🥇[TOP 10] Best Guppy Food Reviews in 2021

What is the best food for guppies? Should I feed them live, frozen or dry foods? What are all of these other options like pellets and flakes? These are questions that often come up when people have a new pet fish. Here is some information to help you with your decision. First, we will go over what types of food there are. Dry and pelletized food can be found at most grocery stores while live and frozen foods might need to be ordered online from specialty sites such as Amazon or eBay. Live fish should always be fed before being put in their habitat so they do not starve during transport time which could lead to sickness or death.

What is The Best Food For Guppies

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  Omega One Freshwater Flakes  Check Price on Amazon
  Omega One Color Mini Pellets  Check Price on Amazon
  Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food  Check Price on Amazon
  New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes  Check Price on Amazon
  Aquacarium Tropical Flakes Natural Fish Food  Check Price on Amazon
  Omega One Super Color Flakes  Check Price on Amazon
  API FISH FOOD FLAKES  Check Price on Amazon

Best Food For Guppies Compared & Reviewed

Omega One Freshwater Flakes


Omega One Freshwater Flakes are a premium flake food that’s loaded with high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals your fish needs to live a long life. Even the pickiest feeders will love this flavorless treat they can’t say no to! This easy-to-digest vegan food comes in an assortment of colorful flakes and jerky bits that boast natural hues you won’t find anywhere else. Omega One is perfect for all sizes of bettas, guppies, shrimp, goldfish, gouramis—in fact you’ll be hard pressed to find any other brand that provides such fast and efficient results while maintaining a low price point!

Omega One Freshwater Flakes. The nutritious recipe of Omega One enhances levels of all-important omega 6 fatty acids in freshwater fish and other animals, so they stay strong and healthy throughout life. Salmon is full of natural beta carotenes that kick cells up into overdrive with vibrant colors and excellent immune systems. These tasty flakes are not a product like those mediocre options made from pre-processed proteins or hydrolysates – it’s the unbeatable taste and nutrition you crave!

At Omega one, we love the environment (and you). We guarantee our Freshwater Flakes contain no preservatives, dyes, artificial colors or flavors, and are naturally insoluble to reduce water pollution. Our flakes have minimal starch – a natural part of plant-based foods – which eliminates fish waste. It’s all about being green for our customers!

Omega One Color Mini Pellets


Omega One Color Mini Pellets are a highly palatable, temptingly tasty and healthy way to improve your pet’s life, especially an active one. These handy pellets will provide more than just the fatty acids he needs for that extra energy boost; they include important vitamins and minerals such as Iron content. They also help promote healthier skin and a shiny coat so he smells better too! The Omega One company is environmentally conscious as well with their sustainable sourcing of raw materials from organic and wild fisheries ensuring quality each step of the way.

Got freshwater or saltwater fish? Or both! Our Super Colors Mini Pellets will bring your tank to life, literally changing the color of all submerged items and introducing spectacular shades that’ll make you feel like you’re in an underwater garden. This colorful food has elevated levels of Beta Carotene for stunning results, is rich in Omega 3 & 6 HUFA’s to support a healthy immune system, and it naturally insoluble so there won’t be any water pollution–not bad, right?

Omega One Color Mini Pellets are supreme quality protein to be fed in small quantities and used as a nutritious supplement. They come in three flavors, Salmon, Seaweed, and Sardine and can be purchased individually or by the bucket. Convenient for feeding your fish on-the-go!

Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food


We at Royal Pet Supplies Inc. are happy to offer our customers a great product that promotes healthy weight gain for all pet breeds, not just dogs and cats! For fresh or saltwater fish, this product is rich in raw protein which will help your pets grow and flourish. Our Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food also enhances breeding by providing a nutritional supplement of iodine.

Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food is a raw, flake fish food infused with marine-fish flavor. This product includes spirulina, which is vital for weight gain in the breeding process and enhances breeding success. Zoo Med Spirulina often features natural ingredients from sources such as squid, shrimp, or sea bass to offer a variety of tastes for aquatic animals. This proffered product could be utilized by any breed size and can help your pet grow year after year!

New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes


New Life Spectrum was created by aquaculturists, pet owners and physiologists to create a hearty food for all breeds of fish. The color is the natural result of ingredients rich in color enhancers like beta carotene – which are loaded with essential vitamins that provide overall well-being from head to tail. Whether you’re just bringing home baby fish or preparing to care for an established tank, New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes will help your animals thrive.

Where better to start than choosing what’s best for the first few days? These flakes have optimum protein levels and optimal nutrient content designed specifically for young fishes who need high quality nutrition every day. Their naturally occurring colors also play a part in stimulating activity as they encourage exploration

New Life Spectrum Flakes are made with high-quality, easily digestible marine proteins like shrimp and whitefish meal as well as a variety of algae and seaweed for your fish’s natural diet. It includes garlic to keep your fish healthy so you should worry less about their immune system. They’re buoyant so it’s easier for you to replace the food when needed.

