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Bring beauty by harmonious diversity of colors. Butterfly koi wears a graceful, graceful appearance and a graceful swimming style that captivates the hearts of aquarium lovers. Why is butterfly koi so popular? How to take care of them is the most correct way? Let’s find out interesting information about this fish through the article below .

Origins of koi butterfly fish

Known as one of the koi fish breeds that possess a beautiful appearance. Butterfly koi, scientifically known as Assorted Butterfly Koi- Cyprinus carpio, is extremely popular among aquarium hobbyists.

The truth about the origin of the butterfly koi has not yet had an accurate answer from scientists. But many rumors suggest that they come from Indonesia and are descendants of the koi breed as well as Asian carp.

Of the koi breed, the butterfly koi is the most prized species.

At competitions, TV programs, butterfly koi always lead the way in the high rankings and bring glorious victories to their owners.

For those who play fish for many years, this koi is not often used in the answer as traditional koi.

However, people still fall in love and fight to bring this fish home.

Because the fins are long, smooth, carrying the body of a fish, but their swimming looks like a butterfly trying to fling its wings so that it is very skillfully and gracefully fluttering into the sky.

It is therefore not uncommon for them to call their fins “underwater butterflies.”

Appeared in Japan for a long time, but recently, butterfly koi has received attention and attention from people.

The number of koi fish is increasing at a dizzying rate. Because the breeding form and the need to buy as ornamental becomes a favorable market for breeders.

Butterfly koi was the product of breeding and breeding during this period and New York is one of the potential markets.

This is also where the breeders bought stout long carp from Indonesia.

At the Blue Ridge Fish hatchery, North Carolina. When buying the carp from here for research, scientists have discovered an interesting point.

These are the genes of the carp’s long fins and the koi’s vibrant colors that create a nice diagonal line between the two.

The results were not unexpected when the koi butterfly fish was born healthy with long and smooth fins that captivated the heart.

Because of this, many people still used to call them the butterfly koi carp, but in fact, the two species are completely different.

The Shape and Size of the Butterfly Koi fish

Proudly favored by nature for its graceful, beautiful waving set, butterfly koi fish when swimming in a fast glide look like fluttering butterfly wings.

Compared to the original (standard) koi, there are many differences.

However, if you consider only from a color perspective, it is difficult to distinguish when the basic colors such as white, yellow, orange … are common in both species.

A butterfly koi develops, its fins reach a minimum until the blood vessels can no longer continue.

The bigger the koi is proportional to the longer the butterfly’s fins. So it doesn’t matter when you confuse an adult butterfly koi with a long dragon moving through the water.

Their antennae (antennae) are even long-lasting and can be forged into sophisticated designs.

The fish’s tail and fins are visible to the naked eye and appear fragile, with many longitudinal folds.

There are few butterflies with one color, the mix of colors on the body is quite harmonious, the fish’s tail when moving is what attracts the opponent’s vision the most.

This is also an important point if you want to distinguish two standard breeds and butterfly koi.

In discussions about the butterfly koi, people often talk about their beautiful, “miraculous” fins.

If you come across a butterfly koi with a mutated long fin, it is unusual because of genetic deviation.

Instead of growing more in body length, they develop their fins to their maximum.

However, this problem is not much of a concern because many other fish breeds often have this situation, typically such as: Siamese fighting fish, Simpson’s fins gun, long fin chest and fins. long black.

Any biologically but significant deviation will bring about an unexpected commercial value.

Similar to the standard koi, the butterfly’s fin organ is made up of dozens of cartilage rays that lead outward to perform a support function.

Initially they develop very straight, but over a long time they start to bring parallel shape.

The longer the butterfly tail, the longer it brings high economic efficiency because people love the graceful appearance when swimming from the tail.

Although they have a small body and are just a normal ornamental fish , their lifespan will surely surprise you when it is even 3 times the age of a human.

The average is 25 to 35 years, with good care and nurturing conditions, there is a possibility of living up to 200 years.

How to raise butterfly koi fish in a glass tank

The ideal amount of water to acclimate to the butterfly koi is around 1000 gallons of water.

To build them a comfortable environment, farmers need to add objects such as rocks, aquatic plants, rockets …

Butterfly koi personality is a species that likes to explore and explore, they often dig everywhere for food as an instinct available.

Because they eat a lot, the amount of waste generated is no less, to keep the lake clean and fresh, you should pay attention to change the water regularly.

Provide a quality filtration system and place large rocks so they can dig freely without injuring themselves.

Male and female butterfly koi can be easily identified by looking at their anal parts.

Males the anus are recessed, as well as a nodule on the head, females on the contrary, do not have this.

