Best Fish Tanks for Kids: Top 5 Child-Friendly Aquariums

Introducing your child to the world of aquariums can be both fun and educational. Fish tanks provide a unique opportunity for young minds to learn about aquatic life and develop a sense of responsibility for living creatures. For kids, having their own fish tank can be an engaging and rewarding experience, offering a colorful and lively addition to their living space.

Selecting the perfect fish tank for your child involves consideration of various factors, including size, material, and ease of maintenance. Smaller tanks are usually recommended for beginners as they are easier to handle and take up less space. However, an essential aspect to ponder is the appropriate environment for the fish, ensuring they have enough room to swim and grow in a stress-free environment.

When choosing the best tank for your kid, the material is another crucial aspect. Fish tanks can be made of either glass or acrylic. While glass tanks are more traditional and scratch resistant, acrylic tanks are lightweight and tend to have better clarity. The type of material should be an essential consideration for durability and safety in a child’s environment.

With all these factors in mind, we have rigorously researched and evaluated several fish tanks suitable for children. Our comprehensive guide presents the top choices to aid you in selecting the perfect fish tank that will bring joy and learning to your little ones.

Best Fish Tanks for Kids

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best fish tanks specifically designed for children, making it easy for them to enjoy and care for their aquatic friends.

ArtCreativity Small Plastic Aquariums for Kids, Set of 4

ArtCreativity Small Plastic Aquariums for Kids, Set of 4, Single Fish Aquariums in Assorted Vibrant Colors, Under-The-Sea Party Favors, Aquatic Party Supplies, Aquarium Gift Shop Items, 5 Inches
  • FANTASTIC FISHY FUN: Little treats aquatic lovers will relish! This pack comes with a SET OF 4 small aquariums for kids with vibrantly colored covers. Each plastic aquarium measures 2.5” x 4.75” x 5” high to comfortably fit a single small fish inside.
  • MOOD-BRIGHTENING COLOR: These are more than just homes for fishies, they are room-accentuating decorations that exude vibrant energy. The aquarium toys stand out with an assortment of colorful covers that include vibrant shades of orange, green, blue, and pink.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: At ArtCreativity, we take great pride in creating toys that last. That’s why we’ve designed these aquariums for kids out of high-quality plastic to withstand the excitement. Each aquarium even has a handle on top for easy carrying.
  • FUN PARTY FAVORS: Looking for under-the-sea birthday party favors? Fun gifts for that aquatic-themed bash? These small aquariums make memorable treats! They are also great as underwater party decorations or aquarium gift shop items. For ages 3+
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Have a blast knowing that we’ve fully got your back. Not satisfied with these colorful aquariums for children? Don’t worry, we’ll send you a replacement or issue a full refund. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to spark smiles with complete peace of mind!

These vibrant small plastic aquariums are a delightful and affordable option for introducing kids to the fun of keeping fish.


  • Colorful and mood-brightening designs
  • Durable high-quality plastic material
  • Easy-to-carry with built-in handle


  • Small size, limited to only one fish
  • Some reported packaging and shipping issues
  • Hinges on lids may be fragile

Having just tried the ArtCreativity Small Plastic Aquariums, we found them to be an enjoyable way for kids to experience the joys of fish keeping. The set comes with four aquariums in eye-catching colors – orange, green, blue, and pink – that are sure to liven up any space. The compact size of 2.5″ x 4.75″ x 5″ provides just enough room for a single small fish, allowing children to learn about caring for aquatic life without being overwhelmed.

These aquariums are made from high-quality plastic that’s designed to last, and the handle on the top makes them easy to carry around. While they might be small and not suitable for larger fish or multiple inhabitants, these tanks could be a lovely gift or party favor for young aquatic enthusiasts.

However, it’s essential to be aware of a few shortcomings. Some customers reported receiving damaged or poorly packaged units, and the hinges on the lids may be fragile. It’s crucial to handle these aquariums with care to avoid potential issues.

That being said, the ArtCreativity Small Plastic Aquariums are a fun and affordable option for introducing children to fish keeping. Their colorful design, durability, and easy-to-carry nature make them an engaging choice for kids who are enchanted with aquatic life.