So why buy New Life Flake? The flakes are caloric dense which means your fishes will need less waste in order to maintain a healthy weight, they include fiber-rich ingredients that enhance coloration, contain no artificial colors or flavorings or preservatives; this all means your fish gets only what they need – nothing more!

Aquacarium Tropical Flakes Natural Fish Food


Aquacarium Tropical Flakes Natural Fish Food is made from fresh, all-natural ingredients that are great for small breeds. There’s no artificial colors or flavorings to cloud your water. Made in America by skilled producers in small batches, this natural fish food will bring your community tank alive!

Whether you’re feeding a large marine carnivore like a Blue Tang or a tiny herbivore such as an Otocinclus Catfish, there’s something perfect for every temperamental appetite with Aquacarium Tropical Flakes Natural Fish Food. This product is backed up by the peace of mind offered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so buy some today!

Omega One Super Color Flakes


Put a bag of Omega One Super Color Flakes in your turkey to bring out the vibrant color, and add some exotic flavor.

Creative Product Description: Inspired by tradition but with a modern twist, we’ve mashed this old school protein up with some fresh new flavors. Each flavor is sure to entice your taste buds without leaving any products behind on your countertops or in bowls. Whatever you want-simple or special occasion-you’ll find what suits your needs among our line of flavorful roaster blends. The roasted aroma will fill the air as it wafts through the kitchen, irresistible.

Omega One Super Color Flakes are the perfect way to help you maintain a natural and striking color for your fish tanks. Our flakes contain no artificial colors, but rather rely on the power of salmon skins that naturally come with elevated levels of beta carotenes, which will be secreted into your tank water at different rates depending upon the temperature.

Because we believe in sustainable living as well, Omega One’s Super Color Flakes are also insoluble – meaning less chance for water pollution and this leads to reduced levels of waste caused by starches. Think about it: do you really want to feed those beautiful fish any unhealthy food? Get yourself some Omega One Super Flake today!



API Brand Fish Food Flakes is the perfect fish food for any occasion. With a flavor that tastes like tropical fish food, these flakes are sure to be your go-to choice whether you have goldfish or just want to get creative with your aquarium decoration! This product will last up to 30 days and is offered in three water resistant sizes: packs of 2, 4 and 10 pounds!

Never worry about running out again because these quality flakes can last up the entire duration of an average tank life. Gone are the days of guessing how much food you need from one look; this clever flake formula tells you right on the box how many pieces it contains so there’s no guesswork at all!

This is a high-quality food that delivers fantastic nutritional value to your fish. The flakes allow it to sink quickly, which means you’ll see great improvement in the health of your aquarium water and can enjoy cleaner streams on top.

How to choose Best Food For Guppies

Why Choose Flake Food for Guppies?

Flake food is one of the best types of dry foods for guppies. Flake food offers a complete diet, and contains all the nutrients that active fish need to live healthy lives. This type of feed can be given to fry too – just grind up big flakes with your fingers before serving!

How Often to Feed Guppy Fish?

If you want to create the most vibrant guppy fry possible, feed them at least once every day. Guppies need a lot of food in order to grow and develop their colors; feeding flake fish will provide an excellent source for this nutritional requirement. However, if your goal is simply raising these little ones as pets that won’t leave too much of a mess behind (guess who’s not changing those water bowls!), then 2-5 times per week should be sufficient enough

How Much to Feed Guppy Fish?

Guppies are top feeders, meaning that they will usually eat at the surface of water. If you want to offer them as much food as possible in one minute without causing any mess or disease, make sure that all guppies stay on the surface and finish up their meal before anyone else gets a chance!

If you want to ensure that your guppies are well fed, offer them as much food they can consume in less than one minute. Guppy owners should be aware of the fact that these fish prefer feeding at the surface and will not eat any uneaten food which falls on top of their tank bedding.

What to Feed Guppies When Out of Food?

I always like to keep extra food at home. But what should you feed them if you run out of guppy fish food? As mentioned in the beginning, they will eat almost anything that’s put into their bowl! If this happens and there is nothing else available for your pets friends, try preparing some homemade treats quickly.

If you’re a guppy owner, then it’s important that you know how to make food for your fish. In this article I’ll teach you the simplest way of making home-made veggie food for your little buddies!

Cut up any kind of vegetables into small pieces and place them in boiling water. For best results, mix different types together: spinach leaves with zucchini or cucumber; carrots with peas or broccoli – be creative! Once they have boiled for about 3-5 minutes (until soft), take them out one by one to cool off in cold water until completely cooled down before feeding time is over at nightfall. With some patience and creativity, your pet will enjoy their new healthy snack every day without fail 🙂

Guppies are one of the most common aquarium fish that will nibble on vegetables and start eating it away. Obviously, they won’t eat all the vegetable. So you’ll need to remove any remaining pieces after 3-4 hours once boiled; this is necessary because boiling a piece of vegetable can cause decomposition which would pollute water in your tank – so removing what’s not eaten by guppies within 4 hours avoids pollution!

Should You Only Feed Flake Foods?

