πŸ₯‡[TOP 10] Best Spirulina Fish Foods Reviews in 2021

Are you currently raising aquatic creatures that are primarily vegetable eaters? If so, then you should understand that choosing the best Spirulina Fish Foods for your finned animals is essential. Indeed, you are probably wondering why it is essential to buy spirulina fish food, so we are going to explore what this fish food is all about in the rest of this article.

This article aims to help fish owners learn more about the importance of feeding your pet fish with Spirulina and the top rated products you can buy in the market these days. Many expert fish lovers prefer this fish food because it is known to be a highly nutritious food source.

The list of products reviewed here is considered to be one of the more premium options because they are designed to help keep your aquatic animal colors brighter and brighter; this is especially true if you are raising betta fish, cichlids, goldfish, koi, and tropheus, although these fish foods also work for various species of fish.

The buying and feeding tips discussed here will also serve as a very useful guide for you to take care of your most precious aquarium inhabitants.

The 9 Best Spirulina Fish Foods Buy and Guider

Sera Marine Spirulina Grazer

If you find it a bit difficult to decide which spirulina for goldfish to buy, you can drop your worries and go for this product instead. This is easy to use and contains superb ingredients that can ensure optimal health for your most precious fin friends.

These tablets are uniquely made and able to sink into the bottom of the tank, or they can also be attached to the aquarium glass with a light finger pressure. Many fish enthusiasts choose this product because it is designed to be a well-balanced food that encourages great fishy appearance, healthy development and supports the natural behavior of your aquatic animals.

Also, if you want the occupants of your aquarium to stay active, more alive, and to avoid various kinds of digestion issues, this food would help them achieve all of these goals. It even lets you see shy fish consuming their food right in front of you. If you need sticky tablets that might work well for large marine fish, this may be one of your best options.

Before purchasing this product, be sure to check out some of its downsides and these are its ability to break down very easily and it tends to leave a hard mark on the aquarium. Anyway, besides these weak points; this product is still reliable in many other aspects.


  • Adheres fairly well to glass
  • Certified premium adhesive tabs ideal for large saltwater fish
  • Formulated with 21% spirulina algae
  • Highly recommended fish food product for wrasses, angels and tans
  • Able to attract shy fish to eat them with enthusiasm


  • Tends to break down faster than expected
  • Can leave an extremely hard mark on the aquarium

Hikari Bio-Pure freeze-dried spirulina shrimp cubes

The quality of this product cannot be questioned as it is known to be a top-notch treat or daily diet for all saltwater and freshwater fish, various marine species and invertebrates. Besides, these are convenient options since you can also feed frogs and turtles with these foods.

Additionally, this item is considered to be one of the cleanest freeze-dried fish food sold today. Note that you can expect a taste and texture that was not previously available in a freeze-dried food product.

This fish spirulina is a smart choice primarily because it is packed with nutritious ingredients that would provide many health benefits to the inhabitants of your aquarium. Since they’re fortified with essential vitamins, you can finally say goodbye to fish stress and other fish-related illnesses. It is so easy and convenient to use because it has been designed with a patented ratchet dispenser.

However, these foods are instantly crumbled and turn into a fine mixture, which should make the water in the tank whitish and look dirty. These are some of the issues that you would be slightly upset about once you start feeding your pets this fish food.


  • Not made with legumes or ground grains
  • Contains excellent levels of protein content
  • Formulated with multivitamins that help minimize fish stress and other related ailments
  • Serves as an appetizing treat for aquatic creatures
  • Designed with a ratchet dispenser top


  • Sensitive to crumbling in a fine mixture
  • Can create unwanted damage inside the tank

Fluval Hagen Vegetarian Flakes Fish Food

These Fish Spirulina Flakes are made with premium ingredients and a multi-plant formula that provides many health benefits for your finned animals. These are loaded with good amounts of spirulina, trace elements, and natural trace elements and are also a great source of protein and stabilized vitamin C which are all known to provide maximum daily nutrition. They are reliable for turning your finned friends into a more vibrant and energetic friend.