Lightahead Artificial Mini Aquarium

Lightahead® Artificial Mini Aquarium A Sensory Multi Colored LED Swimming Fish Tank with Bubbles
  • IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE PEACE & CALM OF THE OCEAN:. Multi Colored Artificial Fish. This fascinating product is a alternative to a regular aquarium. Ideal for your desktop, children's room, living room and practically any other room in your house. Can be used as Night Light for any Kids room to help them sleep well.
  • Lightahead Artificial Aquarium Fish Tank includes 3 artificial fish. Tank Size – 4.8” x 3.5” x 9.0”.Tank has 3 colorful LED lights and comes with an ocean background wallpaper to give an illusion of a real coral reef. Can be powered with 3 x AA Batteries (not included) or cable provided. If you use in any other country you will need an adapter.).Please switch OFF after 4 hours to let it rest.
  • GREAT SENSORY STIMULATION PRODUCT: The gentle movement of colorful fish swimming rhythmically in a lighted tank create's a beautiful Tranquil, peaceful & soothing deep-sea ambiance which could help reduce stress & anxiety.Great for children, adults & seniors with special needs, including dementia ADHD & autism. May helps improve mood & well-being.
  • Simply fill up the tank with tap water, add 2-4 drops of dish washing detergent and see your aquarium come to life.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Great gift for anyone who loves sea life or simply wants to make a unique design statement. It also makes an ideal gift and Decoration for Christmas, Holiday, Party, Home Office Bedroom Room.

The Lightahead Artificial Mini Aquarium is a delightful addition to any child’s room, offering captivating visuals and stress-relief without the upkeep of a real fish tank.


  • Visually appealing with multi-colored LED lights
  • Provides sensory stimulation and relaxation
  • Low maintenance alternative to a real aquarium


  • Relatively small in size
  • Requires dishwashing detergent for best performance
  • Not as realistic as an actual fish tank

We recently brought the Lightahead Artificial Mini Aquarium into our home and were impressed by its ability to create a soothing atmosphere, perfect for children and adults alike. The product mimicked the calming motion of fish swimming and offered a colorful display of LED lights, adding an attractive aesthetic to any room.

The tank came equipped with three artificial fish and an ocean background and proved to be a low-maintenance alternative to a traditional aquarium. We simply filled the tank with tap water, added a few drops of dishwashing detergent, and marveled as our mini aquarium came to life.

We appreciate the sensory stimulation this product offers, making it a valuable addition for children with special needs or adults seeking a source of stress relief. In our experience, the gentle movement of the colorful fish and the soothing ambiance seem to have a positive impact on our overall well-being.

In contrast, we did find the Lightahead Artificial Mini Aquarium to be smaller than expected and not as realistic as having a live fish tank. Given its smaller size and the need for dishwashing detergent, it may not be the ideal fit for everyone. However, for those seeking a unique, low-maintenance aquarium experience to brighten any space, this captivating fish tank is worth considering.

FREESEA 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kit

FREESEA 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kits Square Fish Tank with LED Light and Filter Pump
  • 🐠 [Best Small Fish Tank on amazon]: The 1.2 gallon office desktop square small fish tank can raise betta, guppies, angel fish and other ornamental fishes. The fish tank is equipped with led lights and two decorative plastic aquatic plants, and you can also buy other decorations by yourself. What's more, the small fish tank would be make you more happy and relaxed even in day or at night.
  • 👍 [Free Aquarium starter kit]: there is a free complete filtration system hidden well behind the fish tank .This filter system can be removed and the space will larger after removed(Attention: According to our guests' experience, betta fish is easier to survive without a filter.This filter system can be removed and you can use it in ponds or other fish tanks. )
  • 🔌 [Power supply]: The power bank or computer terminal are available for charge supply as it is 5V USB power. if the water pump doesn't work after the fish tank installation, the reason for that the voltage is not enough.You can use power bank or phone power plug to have a try.
  • ☎ As you know, fish tank is fragile products,and there are some accidents such as getting broken or damaged during delivery as it took a lot of time to arrive at your home.If you find the fish tank doesn't work or got broken, please feel free to conatct with us, and then we will refund or provide replacement for you.
  • 🎁 [The best gift choosing]: This mini fish tank is the greatest gift that you can send to your kids,classmates, friends,colleagues and familys for festival days or birthday parties.