Some people say you should only feed your guppy flakes, but I like to mix it up and give my fish a variety of different foods. For instance, veggie pallets are great for getting some vitamins into your fish’s diet because they’re completely plant based. Spirulina tablets are good if you want that extra protein in their food (which is important when the water quality isn’t super fresh).

Freeze dried brine shrimp will also get them used to eating meat which can help with coloration down the line as well as nutritional content! Blood worms and tubifex worms might not be something everyone has at home or wants to keep around all the time – so this one is more optional depending on how much work/effort

What Are High Quality Fish Food Ingredients?

Whole Fish

Fish are animals that require a lot of care and consideration in their diets to stay healthy. Whole fish is the gold standard when it comes to providing them with high quality protein, as well as all the necessary oils for proper health condition. It’s also beneficial if you have listings such as whole shrimp or krill because this means they use every part of these creatures rather than just shell and heads like what would happen from using shrimp meal alone. Shrimp and krill provide an added benefit too; red pigment can help make more vibrant colors on your aquatic friends like orange-red fishes get some natural color!


Spirulina is a freshwater cyanobacteria that can be eaten by humans and fish alike. It has many health benefits such as making your skin glow, helping with allergies, boosting the immune system, etc., but it also tastes really good! Spirulina even contains protein so you don’t have to worry about starving while on vacation or at camp- just bring some spirulina tablets along for the ride.

Spirulinas are tiny blue algae cells found in water bodies around the world which make up approximately one percent of all aquatic plants; why not take advantage of this natural resource? For centuries they’ve been used mostly in cooking because their flavor actually improves when heated- who knew?


When guppies are in the wild, they graze on algae. Kelp is a marine macroalgae that grows to enormous size and tastes just like spirulina! It’s an excellent source for vitamins and minerals with a form that fish can digest easily.

What You Don’t Want

Fish food is often a mix of various fillers including corn, fish meal, and soybeans. But beware: if you see these ingredients listed as one of the main ingredients on an ingredient list it may indicate that there are lower quality filler products mixed into your cat’s diet causing weight gain or other health problems down the road.

Fish food can be filled with low-quality red flags such as soybean oil for cheaper manufacturing costs which results in more fat content than necessary to sustain marine life when used over time. It’s important not only to read labels but also understand what they mean before feeding them to our pets!

Generic Fish Meal

Fish meal is an incredibly low quality food, and the fact that it’s often a main protein source only makes matters worse. Fish will be processed to harvest all of their edible parts- skin, scales, bones etc., but what happens to everything else? If you guessed “thrown into a big machine so it can be ground into paste” then congratulations! You’re not alone in thinking this sounds like complete garbage masquerading as sustenance for innocent fish.

Imagine the smell of freshly caught fish on a boat as it comes into port. Imagine fresh seafood that is so rich with flavor, you can feel your mouth water just thinking about it. And now imagine this idea being ripped away from us by factory-farmed “fish” in pet food and other products around our homes because all those good parts have been removed before they are processed for human consumption?


Wheat is a filler and binding agent in many fish foods. Wheat doesn’t have the nutritional value that other ingredients offer, but it can help to keep your feed from falling apart as you try to add more nutrition into their diet.

A little wheat here or there will not hurt anything – except for maybe clogging up your filter due to its water-absorbing properties!


Soy is not something you want to see as a main ingredient, especially for fish. Ever wonder what happens when your favorite seafood has trouble digesting it? Well scientists have found that soy contains protein but its difficult and there’s no way of breaking it down in the stomach with such short digestive tracts.

For humans this can cause some major discomfort which leads us to believe it would be even worse for animals like birds or mammals who rely on being able to break food easier than say a shark might because their bodies are more complex too take in nutrients from food then push them out later after finishing those up all the same time where they get stuck at first before getting broken down by cells inside of our body .

Feed a Varied Diet for Best Results

In the wild, guppies are true omnivores. They cruise around and eat pretty much anything they can get in their mouths.

When it comes to eating well at home though, you have your work cut out for you! It’s best to recreate this varied diet as much as possible in the aquarium by offering them foods made from lots of different ingredients so that there is a good chance they will be getting all necessary nutrients when feeding time rolls round each day.

You can’t live off of just carrots for the rest of your life. Yes, a carrot only diet would keep you from starving to death for a while but eventually it will make you sick and die because they don’t have all the nutrients that humans need in order to survive or thrive.

Fish have to eat. And what they don’t get from the wild, we can give them by providing a varied diet of fish food and pellets made up of plant based ingredients as well as animal proteins for added variety.

This ensures that their bodies are always getting everything it needs- especially if you’re dealing with guppies who reproduce like rabbits! Female guppies in particular need extra protein so that giving birth several times per month doesn’t deplete her body’s resources


The best food for guppies should be high in protein and low in fat to keep your fish healthy. One of the most important things you can do to take care of your pet is feed them a quality diet that will provide all their nutritional needs, including proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega-3s. If you’re looking for some great options on what food would work well with Guppies Fish then we have provided our top five picks below. Let us know if there are any other foods not listed here that you think might also be good choices!

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