The female koi moth lays very “intoxicating”, sometimes up to 1000 eggs per cycle. The hatching rate of the eggs lasts from 4 to 7 days depending on the temperature of the water at that time.

If you have a need to breed and nurture your koi butterfly cubs, you should be careful. During the first week of postpartum pepper consumption should only feed the fry with pureed frozen food.

Gradually, they feel their health getting better and better and adapt to a new environment to switch to small pellets.

Around week 3 to 12, the color of the koi butterfly will begin to show up clearly, lasting until much later.

The food of koi fish sold in the market is quite diverse. You do not need to buy food for ornamental fish in general, but koi fish have a separate diet that will help them adapt and grow better.

In addition, to ensure the absolute health of the butterfly koi fish, the farmer needs the following parameters:

Minimum koi aquarium size: 1000 gallons

  • Care Level: Easy
  • Personality: Peace
  • Water conditions: 36-90 ◦ F, KH 2-12, pH 6.8 – 7.2

Maximum size: 90cm

  • Color: Black, orange, red, white, yellow
  • Diet: Omnivorous.

How many Butterfly Koi Types?

As mentioned above, among koi varieties, butterfly koi is the most typical, most beautiful and most popular species.

The reason for this trait is its bright colors, beautiful fins with special patterns, which also makes butterfly koi a valuable fish.

Although it was born later, it is known as the typical koi breed.

In addition, the striking lime yellow and platinum ogons are two colors that fall in the stunning category of the butterfly koi.

In addition, copper gold and neon-white are also two pretty special colors, they make koi butterflies surprisingly brilliant and graceful.

Sorogoi butterfly fish

Described as “adult, good-natured” in butterfly koi varieties, sorogoi often wear gray or black overall.

At first glance, maybe sorogoi does not make you feel impressed by it almost fading in the world of colorful colors.

However, it is only when you see them swimming that you really feel attractive and you are as if you were caught in their curves along the water.

Their graceful appearance, the ability to control their bodies ice underwater as if they are “dancing” will probably make you feel a lot of shock.

Black and gray have always been two colors representing mystery and elegance, depending on the perception of each person, each culture has a different way of feeling.

Sometimes, black is also the color representing elegance, symbolizing men.

That is why sorogoi is still preferred and chosen by many people. They become “typical faces” present in most aquariums at home of many families.

Black butterfly koi fish

Unlike the genes of some sibling koi, the black butterfly koi has an unusually large size and appearance.

In the middle of the water, their glossy black appearance becomes sparkling, creating a distinctive and unique eye-catching look.

The fish fins of the black koi grow to the maximum, the larger they try to stretch, the more they grow in size like a jet black dragon is able to swim upstream skillfully.

Owning a black butterfly koi is likened to having a tiny water dragon.

The shadow under the water is like a shadow but not a shadow. In Japanese culture, black butterfly koi is a symbol of luck.

Milk white butterfly koi (tancho ghoshiki himitshu)

This is a fish breed that has recently appeared in Vietnam. They wear milky white body is a blend of yin and yang giving people an overall look that both matches and harmony when viewed in terms of color.

Along the spine of the milky white koi, a row of butterflies runs steadily in a straight line.

Some special figures have a red circle at the top of the head as a characteristic highlight.

Because of this, the Japanese are extremely loved by the red stain that looks like the national flag of Japan mixed with a white background equivalent to 80%.

The price of the white butterflies on the market is very high.

Platinum Butterfly Koi

Just like the name suggests, the glittery butterfly koi has a sparkling body under the water, creating an eye-catching look that makes the viewer seem fascinated at first sight.

Under the light, this fish is much more prominent, depending on the color of the light on the body of the fish that they reflect into different colors in the extremely diverse darkness.

What do butterfly koi fish eat?

This fish is named by taking the name of the koi species of the same species and adding the word “gin rin”,

There are also two other more common types of butterfly koi fish that are more common: butterfly koi in aquarium and butterfly koi in garden.

The size of the backyard butterfly koi is larger than the other butterfly koi. Depending on the farming location, family members can choose suitable breeds.

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How much does butterfly koi cost? Where to buy and sell

The prices for each butterfly koi breed are not the same. Depending on purity, health condition, longevity and color, there are compatible prices.

According to the reference on the online stores and in the aquarium stores, in general, butterfly koi fish have the following prices:

Butterfly koi fish type F1 mazabuki ogon price Contact
Betta koi fish costs: Contact
Koi fish imported tancho price: Contact
Phoenix tail fish cost: Contact

Best List Size Aquarium for Butterfly Koi Fish

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