This compact and stylish aquarium starter kit is perfect for introducing kids to the hobby of fish keeping.


  • Easy to set up
  • Compact size
  • LED lighting


  • Small capacity (1.2 gallons)
  • Instructions might be challenging to follow
  • Filter may be too aggressive

We found the FREESEA 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium to be an excellent choice for a kids’ fish tank. Its sleek, compact design and LED lighting will fit well on a desktop or in a small space without taking up much room. The included filter system is hidden behind the tank, making it an efficient, all-in-one setup for easy maintenance and a clean appearance.

However, we noticed that the instructions for setting up the tank and filter system could be a bit challenging to follow, especially for novices. It may be helpful to mostly rely on the provided images for guidance. Additionally, we observed that the filter system might be too aggressive for some fish species like betta fish. It is essential to research what fish species you plan to keep in the tank and adjust the filtration accordingly.

The LED lights on this tank provide a beautiful ambiance both day and night, and the two included plastic plants add to the overall aesthetic. However, we encourage adding more suitable decorations and hiding spots for your fish depending on their species. The 1.2-gallon capacity is suitable for some small fish species but may restrict the amount and variety of fish you choose to keep.

In conclusion, we believe the FREESEA 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kit is a great option for kids or beginners looking to start keeping fish. Its compact size, sleek design, and easy maintenance make it an attractive choice. However, it is essential to consider the appropriate fish species and additional equipment necessary for a healthy, thriving tank.

POPETPOP Aquarium Heart Castle

POPETPOP Aquarium Decorations Heart Castle - Fish Tank Decorations Cichlids Fish Hideout House Cute Castle for Girls Gift Toy Pink
  • Aquarium Castle decorations Enhance visual appeal and provide a hiding place for your fish.
  • Castle Ornament for Aquarium Made of quality Resin material to look extremely beautiful and elegant.
  • Aquarium Ornament Safe for aquatic fish and suitable for both fresh and salt water environment.
  • Size: About 11.5x7.5x6cm; Fish Ornaments For Aquarium can stay underwater for a long time.
  • Castle Aquarium Decor Easy to clean. Create a beautiful aquarium with this castle.

This charming castle decoration is perfect for kids’ fish tanks, adding fun and a pop of color.


  • Visually appealing and adds character
  • Provides hiding spots for fish
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater tanks


  • Smaller than expected
  • Some paint job imperfections
  • May require cleaning maintenance

We recently added the POPETPOP Aquarium Heart Castle to our children’s fish tank, and it has quickly become a popular feature among both kids and fish. The lively colors and unique design create a fun underwater environment that adds a touch of whimsy to their aquarium.

Fish seem to enjoy exploring and hiding in the small castle, providing them with a sense of security and comfort. The resin material used for this decoration is safe for both fresh and saltwater habitats, ensuring compatibility with a variety of types of fish tanks.

However, we noticed that the size of the castle is smaller than anticipated, so take note of dimensions if you are looking for a larger decoration. Additionally, some jewels and paint details may not be perfect, but these imperfections do not detract from the overall charm of the castle.

One minor issue we encountered was the need for occasional cleaning, as debris may accumulate around the castle over time. However, this is easy to address with a gentle brush to maintain the decoration’s appearance.

In conclusion, the POPETPOP Aquarium Heart Castle is a delightful addition to any kids’ fish tank. Its vibrant colors, unique design, and versatility in both fresh and saltwater environments make it a joyful and practical accessory for young aquarists.

