Betta Fish Tank Ideas| 10 choose Unique, Cute, And Cool Designs

When looking to purchase Betta Fish Tank Ideas, you need to consider a few things: size, lid, long/tall vs. short/wide and so on. The most important thing is that it houses your water heater and filter properly as well as having good quality filtration. Tanks have come a long way from the ones that you would see at the local pet store. Many people are opting for “long or tall” aquariums to display their Betta fish, but if space is an issue, there are ways around it.

10+ Best Betta Fish Tank Ideas for New Member

biOrb Flow Aquarium:

The biOrb Flow aquarium is not your average fish tank; it’s actually pretty unique. The exterior of the tank is made out of plastic and glass, which will make cleaning much easier. This particular Aquarium kit comes with several benefits that other tanks do not. It has a submersible pump that connects to an impeller to circulate water through the entire system; therefore, no filter material (such as gravel) is required, making maintenance easy. Not only does this kit come with LED lights for night time enjoyment, but it also features an infra-red sensor so you can have automatic lighting at sunrise and sunset.

Beige/Blue Perrine 10-Gallon Tiki Hut Aquarium Tank Cover:

This great tank cover will give your fish a better habitat and will be able to maintain the temperature in its tank. If you have an aquarium that sits on top of a table, you know all too well how many times it can get bumped and knocked over, spilling water everywhere and scratching up the furniture. This is the best solution when trying to protect your Betta fish from such accidents since it may break or crack your actual tank when it falls.

Yellow/Black Perrone 10-Gallon School Bus Aquarium Tank Cover:

If you prefer something with color, consider this school bus aquarium cover idea. This would work for any kind of Betta fish because not only does it feature yellow and black which are popular colors for the fish, but also has red stripes for the wheels. The color scheme is very bold and this cover will definitely make a statement in any room.

biOrb 16 Gallon Mega Aquarium Kit:

If you are looking for an all-inclusive aquarium kit that can house Betta fish comfortably, here it is! This package comes with the tank, light hood, LED lighting system, heater mat, protective netting, airline tubing to connect pump to air-stone and pvc piping which allows you to attach your filter or another air pump if you have more than one. Because of its size (16 gallons), it’s safe to say that this type of tank would be perfect for your Betta fish.

biOrb CUBE MCR Aquarium:

Another all-inclusive kit, the biOrb aquarium comes with a floor stand that is perfect if you have limited space. The external material of this tank is Poly Resin which makes it virtually unbreakable and easy to clean. Real rock work on the exterior gives a more naturalistic look and allows your Betta to rest at various levels. This particular tank comes in 3 different sizes, so be sure to check them out before making a purchase.

Yellow Submarine:

This unique type of Betta fish tank has an awesome design; it looks like something straight out of the movie “Yellow Submarine.” It’s totally retro looking with its yellow color scheme and propeller on top. As a result, the aquarium would make the perfect decoration for any Beatles fan’s room.

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light:

This glass tank is a more traditional type of tank, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t high quality or stylish in its design. This brand is known to be safe and reliable when it comes to keeping Betta fish healthy and happy. The filtration system comes with filter cartridges that are placed inside the back chamber which helps keep your water clean and clear day after day. If you’re looking for basic functionality without all the bells and whistles of other types of tanks, this just might be what you need!

Super Mario Betta Tank:

This Betta fish tank is really amazing. It’s a great piece of furniture that not only holds your Betta, but also gives you the perfect place to keep all your other aquarium supplies such as food and medicine. Not only could this serve as a storage space, but it would make a great decoration for someone who has a passion for video games! This particular tank comes in many different designs to choose from.

Tank Table:

If you have limited floor or desktop space, consider going vertical by buying an aquarium table stand like this one. It will allow you to store all your pets’ needs while saving valuable space in your room. In addition, these stands come with lighting systems that are controlled by touch sensors.

Grassy Field:

Want a Betta fish tank that looks like it’s straight out of the wild? Here you go! This field-inspired tank makes your Betta look like its swimming in an actual grassy meadow which is perfect if you want to create a habitat for your pet that closely resembles its natural environment. You could even plant aquatic flowers or other decorations in the tank if you wish; just make sure they don’t interfere with your fish’s swimming space.

Buddha Forest:

This type of Betta aquarium might be one of my favorite designs because it has serene and peaceful vibe to it due to the Buddha statue at the center (though one may wonder how this type of tank would really fit into their bedroom). I also love the fact that this tank comes with a small LED light that rests under the base of the statue to give it an even more mystical look. It’s definitely one of those Betta fish tanks you would not easily forget about!

Five-gallon Tank:

One may think that because this type of aquarium is so tiny, it wouldn’t be able to house a Betta fish; but they would be wrong! Bettas can actually live very comfortably in 5-gallon tanks and they will feel less stressed out than if they were housed in a larger space. This tank comes with all important equipment such as filter pump, air pump and filter cartridge. There are many other dimensions and types of 5 gallon tanks to choose from including hexagon, round and bow front.

