πŸ₯‡[TOP 10] Best Air Stones for Aquarium in 2021

You might be wondering what is an aquarium air stone? It’s a device that releases carbon dioxide bubbles into the water. The purpose of this is to provide oxygen for fish and other aquatic life in your tank.

You can use an air stone on any type of aquarium, but it will only work if you have adequate room at the bottom for the bubbles to form. Air stones come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and designs so they are easy to find one that suits your needs! If you’re looking for more information about how to choose the best air stones we recommend doing some research online or visiting your local pet store.

What is The Best Air Stone for Aquarium?

 Hygger Aquarium Air Stone Kit Check Price on Amazon
 Pawfly 4-Inch Air Stone Check Price on Amazon
 NICREW Aquarium Stone Disk Check Price on Amazon
 Pawfly 1 Inch Air Stones Check Price on Amazon
 Pawfly 1.6 Inch 4-8 PCS Air Stone Check Price on Amazon
 EcoPlus Round Air Stone Check Price on Amazon
 JZMYXA Air Stones Bubble Stones Check Price on Amazon

Best Aquarium Air Stones Reviews

Hygger Aquarium Air Stone Kit

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Great packaging when I first opened the air stone. It was a lot larger and heavier than I expected and looks and feels like it’s solidly built. The base is heavy so it’s not easily moved by the fish. I soaked it for greater than the 2hr instructions and attached it to the air pump. To my surprise, you will need its own pump and cannot be shared wth another air line which I did not follow so read all instructions prior to use. Once I got it operating it worked great! The air stones created a lot of micro bubbles so I was quite satisfied with its operation. It generated a lot of movement in the water as well so that was also a plus for me.

The hygger Aquarium Air Stone Kit is the best way to keep your fish happy and healthy. It works better than your standard bubbler stones because it does what they can’t, removes nitrites and toxic gases as well as providing vital oxygen. You’ll notice an immediate difference in how active they are after only a few short days of use. The kit includes everything you need including venturi valve & hose clamp for proper flow control, rough surfaced silicone tubing for optimum dip installation (no leaks) or connection to low water level tanks that require more air, 50 plugs and lots of other goodies all neatly packaged together for easy experimentation with any aquarium setup you like!

Pawfly 4-Inch Air Stone

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The Pawfly air stone is a great way to circulate oxygen throughout your tank. The ASD-100 jetting volume of 12 L/min is suitable for tanks with dimensions ranging from 15.7” to 39.4” in either length or width. You’ll need an air pump that runs at 3.2 liters per minute – 25 liters per minute to use this product, and pressure should be standard 0.01 MPa (equivalent to the atmospheric pressure).

A must-have for every fish lover, the Pawfly 4-inch Air Stone is a perfect accessory to your aquarium. The safe and polyester material it is made with keeps your aquatic pets healthy and lively. But how does it work? It can easily attach to any cap or air valve using its three suction cups so you won’t have any trouble installing it in just a jiffy.

Customized Bubbles’ unique design features in this product make bubbles flow uniformly rather than disperse randomly which leads to smooth effects on your water column and without suffocating the fishes below as conventional stones do while also making their habitat more attractive aesthetically. This is one of our most recommended pet supplies!

NICREW Aquarium Stone Disk

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NICREW has created these beautiful decorative stones that attach to aquarium glass via suction cups. They are safe and low maintenance, making them the perfect addition for a water-themed space whether it be your office or home kitchen! The LED light sources emit an enlightening glow of hues available in blue, green, red and pink. These colors will surely add a sense of tranquility to any room in which they reside. If you wish to recreate their enchanting effects outdoors then don’t fret as we also carry candle holders with matching shades!

Featuring sleek scroll work on all four sides and clean cut corners, each stone is made of shatterproof material meant solely for indoor settings where other small children or animals cannot reach them.

Producing a beautiful and healthy home for your fish is easier with NICREW’s Aquarium Stone Disk. This submerged device creates decorative bubbles that provide the perfect veil over your aquarium, giving you an incredible view of everything inside. You can even choose from multi-colored LED lights to add some bioluminescence (or just keep it colorful)! The stones are designed so that many different types of gas or air can easily escape through their natural pores and refresh the water at the same time. So if you’re looking for a breeze in more ways than one, make sure to pick up a NICREW today!