Brewish 4FT Sensory LED Water Bubble Fish Tube Floor Lamp

Brewish 4FT Sensory LED Water Bubble Fish Tube Floor Lamp with 20 Color Changing Light Effects– Fake Aquarium Tank Night Light and Gift for Kids, Autism, Men & Women - Remote Control & 12 Fishes
  • 🐠 4FT LARGE AQUARIUM FLOOR LAMP: This Classic Floor Lamp has an elegant design that makes it fit any room perfectly. The aquarium design with the eye-catching circular bubble column water light feature with color-changing LED lights. This is a 2 in 1 lamp – Tower Floor Lamp and Fake Aquarium. The colorful fish moving up and down in the water pipe can create a beautiful deep-sea environment for offices and homes
  • 💡 Home Decoration: This dazzling lamp is a must add collection for your home décor. The novelty looks of the lamp and its larger size will be noticed and praised by all your guests. It can be easily assembled within 15 minutes. The presence of this lamp makes your room brighter and more beautiful. Addition to décor value, this lamp possess anti-ominous nature which protect /hold your household and spread positivity at your home or office.
  • ✨ ENCHANTING 20 COLOR OPTIONS: With remote control you can set colors matching your mood. There are 16 solid colors like Blue, Green, Red and 4 transition settings – Smooth, Strobe, Fade and Flash. Light up this lamp with your favourite color and increase its mode and speed at the touch of a button. This lamp could be useful in Multi-Occasions by adjusting the transition. Example, the smooth transition helps while doing yoga or meditation and flash or strobe transition makes the party awesome.
  • 🎁 BEST GIFT IDEA FOR KIDS: Let your loved ones remember you always by gifting them this water bubble fish floor lamp. This lamp spread positivity to your loved ones.This can also be used as kids’ night lamp. Watching the fish move up and down in the water and the lights changing constantly is best exercise for the child's color recognition ability. This is both educational and creates a peaceful and soothing environment for children to fall asleep which makes it perfect gift for kids.
  • 💸 AUTISM FRIENDLY & 30-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: The sensory simulation makes it Ideal for children with autism, ADHD and special need. Brewish is committed to providing 100% service satisfaction to all buyers. We provide 30 Days Guarantee to this lamp against manufacturing defects. Kindly contact us if you need help. Please rest assured to buy.

This eye-catching and functional floor lamp is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of underwater fun to their kid’s room or any living space.


  • Interactive color-changing LED lights with remote
  • Ideal for kids, especially with autism or ADHD
  • Easy assembly and suitable for various occasions


  • Slightly noisy when in use
  • Bracket may not be included
  • Transformer and switch quality concerns

The Brewish 4FT Sensory LED Water Bubble Fish Tube Floor Lamp is visually enchanting, with its colorful and dynamic design. The fake aquarium feature and moving fish make it a perfect gift for kids, as it provides a soothing and entertaining element for their room. With 20 color options and various transition settings, we found it suitable for different occasions, such as parties or relaxation sessions.

Assembly was simple and took about 15 minutes to set up, and it makes a dazzling statement piece in our living room. As a decor enhancement, its larger size and novelty appearance are guaranteed to grab attention. As for its therapeutic qualities, we observed that its sensory simulation works well for children with autism, ADHD, and other special needs.

However, we noticed that the lamp can be a bit noisy when in use, which could be slightly bothersome for some. Additionally, the bracket mentioned in the product description may not always be included, so double-check the contents before making your purchase. Lastly, we experienced issues with the transformer and switch, raising concerns about their durability.

Overall, the Brewish 4FT Sensory LED Water Bubble Fish Tube Floor Lamp is an excellent choice for kids and adults alike, making it a worthwhile addition to your home or office.

Buying Guide

Safety First

When choosing the best fish tank for kids, safety should be our top priority. Ensure the tank is made of high-quality, durable materials such as sturdy glass or acrylic. The tank should also have stable and secure lids to prevent accidental spills.

Size Matters

A crucial factor in choosing the right fish tank for kids is the size. Smaller tanks are easier to manage and maintain, while larger tanks offer more options for fish types and decoration. Consider how much space is available in the room and the child’s interest in caring for the fish.

Ease of Maintenance

Kids are still learning responsibility, so choose a fish tank that is easy to maintain. Look for tanks with simple filtration systems and easy access for cleaning. This will ensure the child can effectively care for their new pets with minimal assistance.

Kid-Friendly Features

Choose a fish tank with kid-friendly features, such as brightly colored accessories or interactive elements. This will help engage the child and foster a sense of enthusiasm for caring for their aquatic friends.

Safety FeaturesPrevents accidents and ensures the well-being of both the child and the fish
SizeAffects the available options for fish types and decorations, as well as the ease of management
Ease of MaintenanceSimpler tanks help teach responsibility in a manageable way
Kid-Friendly AccessoriesFosters enthusiasm for caring for the fish and maintains the child’s interest

Armed with this information, we can confidently choose the best fish tank for a child, ensuring a fun and educational experience for all involved.