Additionally, these flakes contain highly nutritious kelp and four types of vegetables that are precisely formulated to improve the overall health of your aquarium buddies. They are enriched with omega 3, complex carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids which make them more important in providing good nutrition for the growth of your fish.

Some complaints when using these flake foods are that they are easily crumbled, making them too small to be used for feeding, and they seem to work best just for feeding fry, but not quite well. for big fish. Check these negative reviews first before you get one.


  • Contains several vegetarian formulas
  • Helps support the general well-being of your aquarium residents
  • Formulated with spirulina rich in trace elements and proteins
  • Can guarantee exceptional nutrition for the daily feeding of fish
  • Designed to be tasty to entice aquatic animals to eat with enthusiasm


  • Does not seem a practical choice for feeding large fish
  • Contains incredibly fragile flakes

Cobalt Aquatics Spirulina Fish Food Sinking Pellet

These Spirulina Fish Pellets are made with main ingredients such as spirulina, garlic, plankton, earthworm, salmon, kelp, krill and fish oil to ensure highly nutritious nutrition and tasty to your dearest aquarium settlers. What sets this product apart from other options is its triple vitamin boost formulation which works great in keeping fish healthy and strong.

Likewise, the green pellets dissolve well in the water column after a few minutes and the colonists in your aquarium appear to be swimming around the filter feed. It is nice to see your finned friends consuming their food with fondness and it is right to feed them fish food which comes with a complete formula to provide exceptional nutrition. The right amount of probiotics in this product helps promote healthier digestive system functions.

However, you should know that these pellets are larger in size which makes them a little hard to mix with other feed in the autoloader and the selling cost of this fish feed is not that affordable as people on a budget may feel unhappy about this.


  • Can ensure less production of fish waste inside the aquarium
  • Not inclined to make the tank water cloudy and moldy
  • Enriched with probiotics that promote healthy digestion
  • A convenient option for feeding saltwater and tropical fish
  • Formulated with a triple vitamin boost


  • Slightly large to mix with other foods in an automatic feeder
  • Sold at a slightly higher price

OSI Spirulina Flake Fish Food

Whether you are currently looking for premium spirulina for marine fish or freshwater aquatic creatures, these flake foods are perfect. They are made with a high amount of Spirulina which not only acts as a natural color enhancer but also does an exceptional job of vitalizing the immune system functions of the occupants of your aquarium.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the general well-being of your pet fish as they become more hardy to fight bacteria, infections, and disease. These flakes are not uniform and paper thin like other options out there; although they are much more natural with the texture.

Please note that these foods tend to crumble into fine grains easily which makes them very messy to use and the water in the tank is expected to look dirty and cloudy. See for yourself if these inconveniences are a real problem for your aquarium.


  • Works great to naturally enhance the color of fish
  • Helps revitalize fish immunity to fight bacteria and disease
  • Makes fish brighter, healthier and more filling
  • Designed for saltwater and freshwater aquatic creatures
  • An ideal option for feeding sick and sensitive fish


  • May make tank water dark
  • Tends to be crumbled into a fine grain which becomes too dirty to use

Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flakes

This spirulina aquarium fish food is a good catch. It is a nutrient-enriched food that could complement a regular diet. If you want to have colorful and energetic fish that play, roam and swim inside the aquarium; then these foods can help the colonists in your aquariums to become livelier and healthier artists for you, your loved ones and your guests.

If you have omnivorous and carnivorous pet fish inside the tank and want to make them more vibrant, healthy and hardy; so a great way to achieve your goal is to feed them these premium spirulina fish flakes.

These are reliable when it comes to providing the most exceptional nutrition to your finned animals. Without question, these foods can meet their dietary needs perfectly and you will be amazed at the noticeable difference if you feed them with these foods.

Take into account that these foods are not staple foods, which means you need to feed your finned friends varieties to meet their daily nutritional needs. Other than that, the price is a bit expensive considering that the size of the container will not last long.