Pawfly 1 Inch Air Stones

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Unique, sleek and compact- the Pawfly Air Stone sits flush against any surface. Customize your aquatic creations with air bubbling stones that are perfect for fish bowls or aquariums of any size.
The handy pawprint base keeps the stone stable while you connect to a mini air pump delivering .8 liters per minute.

For maximum comfort, hook up your favored mono carburetor feeder until those bubbles fill the space perfectly. Intricate tetrahedron shapes establish an acceptable level of turbulence in even tiny tanks that houses shy critters from all over world! Safely sculpt your watery wonderland with our reliable little magic wand!

Pawfly Air Stones are an essential tool for aquatic hobbyists. These air stones provide the perfect amount of aeration during a fish tank cycling process, while still giving enough oxygen to keep your fish happy and healthy. They reduce CO2 levels in aquariums by extracting dissolved CO2 from the water column, providing cleaner living conditions for your inhabitants.
Each stone is carefully crafted with high quality silicone to ensure that you have years of maintenance-free use!

Pawfly 1.6 Inch 4-8 PCS Air Stone

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With the help of this air stone, your fish tank water will look as dense and saturated with oxygen as possible in no time. Even though it is a small addition to your aquarium system, it will have such a big impact on the health of your aqua-life. This top quality air stone isn’t built for just one task; you can use it for circulation system or even rapid aeration in the parts where newly designed Nano air pumps are not available!

Most plants need CO2 and the air stone is handy for increasing oxygen and lowering CO2 levels. Air stones are also often used by aquarists to enrich water with dissolved oxygen via surface agitation. They can be put into hoses or tubes, but that would restrict the flow to an arbitrary location in your tank, thereby not evenly distributing oxygenation over a wide area of your aquarium’s water column.

The particles in most aquarium gravel obstructive from even distribution and may slightly decrease aeration effectiveness because they create points of restriction within the tubing; sand does not have this problem when placed on top of bottom paint within the receptacle as it allows unrestricted passage through any cavaties) Users should follow proper precautions when using air stones

EcoPlus Round Air Stone

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Ease the stress of feeding your fish and replenish their oxygen with the EcoPlus Round Air Stone. Keep not only your plants healthy but also all those adorable little fish that you dote on by keeping them in fresh, aerated water. The EcoPlus stones will keep the temperature even and help filters remain more effective.

The round air stone in this set is molded from white resin into a beautiful spherical shape, and it has architectural features that optimize the beam of light coming out of an LED lamp.

Ingredients: White resin, metal sphere stand

Specifications: An EcoPlus Round Air Stone requires 10 liters of air per minute to operate effectively. Connect it to an adequate air pump.Resin is excellent for outdoor use because unlike the traditional Tufa rock, it does not change the pH balance or affect plants’ growth patterns like its natural counterpart does

JZMYXA Air Stones Bubble Stones

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These clever little Air Stones with a white plastic color are small enough to fit in most aquariums. Weighing less than 1 lb., they’re an economical way to add extra oxygenation to your tank without blowing a whole lot of money. They require an air pump more than 2.5W but don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect solution for you! The stones need time soaking in water before using, so that should be something for you to think about and plan ahead on!

Fish need to be able to pull oxygen out of the water. Air stones help provide this in any size tank. These air stones are perfect for “JZMYXA” aquariums and come with a variety of sizes that you can choose from. You’ll also find they’re easy-to-use because there’s no valve or difficult tubing needed. The soft silicon tube is durable enough to keep your fish healthy, but still flexible enough to use with 3/16″ tubing without breaking it away!

Buyers Guide

The air stone is one of the most effective ways to provide oxygen into your fish tank. It’s important to choose an air stone that will not only work well for your aquarium, it will also be easy to use and maintain on a regular basis. This article is designed to help you decide which size and type of air stones are best suited for your fish tank based on your individual needs.

1. What are air stones and how do they work

Air stones can be considered as an essential accessory in any aquariums or ponds since they release oxygen bubbles into water, making it healthier and more pleasant for fish and other aquatic animals. Fish need oxygen so that they can breathe properly; just like humans. In addition to making sure that the water has enough oxygen, an air stone can also be used to increase the warmth of the water since it brings up the temperature. This is especially important in cold-water aquariums.

