6 Best Sponge Filters Reviews In 2021

Best Sponge filter is a user friendly fish tank filter that is never ever gobble any type of infant fish as well as reliable in what they do to maintain little fish like Guppies or Neon Tetras satisfied and also healthy and balanced. Since its mild circulation price, sponge filter is likewise the most effective fish tank filter for quarantine, reproducing or fry containers. They have actually obtained a really basic layout as well as are dust low-cost, they can well execute both mechanical as well as organic filtering in your fish tank.

What is The Best Sponge Filter

Aquapapa Biography Sponge Filter Air Pump

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As I claimed, sponge filters supply both mechanical purification (by capturing particles) as well as organic purification (by permitting cardiovascular germs to conquer the sponge).

Mechanical filtering can just be attained if the sponge filter is connected to an air pump by means of airline company tubes.

For little fish tanks, I suggest making use of the Tetra Murmur Air Pump as an inexpensive as well as quiet pump that will certainly provide smooth air movement in your container.

Due to the fact that the sponge filter is thick sufficient to catch particles, it’s likewise an excellent filter for elevating fry or any kind of tiny fish that might or else obtain drawn right into the water inlet of typical filters.

You can utilize sponge filters as key or additional filters positioned on the inlet of various other filters to stop fish from obtaining drawn right into the tubes.

When utilizing them as main filters, I suggest making use of 2 sponge filters for optimal performance.

The Aquapapa Biography Sponge Filter can be found in 2 dimensions, one for little fish tanks, the various other for huge storage tanks.

The package does not consist of airline company tubes, you have to buy that individually much like the air pump I stated.


  • Inexpensive organic and also mechanical filter
  • Easy to utilize as well as preserve
  • Suitable for little fish as well as fry.


  • No chemical purification
  • Added devices needed.

XY-2831 Air Pump Sponge Filter (as much as 10 gallon).

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Want something that takes care of the wastes entirely?

This air pump sponge filter is your go-to due to the fact that it offers mechanical and also organic filtering.

The mechanical filtering needs a link to an air pump. The good news is, the setup is very easy. The sponge filter system is rather huge, so it does not look the ideal inside your fish tank.

On the various other hand, bigger dimension offers a bigger location for the great microorganisms to expand on.

This aids the organic filtering system majorly. Feel confident the water will certainly be without wastes forever.

The air pump is meant to freshen the fish tank. You may require to make changes to the sponge filter to allow the air circulation completely.

In such instances, there’s a filter that covers the component where the air gets in via. If you desire the air to stream without blockage, you require to change it a little. Or else, the sponge filter is extremely flexible as well as will not create a trouble.

Although it’s not one of the most long lasting, it comes very affordable, making it excellent worth for cash.


  • 2 sponges.
  • Cleans the water quite possibly.
  • Excellent organic filtering.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Excellent worth for cash.


  • A little bit huge in dimension.
  • Not one of the most long lasting.
  • May block air flow.
  • Tough to tidy.

AQUANEAT Sponge Filter, for Tropical Fish Container, Betta, Nano, Shrimp, Fry, Biochemical Filter.

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The Aquaneat has 2 sponges, making it fantastic for both mechanical as well as organic filtering. The style is easy as well as made to fit smaller sized storage tanks (approximately 20 gallons). Many individuals select this filter for reproducing tiny fish varieties as well as fry.


  • Lots of surface for germs to expand.
  • Round layout does not occupy much area in the container.
  • Easy to establish as well as keep.


  • Not created for huge fish tanks.

Hikari Bacto-Surge High Thickness Foam Filter, Big.

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The Hikari Bacto Rise sponge filter utilizes a heavy base style.

The filter is positioned on all-time low of the fish tank and also linked to your air pump. The very permeable sponge includes a high area with hundreds of tiny pores. Waste-degrading germs will certainly conquer the sponge and also damage down ammonia and also nitrite.

The sponge will certainly likewise catch put on hold particles drifting in the water. The polyether foam remains soft, making it very easy to tidy and also eject particles.

Hikari Bacto Rise sponge filters are readily available in Big as well as Tiny variations. It appropriates for freshwater and also aquatic fish tanks.


  • Fairly cost for being extra-large.
  • Suitable for bigger storage tanks, with optimal result recommended at 55-100 gallons.
  • Portable layout.


  • Some customers have actually reported problems with the sponge drifting to the top of the container. Merely press all the air from the sponge to stop that from taking place.
  • Not the most effective for organic purification (solitary sponge).

Huijukon Fish Tank Filter Media.

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The Huijukon filter is comparable in layout to the Upettools filter, however has a much bigger ability. It’s ranked for as much as 60 gallons (227 litres).

There’s no requirement to include an airstone or diffuser and also the lift tube telescopes so you can make it much longer.

It has twin sponges along with biomedia chambers (media not consisted of). You can fill up the chambers with the biomedia of your selection, or you can eliminate the chambers and also run simply the sponges.

I need to confess, I prefer the environment-friendly shade.


  • Fantastic sponge surface for expanding germs.
  • Effective shutoffs.
  • Affordable rate.
  • Exceptional filtering– both mechanical and also biologica.
  • Really simple to establish and also get used to the container dimension.


  • The supplied air pump as well as tubes is not the most effective top quality.
  • Numerous customers are cynical that the filter can deal with that max capability.