  • Helps to intensify the colorings of fish, especially for omnivorous and carnivorous fish
  • A convenient option for feeding goldfish, angelfish and tangs
  • Uniquely formulated to provide the best nutrition
  • Can be used as a first choice food to supplement a regular diet
  • Helps preserve the beauty and life of your aquatic animal


  • Cannot be used as a staple food
  • A bit expensive for the container size

Sera Koi Professional Spirulina Color Pet Food

The many benefits of spirulina in aquaculture are immense. There’s no denying that spirulina-fed fish are getting healthier, more energetic, colorful, and more resistant to ailments. Fortunately, there are many options for purchasing fish products that contain a generous amount of spirulina.

These colorful foods are well accepted by various species of fish and you would love to see them actively swimming on the surface of the water. They are formulated with a high amount of protein so that your aquarium inhabitants can grow healthily, become more vigorous to fight disease and benefit from a highly nutritious diet.

All the same, two things that you will not find satisfactory about this product are its cheap quality container bucket which breaks instantly so that the freshness of the food is compromised and the cost of selling this product is always. expensive for anyone short on a budget.


  • Can be used as special food for koi and other essential pond fish
  • Recognized as a premium spirulina color food
  • Excellent food for ideal fish growth, vibrant fish colors and optimal health
  • Can be safely fed throughout the year if the temperature is above 46 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to digest


  • Poor quality container bucket
  • No reasonable price

Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food

For fish owners looking for high quality spirulina based fish food flakes, this product made by Zoo Med is worth a try. This is a great option that you can feed your finned friends because it is high in protein and can be safely given to goldfish, freshwater and marine fish, invertebrates, and other crustaceans. It contains 20% spirulina, so it is a highly nutritious certified fish diet.

Since it is enriched with spirulina content, you can rest assured that your fish colonists would become more energetic, grow faster, achieve a more elegant color, and live longer. In addition, if they are fed with spirulina, their reproduction, hatching and reproduction processes would be greatly improved. You will see a huge difference in your fish once you feed them this complete diet.

These flakes have an inconsistent flake size and they easily crumble into fine dust; as a result, they create more fish waste inside the tank, which means you will have to clean the water in the tank more often. Besides these little issues, these fish foods are great options to consider.


  • Manufactured to contain large amounts of protein source
  • Works best as a natural color enhancer
  • An ideal option for feeding saltwater and freshwater fish
  • Formulated with a full line of minerals, beta-carotene and color enhancing pigments
  • Does a good job of improving fish reproduction


  • Inconsistent flake size
  • Tends to produce more fish waste

Cobalt Aquatics Mysis Spirulina Fish

Buying the right spirulina fish food for cichlids is great because there are several options available that you can refer to. Just like this product, you can safely feed it with tropical fish, omnivores and marine herbivores. And, even if you have some very picky aquatic animals making the transition to prepared foods, this food would suit them well.

Feeding picky eaters can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be if you’re feeding them this super tasty formula made with Spirulina Algae and Mysis Shrimp. For those fish owners who dream of seeing their fish retain amazing colors and achieve the perfect shape, this food would help you do that for your most precious aquarium friends.

Of course, you will love to feed your fish this food as well, as it can ensure a cleaner diet, so you can expect less fish waste inside the tank and keep your aquarium clean. If used correctly and avoid overfeeding, you don’t need to burn yourself out by replacing the water in the tank more frequently.

Yet and all, while this food is superb in terms of advanced nutrition, a few things you might find out about it are its high cost to sell and it comes with a shoddy lid that won’t work well to properly seal the container. to keep food fresh and in good condition. It would have been better if they secured the packaging.


  • An ideal option for feeding marine herbivores, omnivores and tropical fish
  • Known to have the most advanced nutrition available
  • Excellent for supporting a healthier immune system and digestive system functions
  • Enriched with probiotics, made with Mysis shrimp and spirulina algae
  • Does a terrific job of helping your fish maintain their best color and shape


  • Sold at a slightly high price
  • Comes with an inexpensive quality cover to seal the container

What to look for when buying Spirulina Fish Foods

Before purchasing any fish feed that contains spirulina, make sure you know that too much or not enough spirulina is not good for your colonists. It is possible to have a basic fish diet that contains spirulina algae as a key ingredient and can be an effective diet for most aquatic animals.

The truth is, carnivores can also benefit from consuming spirulina-based flakes before feeding, as the majority of wild carnivores get more nutrients from the intestinal tract of the fish they eat.