The majority of aquariums and fish tanks have a filter that processes and cleans all of the water in cyclic or sporadic intervals. The end goal for most filters is removing waste products from inside the tank so that there is no cloudiness present anywhere. However, those filters do not add any oxygen into the water, which means they are not suitable replacements for air stones. In order to keep your fish healthy and happy long-term, you will need to use both a high quality filter system as well as an air stone when setting up your own home aquarium or fish tank.

2. How to clean an aquarium air stone?

Cleaning your air stone on a regular basis is an essential step if you want to keep your fish alive. The reason behind this is that the air stones are basically a porous material and they tend to get clogged with dirt and other impurities over time. If left uncleaned, those impurities will release more bacteria into your tank, which will cause your fish to get sick. In addition, the air stone may start releasing bacteria and other chemicals into the water which can be considered as toxins for your fish.

3. Tips for cleaning an aquarium air stone

Preventing a buildup of impurities on the surface of an air stone can take some work, but it’s not a difficult task. The two most important things that you need to do in order to keep your air stone healthy and clean are:

1. Regularly check the exterior of the air stone for any debris or buildups on the surface which need to be removed;

2. Change out a quarter of the water inside your aquarium or fish tank, which means that you will also have to remove the air stone and wash it with water.

4. Why is it important to clean your tank’s air stones regularly?

It may seem tempting to wait for several months before actually cleaning out your aquarium, but that is a really bad idea. By leaving impurities on top of the porous surface of the air stone, you are basically allowing more bacteria to grow. If left unattended for too long, that bacteria will start releasing chemicals into the water which can make your fish sick and ultimately kill them.

5. More about the benefits of a healthy home aquarium environment

If you really want to have success with your own aquarium or fish tank, you will have to put in a lot of work and time. The process doesn’t end with just purchasing the supplies that you need and filling up the tank with water – you also need to maintain it regularly or your fish might die. One of the best ways to do that is by using an air stone at all times since it helps keep the oxygen levels in the water high and also raises the temperature.

6. Air stones can be used in other environments too – such as ponds, water gardens, or decorative fountains!

If you enjoy keeping fish but don’t have a lot of space for an aquarium set-up at home, you can consider using an air stone instead. Air stones are great for ponds or water gardens and they can be a lot of fun to have around. The air stone pushes oxygen into the water along with essential nutrients, which makes them an ideal way to keep fish healthy and happy in their own environment. When it comes to cleanliness, regular cleaning of an air stone is also important because there will always be minerals, impurities and other deposits left on the surface which can soon build up and cause bacteria to grow.

How to Choose Best Aquarium Air Stones?

Air stones are meant to provide oxygen to the water and help keep it clean. They help dissolve excess carbon dioxide into the water as well as acting as a filter in that they catch debris from inside the tank that could otherwise make your fish sick or cause an unpleasant smell. It is important to choose a good air stone for your aquarium so you can enjoy the benefits of oxygen in your water with minimal problems. Your fish will also thank you for it!

What to Look For in Aquarium Air Stones?

When choosing an aquarium air stone, there are a few things you should look out for to make sure you get the right one:

Stones that are made from porous materials are preferred over solid ones.

Choose one that is the right size for your aquarium and does not let too much air out. The bubbles should be gentle to avoid damaging the fish, plants or decorations in the tank.

The stone should allow sufficient flow of air but not too much to waste oxygen unnecessarily. This is a common problem with large stones which are good at aerating the water but waste a lot of oxygen in the process.


As mentioned above, the air stone should be the right size for your tank. This is important since a large stone in a smaller aquarium wastes oxygen and must be exchanged frequently to keep up with the demand. An undersized stone will not dissolve enough CO2 or catch enough debris before it gets broken. It is best to leave some room when buying your stone that you can replace it with another later if the original tiny stone becomes too small for your tank.

Size also applies to the diameter of your air pump hose, which should be just large enough to fit over the stone comfortably and no larger than necessary. If it is too large, then a large portion of the flow will go straight in the tank which will not help the oxygen levels at all. On the other hand, a stone that is much smaller than your pump hose will restrict flow and cause extra turbulence in the water.