Majestic Betta Fish Aquarium:

This is a very simple yet elegant type of Betta tank that would be perfect for someone with a limited budget but still wants an aquarium that looks nice in their room. This particular tank comes without any decorations, but does feature LED lighting systems for 24/7 illumination. The fact that it also has two lids (top and bottom) allows you to feed your fish easily while keeping uneaten food or other debris out of the water. With so many awesome types of Betta fish tanks available on the market, there’s no reason why anyone can’t own one! Whether you’re looking for an unusual design or something that’s simple, stylish and functional, you’re sure to find it

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How to choose Betta Fish Tanks

Tank Size:

Tanks come in many shapes and sizes. Common aquariums are the 10 gallon, the 20 gallon long or tall, 29 gallons, 40 gallons, etc. These are an excellent choice because of their affordability. They also give your fish ample room to grow within reason (depending on what kind of Betta you have). But remember, more water is always better than less water for your Betta due to the fact that they love swimming around exploring their new home. If space is at a premium though (i.e., small apartment), then maybe go with something on the smaller end like a 10 gallon tank which will house one Betta very comfortably (and even two Bettas if you do frequent water changes).

Bettas can be housed in aquariums as small as a 10 gallon, provided there is proper filtration and regular water changes are done.

Tank Lid:

For a 10 gallon tank even a standard, store-bought screen top will do just fine. For anything larger you need to look into purchasing an aquarium lid that fits properly or custom building one that fits your needs. You can find them at many home improvement stores for cheap and they usually come with the needed latches to keep it secure. If you have small children, you definitely want to invest in one of these lids because if your Betta gets out, he could injure himself trying to jump out of the tank or he will be left very little room to swim around.

A long or tall tank?

When I first started my Betta fish, a friend of mine had a 5 gallon tank that housed two female Bettas. It was a very nice setup and they seemed happy in there. This is an example of how large your tank doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be large because there are plants and decorations to make them feel secure. With the right accessories though, even a small aquarium can become a home for your Betta fish. At the moment though, I’m still using an 18-gallon long aquarium because this allows room for not only my male Betta but also gives space for his bubble nest which he seems to love to build on top of driftwood. It also gives plenty of swimming room for him to do aerobics or just explore if he wants which is always fun to watch. Maybe one day I will upgrade but this set up works just fine for now.

Water Quality:

The most important thing about having a Betta fish at home is water quality . Bettas are the only fish that can survive in unheated tanks without any companions so you need to make sure their tank has high quality filtration and the correct temperature since they come from Thailand & Cambodia where it’s warm all year long (75-85 degrees F). They also love plenty of oxygen so be sure your filter provides extra air bubbles, not just the standard bubbler which usually only blows out about 2-3 bubbles at a time. A bubbling stone or something similar would be even better since it will add to the oxygen level in the tank.

Water Temperature:

In my experience, Bettas are very hardy fish once you get them home from the store and acclimated to your tank environment. They will adapt relatively quickly to a little cooler water temperatures during the winter months but still need around 75 degrees F during the day and slightly lower at night for comfortable swimming conditions. So if your room is cold, you’ll have to provide a warm spot somewhere in their new home so that they can go there if need be (preferably near their food dish). This usually’t too much of an issue because most homes are usually pretty warm.


Bettas do not need any special lighting at all since they come from very shallow waters in Southeast Asia where there is plenty of sunlight for them to absorb during the day, so normal room lighting will be more than sufficient for your Betta. Do not purchase a light fixture for your Bettas tank though because even the lowest wattage light bulbs emit heat which can be dangerous for your Betta. Instead, use something like a nightlight or lamp with an energy-saving bulb and place it several feet away from the tank so that it doesn’t give off too much heat and risk burning your Betta’s delicate gills. It should only enough illumination so you can actually see your Betta if he’s swimming around near the top of his tank during the evening hours.


Many experts recommend that you do not use gravel, crushed coral, or any other substrate for your Betta tank because it can cause serious damage to their delicate gills. Bettas are Labyrinth fish which means they have a specialized organ called the “labyrinth organ” that allows them to take oxygen from air instead of water so sometimes gravel or coarse substrates can hurt this by poking into their gills and causing problems. A better option is just simple aquarium-safe rocks , plus they look more natural in an aquarium setting anyways. They offer plenty of grip surfaces for plant roots to attach themselves onto as well as being a nice decorative touch.

Decorations and Planting:

Decorating a Betta tank can be lots of fun, especially if you have a small fish bowl at home that doesn’t seem very interesting anymore or if you just want to add some color & interest to the tank itself! Be sure to get decorations that are aquarium-friendly though since many plastics contain dangerous chemicals that can poison your fish. In my experience, many pet shops will have plenty of different types of artificial plants and rocks for Bettas which should do just fine. If purchasing live plants, be careful about putting them in because while some may say they’re safe there’s always a risk with any plant because Bettas like to eat them…so if it becomes food, it becomes a danger to them. Also, make sure they are “aquarium safe” plants because some can release chemicals into the water which also poison your Betta.


While Betta fish are generally very aggressive towards any other fish in their tank, there is one exception… and that’s another male Betta! Two males of the same species will almost always fight each other whenever they see each other (they prepare for battle by swimming around quickly and flaring their gills). It would be difficult to add another type of fish unless you really like watching them fight ๐Ÿ™‚ And even if you did want to add another kind of fish, it needs to be a slow-moving type like maybe a Plecostomus slow-moving type of catfish because Bettas tend to attack and kill any fast or aggressive fish.