Keep in mind that too much spirulina in fish food can cause the fish’s immune system to malfunction and can lead to stress for the fish; on the other hand, an insufficient amount would not provide the benefits that spirulina could offer.

Your fish will need 10-20% Spirulina to get more benefits; however, you also should not provide them beyond 20% if you do not want them to get sick. It is good to note that some brands of premium fish food products that are highly recommended also do not contain spirulina at the maximum level, so you should be careful.

Before investing in a specific spirulina-based fish food product, it is convenient to first conduct research, compare the ingredients, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the product. Don’t just base your purchase on the fish food price tag, but focus more on quality and ingredients. Also check if the product is highly recommended by many fish hobbyists and consumers.

Other important factors to consider

What is Spirulina Fish Foods?

This food refers to the blue-green plant plankton which is enriched with the main vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, vitamins C and E and is also filled with generous amounts of protein. It is known to be a very nutritious fish food because it contains natural color enhancers, a range of essential minerals as well as good levels of beta-carotene.

These foods can help promote faster and healthier fish development, amazing fish coloring, stronger immunity, good digestion, and healthy reproduction and reproduction.

What are the different types of Spirulina Fish Foods?

Among the most unique seaweed food ingredients, spirulina is known to be a fast growing cyanobacterium of enormous size and has been shown to be a potential protein source alternative for farmed fish, primarily due to its protein. superior quality, essential fatty acid content, vitamins and antimicrobials. activity, antioxidant pigments as well as anticancer properties.

Spirulina-based food products come in many forms. These are generally available in:

  • Tablets
  • Stick-ons
  • Seaweed wafers
  • Granules
  • Fine powder
  • Flakes

As you can see, there are a number of options to choose from when feeding your aquarium residents an adequate amount of spirulina.

Why do you need Spirulina Fish Foods? (Benefits)

Feeding your aquarium animals a good amount of spirulina is very beneficial. This food provides complete protein although it is a plant-based food source. In fact, very few plants can provide protein when fed to aquatic creatures.

This food is a great choice because it helps revitalize the immunity of the fish so that they become stronger at fighting bacteria, infections, and other diseases before they even start attacking your fish.

It’s worth noting that you can expect lower rates of disease in spirulina-fed fish, meaning your finned friends can live healthy lives and extend their lifespans. Nowadays, many fish lovers are opting for spirulina food products because they also work effectively to make the color of your fish more vivid and brilliant.

Therefore, if you keep goldfish, tropheus cichlids, betta fish and colorful koi; then you can intensify their natural color even more if you feed them with spirulina. This food can also enhance the color of other species of fish.

And, it has been revealed that fish diets containing a comparable amount of spirulina may minimize dependence on different types of toxic drugs as well as the consumption of antibiotics.

In addition to improving the coloring of fish, spirulina can also help promote healthier digestion. Foods containing this ingredient are primarily designed to be safe and easy to swallow and digest, even for weaker and older fish.

Compared to meat and fish foods which contain soy flour, spirulina is digestible and will not cause various kinds of digestion issues like bloating and constipation.

Lastly, since spirulina can offer superb protein levels, this is also reliable in supporting faster and healthier fish development. This food can also help promote healthy breeding and reproduction in fish and may contribute to the overall well-being of your pet fish.

As you can see, the inhabitants of your aquarium can experience many health benefits if they are fed good amounts of spirulina.

Here is the recap of the main health benefits of feeding your pet fish spirulina:

Invigorates the immune system functions of your finned friends

Helps minimize disease and death rates

  • Promotes healthy digestion and ensures good absorption of nutrients
  • Helps avoid blocked intestinal tract as well as swollen abdomen
  • Accelerates and standardizes the development and growth rates of aquatic creatures
  • Significantly improves the distinctive production of enzymes
  • Greatly improves fish coloring with rich pigments

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted brands of Spirulina Fish Foods?

One of the most surefire ways to feed your finned friends the proper nutrition is to choose specially made fish feed products from reputable and reliable brands that have been in the fish feed industry for years. Needless to say, it’s fair to do your research on respectable fish feed manufacturers before spending a ton of money, especially if you’re still new to the fish hobby.