Air stones are commonly made from glass, plastic, ceramic and metal. Of these, glass is the most common but has some disadvantages. It can break easily if dropped or handled roughly; does not last as long as plastic ones do and it allows algae to grow on the surface of the stone. Glass is also hard to clean when algae grows because it is difficult to reach the glass being encrusted with algae. Ceramic and metal are another option but they can be expensive and tend to rust over time. Plastic stones are inexpensive, easy to clean and have a long shelf life. They also come in a wide variety of shapes; some are flat while others are more like boulders. However, these need to be cleaned every now and then because they can collect algae on the surface of the stone as well.


You will need to consider the location of your aquarium when buying a stone. Some types of stones, such as lava rock or sandstone, are made from porous materials and must be positioned higher in an aquarium with a heavy fish load so that they do not get crushed by their weight. But if you have smaller peaceful fish that won’t walk all over the stone, you can put it lower in the aquarium for a better flow.

Air Pump Size:

Your air pump should be large enough to handle whatever stones and media you are using; otherwise, it will become clogged easily. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your pump’s output flows with 2-3 times more output than what your stones will be able to handle. This way, the pump can circulate oxygen at a good rate and keep the tank water from getting too dirty.

Air Pump Type:

The type of air pump you use is also important in helping your aquarium’s water quality. You must make sure that it has a sufficient flow rate for your tank’s size and that it is designed for aquarium use. Sponge filters, ozone generators and air stones are not the best combination to have in an aquarium because they all put out a lot of oxygen which can cause sudden water changes which will stress your fish. As already mentioned above, too much oxygen can be wasted by a large stone and overworked when trying to break down too much debris.


The number of bubbles the stone produces is also important. A higher amount of bubbles means more oxygen in the water and a lower amount means less oxygen. But there is an upper limit; if you use too many bubbles, they will tend to interfere with the fish’s ability to swim freely or just get in their way by creating turbulence which can scare shy fish.

Air stones can be an important part of the aeration in your aquarium but it is also necessary to have good filtration and circulation in order for this method to work properly so that the water quality will not degrade or get too stagnant. The most important thing is to make sure that you have a good balance of bubbles and media in order to ensure a good quality of life for the fish.


Aquarium air stones are made from many different materials, but the most common ones are ceramic and plastic. Each has their own good points and bad points, which is why there is a preference for one over the other when it comes to making an aquarium water pump.

Types of Aquarium Air Stones:

Air stones come in many shapes and sizes and are made from a number of different materials. You will want to buy stones that have been specially designed for aquariums because they are made with the right size holes to allow water, but not fish, through for circulation.

Glass Air Stones

Glass air stones are made from tempered glass which gives it more strength as well as clarity than plastic ones. They are said to be the better choice for use with salt water aquarium’s because they are non-toxic and won’t corrode or rust over time. Even though these glass stones generally cost more than plastic ones, they have a better appearance and can last several years without needing to be replaced as long as you keep them cleaned.

Plastic Air Stones

Plastic air stones are the cheaper alternative. They come in a number of different sizes and shapes as well as being able to be painted if you want to add an accent color in your tank. The major drawbacks that they have, however, is that they are more brittle than glass ones and can break more easily when dropped or bumped against other objects. They also have the tendency to change color over time and may get a yellowish tint.

Ceramic Air Stones

Ceramic air stones are made from kaolinite which is a white clay found in nature that is fired into porous ceramic rocks. Although they look pretty, these stones do not break easily since they are very strong but some people prefer not to use them because they can also be heavy. They need to be soaked in water for about 30 minutes before being used. Plastic air stones are the cheaper alternative. They come in a number of different sizes and shapes as well as being able to be painted if you want to add an accent color in your tank. The major drawbacks that they have, however, is that they are more brittle than glass ones and can break more easily when dropped or bumped against other objects. They also have the tendency to change color over time and may get a yellowish tint.

Types of Air Pumps:

Air pumps are available in both submersible powerhead models which sit on top of the tank, and in external canister models which sit just outside the tank. In both cases, you will need power cords that are long enough to reach an electrical outlet. You will also need adapters if there is no plug in a nearby socket or if it doesn’t fit your outlet type.

Different Types Of Aquarium Bubblers: Air Stones vs Bubble Wands:

There are two main kinds of bubble making devices that can be used in an aquarium, air stones and bubble wands.

