish the swimming space they need. The decorations and plants allow them to find hiding places , to be less stressed and therefore healthier. It is also essential for all species of fish so that they can rest and spawn in complete privacy.

Decorating your aquarium also allows you to hide the essential devices but not the most aesthetic such as the heater or the filtration pump.

We always start by installing the bottom of the aquarium which can be sand, volcanic rock or a specific nutrient substrate for plants that can be purchased at pet stores. It is only afterwards that we move on to the decoration.

It is absolutely essential to incorporate water features in perfect harmony with the type of fish, namely the saltwater fish and freshwater fish . It is therefore advisable to choose the aquatic plants and the decorative aquarium objects according to the origin of the fish.

For example, in a seawater aquarium we opt for a soft decoration. A cold freshwater aquarium accommodates fish that are generally not very colorful, so that we can count on decorations with strong colors but the number must be limited so that the inhabitants benefit from a fairly open environment as in their element. natural. In a warm freshwater aquarium, the fish are very colorful, so we integrate decorations in neutral tones to enhance the species that evolve in the aquarium.

Decorate a Fish Tank: only dedicated elements

Each plant, mineral and other element must imperatively be dedicated to the aquarium hobby in order not to favor the pollution of this particular environment. We avoid varnished objects as well as putrescible natural elements because they will inevitably lead to an imbalance of the hydrogen potential (pH) of the water, which would have the consequence of killing the fish. This is the reason why all aquarium decoration accessories should be purchased from a specialist aquarium trade .

Care should also be taken to install only decorations with non-sharp angles.

Elements suitable for Decorate a Fish Tank

The ideal is to be able to create a living picture , which the lighting of the aquarium is able to magnify. Travel enthusiasts generally do not hesitate to give birth to an exotic landscape, for example. But we can completely prefer to bring a highly design touch to his room.

The main trend being to bring a natural touch to the home, the aquarium can play a large part in it if it is decorated with elements of plant and mineral origin . A few fast-growing aquatic plants in the background, another with colorful foliage in the center and a few pebbles or quartz rocks, some of which are hollow, are enough to decorate an aquarium very simply.

By opting only for natural elements, we can recreate the aquatic biotope which is perfectly suited to its fish, provided that they belong – in the wild – to the same environment. This allows you to respect the rules of nature . We do not recreate the same biotope for fish originating in Africa as for those originating, for example, from Asia.

An aquarium decorated by children can integrate Disney characters behind which a clownfish will have something to hide. Note that the little ones generally start the aquarium hobby with a goldfish bowl . To place decorations, it is better to offer them a large jar!

There is an incredible choice of natural or artificial objects. Even artificial aquarium plants today are the most beautiful effect, and imitate real plants to be mistaken. They at least have the advantage of acclimatizing to any type of environment and have no requirements. The choice is up to every aquarist.

Depending on the aquarium you own, you can decorate it with some of the following:

  • Colored sand,
  • Quartz (black, pink, white …),
  • More or less fine gravel,
  • Glass beads,
  • Natural pebbles of different sizes,
  • Rock imitations,
  • Roots,
  • Natural plants,
  • Plastic plants,
  • A bubbler, namely that if we multiply the number of bubblers in an aquarium, we risk preventing the plants from flourishing,
  • Shells,
  • Living reef rocks, coral rock structures, but small in size so that they are not too heavy,
  • Objects (amphorae, jars, glass decorations, diver, comic book characters, skull, castle, etc.)
  • A decorative 3D background, etc.

Whatever style you want, you always have to think about what each fish is going for. Small hiding places for small fish and larger ones for large fish. And above all, you do not overload your aquarium because there is a high risk of obtaining the opposite of the expected effect. Too many decorations kill the decoration.

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