Before purchasing one, it is convenient to research highly recognized brands of fish feed that are considered the best options for expert fish lovers, or you can check out local fish or pet stores regarding their fish feed products. the most sold. By doing this, you can get an idea of ​​the brand or product that can meet the nutritional needs of your aquatic animals.

Here are some of the most recommendable brands you can count on:

  • Ocean nutrition
  • Hikari
  • Fluval
  • Will be
  • OSI

You can check out the products of the brands mentioned above and you will find out how top rated they are in making premium fish food products that most expert fish farmers use for fish feed. As for the quality, safety and nutritious ingredients; you will not hesitate to buy products from these brands.

How do you make Spirulina Fish Foods?

When making fish-based foods containing spirulina, plant or vegetable matter, it is strongly recommended to use fresh products from organic farming. This is to ensure that the food you prepare is free from pesticide residues that can be toxic to the general well-being of your pet fish.

Here is a list of possible ingredients that you can use when making your version of spirulina fish food:

Romaine lettuce

One of the best bases for making fish feed is organically grown dark leafy greens.

Spirulina powder

This is considered to be one of the most favorite food additives for fish lovers whenever they are preparing their fish food. It is mainly composed of cyanobacteria. Spirulina powder is enriched with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

More than that, the natural pigments inside play a vital role in helping captive fish release their more vibrant and brilliant color.

Dark green leaves

These include kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach and romaine lettuce as well as sushi seaweed. All of these vegetables are good for providing richer and more nutritious plant-based foods. And, since these are packed with essential minerals and vitamins, they do a great job of imitating the natural aquatic flora consumed by species of fish.

Corn or potato starch

You can add a tablespoon or two to the fish food mixture you are preparing. The start helps to keep the mixture properly together so you can create flakes when dried.


This is called a super food for various species of fish. In addition to its ability to mimic the appetites of the most picky eaters, garlic also helps maintain optimal health for your pet fish by providing antibacterial properties.

Various vegetables or fruits

You can add vegetables or fruits to your leafy green base when preparing fish food. In this way, nutrition could be obtained from various sources. The variety of nutrients would help keep the fish feeling and looking its best.

Carrots, peas, broccoli, pears, oranges, zucchini, and apples are some examples of great additions when making homemade fish food for your aquarium buddies.


Prepare all the ingredients. Note that leafy greens should be rinsed thoroughly and harder veggies like carrots and broccoli should be blanched.

On the other hand, if there are frozen ingredients, you must thaw them first. As for the ingredients of the fish, you need to descale them but the bones.

  • The next phase should be to mix the ingredients properly. Put all the ingredients in a food processor or blender and mix until the mixture becomes smooth.
  • Then it’s time to strain the mixture. Use a spatula or ladle to squeeze the mixture through a medium-fine mesh.

This procedure is the most tedious step; nonetheless, it would help eliminate large pieces of vegetables or bones that are too big for fish consumption.

  • Dry the mixture. Wait about 3 to 4 hours for the flake fish food to dry.

This procedure begins by covering large baking sheets with parchment paper or wax. The paper would help prevent dried foods from sticking to your pan.

Then carefully pour the refined mixture over the leaves and carefully spread it in a very thin layer.

Put it in the oven and set it to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, then let it dry for a few hours or until the mixture becomes completely crumbly.

Finally, separate it. At this point, the leaves were coming off in large pieces. You can break them down using your hands until they reach the size you want.
Then you can store it in a cool dark place. To keep fish food fresh and in good condition for over a year, it is strongly recommended that it be placed in an airtight container.

How to use Spirulina Fish Foods?

When using or feeding your colonists with spirulina, consider the following guides:

  • Find the most suitable fish food. Spirulina fish food is a great source of food for your aquarium animals. These are available in many different forms such as flakes, granules, tablets and the like. They are ideal for vegetable eaters and can provide plenty of nutritional benefits for your finned friends. If they are well fed, they grow into happy, healthy aquatic creatures.
  • When feeding, all you need to do is sprinkle a small amount of spirulina on it and watch the inhabitants of your aquarium as they devour the food. If you are using the self-adhesive versions, just stick it on the aquarium glass and you are good to go.
  • Think about the options available. There are many spirulina-based fish feed options sold in the market today. These are safe to use to feed herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Some are ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fish. Consider what the products are specifically designed for. This way, you can rest assured that your fish are getting the nutrition they really need to thrive and live happy, disease-free lives.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for the amount of feed per feed, the feeding schedule, and avoid giving your fish excessive amounts of feed to avoid digestion issues and tank water issues.