Hydro-Sponge Filter I– HS910 – Fish Tank Modern Technology, Inc

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Hydro-Sponge Filter is a close 2nd fave for deep sea as well as freshwater enthusiasts. These solitary sponge filters come in 3 dimensions: up to 10 gallons (37.9 L), up to 20 gallons (75.7 L), up to 40 gallons (151.4 L), up to 80 gallons (302.8 L), and also up to 125 gallons (473.2 L). All dimensions might be positioned flat or up and down in the fish tank.

This sponge filter has a 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) size lift tube, which enables a greater quantity of water to be refined as well as for various other devices, like powerheads, to be attached without added adapters. The sponge is produced from Proprietary Patented Sponge Foam for the very best mechanical purification and also one of the most area for organic filtering; this product has actually additionally been examined to stand up to greater water currents as well as normal cleansings.


  • Numerous dimensions for the best suitable for your fish tank.
  • Upright or straight positioning.
  • Bigger lift tube for boosted customizability.


  • Fish tank air pump/other essential devices for complete performance is not consisted of.
  • Big sponge has a tendency to drift as well as might obstruct conveniently.
  • The listing title can be deceptive and also bundles come insufficient.

Fluval Side Pre-Filter Sponge, Substitute Fish Tank Filter Media, A1387.

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This sponge system is really effective in the filtering effectiveness. The sponges give both mechanical and also organic purification. The pores are developed in a manner not to catch fish fry.

It is an appropriate filter when reproducing as well as generating Discus, Dwarf cichlids, guppies, as well as killifish. The sponges can function well with suck to 10 gallons of water.

The microbial colonisation is necessary for a much better fish setting and also development. This sponge does not draw the important microorganisms out of the water maintaining the storage tank pleasant. The sponges last for practically a year without cleansing or altering.


  • This pre-filter sponge can quickly catch little and also great items of particles.
  • Really efficient in boosting organic purification.
  • Just one side of the sponge is opened up that functions wonderful forever purification.
  • Easy to rinse as well as tidy.
  • It covers up the plastic filter consumption so there is no opportunity of fish fins obtaining torn or drawn in.


  • For interior filter, it is not suitable.

XINYOU XY-2822 Air Pump Dual Sponge Water Filter for Fish Tank.

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Do you desire a basic filter for your 20 gallon container? Have a look at the XINYOU XY-2822 Air Pump Dual Sponge Water Filter for Fish Tank.

This sponge filter does both organic and also mechanical purification. Simply set up an airline company and also have your container start the purification procedure.

Furthermore, I like exactly how this filter mechanically catches bigger waste to cleanse the container water. And also fortunate sufficient, your child fish will certainly never ever obtain entraped.

You can make use of the XINYOU XY-2822 as a reproducing filter. Otherwise, you can utilize it as a pre-filtration device. Simply fit the sponge filter right into an outside filter.


  • Organic and also Mechanical purification procedure for reliable purification.
  • Fish will certainly never ever obtain caught.
  • Perfect for reproducing tiny fishes.
  • Functions well for suck to 20 gallons.
  • An inexpensive sponge filter.


  • Customer might locate it hard to link the air tube.

AQUANEAT Fish Tank Biography Sponge Filter.

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If you have a fish tank of up to 10 gallons, the AQUANEAT is an incredible sponge filter that you can get. You can likewise utilize the filter in pregnancy storage tanks, breeding grounds as well as fry containers.


  • It is simple to mount.
  • The filter is simple to tidy.
  • Three-way filters make it efficient.
  • It does not gobble your fish.
  • Gives efficient purification to clean up the water.


  • May not appropriate for huge fish tanks.

AquaCity Edge Filter Tropical Fish Storage Tank

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If you require a sponge filter for nano containers, after that this fascinating crossbreed system can be the one for you. It’s an excellent sponge system for a 10-gallon or smaller sized set up. It isn’t really a sponge filter, yet a portable inner filter with 2 water-polishing sponges as well as a little area for holding organic filter media.

This portable filter rests inconspicuously behind-the-scenes of your container. Water is drawn by an air pump via a plastic display and also right into the very first area with the sponges. This would not be a perfect system for increasing fry or shrimp, which can be drawn via the plastic display, yet is ideal for Bettas as well as various other nano fish.


  • 2 interior sponges filter as well as brighten the water, eliminating most bits.
  • Different phase for holding bio-media, so much more reliable than utilizing a sponge alone.


  • Not truly an edge sponge filter however instead an inner filter with a sponge phase.
  • Not perfect for increasing small fry or shrimp which might be drawn with the display right into the filter.


To conclude, by reviewing all the usages as well as advantages, and also the very best sponge filter items for you to think about that were handled in this message; you are currently equipped with adequate understanding relating to the brand name that will certainly finest match your demands and also fish tank maintaining design.

As we have actually stated, sponge filters can supplying mechanical in addition to organic purification of results, numerous type of dust, as well as strong particulates that contaminate the container water. This is what makes this device a wonderful financial investment to have for your fish tank.

Surely, by being knowledgeable, it will not be a difficult job for you to look for the right alternative that will certainly deal with your requirements and also can aid you achieve your fish tank maintaining goals. With the ideal fish tank devices, tools, as well as gadget, keeping tidy as well as fresh storage tank water is a pastime to value for a life time.

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