Air stones: Air stone is the tool that produces bubbles by forcing water through a porous ceramic or glass globe containing submerged air pockets. The stone will only need a small airstone attached to it, usually about 1/2″ to 3/4″ in diameter. Extra air stones can be used in line to allow multiple airstones to work together, giving you the ability to fine tune the amount of bubbles you want in your tank.

Air wands: Air wand is the rod with air hose on one end and an attachment that produces a stream or shower of bubbles at the other end. The air hose is attached to a pump and it blows bubbles on demand when you push down on the rod. In many cases, this tool needs a minimum of two heads to be effective, one that creates small bubbles and second one that creates larger ones.

Air stones have two main advantages over air wands: they cost less and they are smaller. Both air stones and air wands can be used in fresh or salt water tanks, though for larger tanks you may find that it’s better to use a combination of both.

Air Stones vs Air Wands: Advantages of Each:

Cost – Air stones cost less than air wands, especially when you have to buy multiple heads for the air wand.

Size – Air stones are much smaller than air wands, making them less visible as well as easier to control and position in the tank.

Easier to Maintain – They don’t have hoses or bulky attachments that need regular cleaning which can make a lot of work if you find your tank dirty a lot.

Operating air stones is very simple and only requires plugging them into an electrical outlet or setting up a battery operated air pump and placing the stone on the water surface where it will create bubbles that rise to the surface of your tank. With air wands, you have to connect them to an electric pump, but you also have the option of using a battery powered air pump if you don’t want to use any electricity.

How Do You Install An Air Stone In Your Tank?

Clean Diffusers And Bubbling Ornaments Monthly:

Depending on the type of stone you use, you can either clean it in a bucket with tank water if it has no holes or just rinse off the organic debris from most stones that have holes.

Try to do this at least once every week since your fish depend on these bubbles for oxygen. In addition to that, aquarium plants benefit greatly from these bubbles as well.

If you feel that your stones have become too clogged, then it’s time to replace them with new ones. That way your fish will receive the amount of oxygen they need and the plants will thrive and grow big in no time!

The first step you need to take is make sure that the air stone you are about to use fits your tank. There are three basic types of stones or, rather, they come in various shapes and sizes but all of them have one thing in common: holes drilled into them at regular intervals.

Scrub Air Stones Monthly And Rehab Or Replace As Needed:

The most important thing to remember is that they are made of porous material and, therefore, can easily get clogged. This happens if they are placed on the bottom of the tank or if there is too much organic debris in the water. In such cases, you will have to clean them, but they are not difficult to maintain. All you have to do is remove the stone from the tank and scrub it with a brush dipped in tank water or use a toothbrush if you don’t want to use anything else.


Are air stones good for an aquarium?

Yes, they are very popular among fish keepers all over the world because they can be used in fresh or salt water tanks. The purpose of air stones is to deliver oxygen into the tank so that you don’t have to use a filter. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to change them every few months as well as clean them regularly if you want your aquarium to be healthy and your fish to thrive.

How Do You Put An Air Stone In Your Fish Tank?

Using an air stone in a fish tank is very simple and can only take few seconds. The most important thing is to choose the right size of the stone for your tank. If it’s too big, then the bubbles won’t be able to rise to the top of your tank and you will have a problem with oxygenation.

Where should I put my air stone in my fish tank?

Air stones are great for aquariums and decorative water features. You can have them in a fish tank or you can place them on your desk to add some ambiance, but the most advantageous way of using an air stone is when it’s placed in front of the ceramic diffuser. The bubble stone diffusers will provide extra aeration that your fish need and your plants will thrive because of this extra amount of oxygen.

What size air stone do I need for my aquarium?

Most stones come in two sizes: small or large, and while the choice is up to you entirely there are certain rules you should follow if you want everything to go smoothly. If your tank has a capacity of 10 gallons or less, you should use a small stone of 3 to 4 inches. For larger tanks, on the other hand, you should always opt for an air stone that has a diameter of at least 6 inches and make sure it’s made of ceramic material because plastic ones crack more easily.


Aquarium Air Stones are a great way to provide your fish with the oxygen they need. They come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important that you choose one that will best fit within your aquarium setup. We’ve compiled this list of the top three air stones on Amazon for ease of use and reliability purposes- all at an affordable price point! Each product is listed below along with its pros and cons, so be sure to read up before making any final decisions about which stone is right for you. Happy fishkeeping!

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