Or buy Spirulina Fish Foods?

It is very easy to search for the most suitable spirulina fish food products. You can visit the nearest pet, fish, or aquarium supply stores in your area. Some well-stocked supermarkets also sell products like these and you can find them in their pet care sections.

However, if you want a more convenient way to buy spirulina fish food products, you can refer to some legitimate and highly recognized online shopping sites such as Live Aquaria, Amazon, Petwarehouse, PetCo, and PetSmart. . These sites can offer you various spirulina based fish feed made by reputable and reliable brands.

Online shopping is very exciting because finding the products you need is much easier and you may have the opportunity to choose from countless options that will help you learn more about which one would best suit your needs.

Nutritional information of spirulina

Spirulina contains nutritionally balanced ingredients in fish feed. In fact, it contains protein between 41 and 63% of dry weight and contains all vital amino acids at the proper levels except the minimized lysine, cysteine ​​and methionine.

On top of that, its essential fatty acid profile consists of higher levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids while its mineral and vitamin contents are proportional to those of other protein sources used in fish feed.

Therefore, due to spirulina’s well-balanced amino acid content compared to other vegetable protein sources, this makes it an excellent substitute for fishmeal in the aquatic creature feed formulation.

What makes spirulina important as a dietary supplement?

It should be noted that spirulina has gained remarkable fame in the health food industry and is labeled as an excellent vitamin and protein supplement for aquaculture diets.

In addition, it has long been used as an exceptional dietary supplement by people because it contains higher levels of macro and micro nutrients. Keep in mind that this requires simple harvesting, growing, and processing technology.

In terms of aquaculture, Spirulina has the potential to be used as an organic food supplement to greatly help improve fish growth. Blue-green algae spirulina has the potential to be included in the diets of various species of fish due to its impressive nutritional profile and ease of digestion.

What Makes Spirulina Unique Food for Fish?

Spirulina gets its name from its spiral shape; however, you must use a microscope to determine that it looks like this. If you look at it without using a microscope, you’ll see it as something that looks like a dark green algae grass, or something you might see on the lower part of the river.

It is a very nutritious food source although it has a strange structure. Spirulina is packed with protein, vitamin B12, and beta-carotene – all of these make up about 70% of the plant.

Not to mention that the protein content serves as a complete protein which is generally difficult to find in plants. This also comes with 62% of the amino acid content.

Currently, spirulina is cultivated all over the world for human consumption and fish feed. If, indeed, spirulina algae is precisely labeled as fish feed in the commercial market, this also comes with huge success in the health food arena.

Are spirulina food products expensive?

These foods are available at great prices. You can also find some that you can buy in bulk, wholesale, or you can go for individual containers depending on your feed needs for the fish.

There are some great offers that you can take advantage of when the products are purchased wholesale or wholesale. Higher price tags are expected depending on the brand chosen.


In conclusion, the best spirulina fish food is ideal for your aquatic animals because such food can provide complete protein even though it comes from a plant. Likewise, it strengthens the immune system functions of your pet fish well so that they become more resistant to bacteria, infections and different types of diseases.

It is worth noting that several reports indicate that species of fish fed on spirulina are less susceptible to stress and fish disease; they stay healthy, more active and are more likely to live longer. As you have read in this article, feeding the occupants of your aquarium with spirulina can also help encourage healthy digestive system functions, as these foods are easily digested.

The products discussed in this article are some of the top rated options that the majority of expert fish lovers buy. So for beginners; you can choose wisely which one you think would be excellent for meeting the dietary needs of your aquarium buddies.

In addition, these products do not contain any toxic content that weakens your fish, but they can provide many health benefits. You can buy spirulina fish food wholesale or wholesale; there are also individual containers available that you can purchase based on your fish feeding needs.

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