Axolotl Pet: Axolotl Care Sheet

Axolotl Fish, also known as Mexican salamander, dinosaur fish, hornbill, multi-fin fish … is a Known as the Salamander that never grows up.

This is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the ancient fish, this fish is extremely popular. This article, Mem Fish Store will provide you with useful information regarding How to Axolotl Care Sheet with which fish is fused. Let’s follow up right away.

Classification of Axolotl Fish

Axolotl iguana with white eyes and black eyes : the most popular type and many people looking to buy. As the result of artificial crossbreeding, it is less likely to live in nature. Axolotl Fish with any fish is fine, not too strict in grafting.

  • Yellow Axolotl Fish : yellow with reddish body. This is also an artificially propagated product
  • Black Axolotl Fish : black body. It is also propagated by humans but has the closest morphology to that of the wild species.
  • Axolotl iguana has red eyes and black eyes : pink body, black eyes alone. His behavior is similar to that of a close relative that is black-eyed white-eyed
  • Natural Axolotl iguana : brown, gray, rough skin, the most aggressive personality of any Axolotl species. Is an endangered species.

Are Mexican Axolotl Fish poisonous?

Many people who have not raised or do not know how to raise the Salamander Axolotl always feel afraid of this animal. This breed is not really a fish. They are a species of the salamander family.

Most of the iguana’s body contains poison. But especially, they are not toxic to humans. So if you get bitten by Mexican salamanders, you don’t need to worry about poisoning.

But it is best to treat the toxicity. Axolotl Fish with any fish in the family aquarium are also friendly. You can breed them to feel less fearful.

Culture environment Axolotl Fish


Axolotl Fish has good adaptability. Axolotl iguana can be kept with any fish, but when the water quality changes, this will affect the fish’s appetite. Therefore, in most water changes, it is necessary to add new neutral water.

How to raise Axolotl Fish best at temperatures 20-25 ° C. If the water temperature slowly drops to 20 ° C, it will not harm Axolotl as well. The water temperature during adolescence should be maintained at 25 – 26 ° C. This temperature is suitable for growth.

Ensuring a stable water temperature will help the fish avoid many diseases. Therefore, every time the weather changes, you need to pay attention to adjust the water system. Guaranteed not to have any sudden change.

Aquatic plant

The bottom decorations of the tank should not use objects that are smaller than the mouth of a Axolotl Fish. Since this species has very poor eyesight, it is easy to mistake decorations for food. Thunderstorm cave is very cowardly. So create a place for them to hide, but be large enough for them to be comfortable.

Axolotl Fish with any fish is not too dangerous if the tank has enough aquatic plants. There are a number of soft-bodied plants in the tank that can be planted with plants. Help the dinosaur fish to hide when needed. In addition, when spawning, the salamander eggs will cling to the surface of grass and rocky caves.

Axolotl Fish Tanks Size

The adult salamander is about 20cm long, needs at least an area of ​​45x35x30cm. Should give them a lot of space, do not let many Axolotl Fish in the same place.

The best Axolotl Iguana nursery tank is over 100cm. Because Axolotl Fishs love to dig sand, the bottom of the aquarium is best to place 4-6cm of sand. This is a very healthy fish, but if the nitrate concentration in the water increases, the resistance will be weakened.

In natural environment, Iguana Axolotl live in deep caves with little light. Their eyes gradually degenerate, barely seeing anything. So the salamander place should be dark and discreet.

Water quality creates quality of life. Therefore, if you intend to raise Axolotl Iguana, do not ignore this factor. Good water quality will maintain growth balance of Axolotl Iguana.

List size Tank:

Which Fish are Best Farmed with Axolotl Fish?

Did you know which of the Axolotl Fish fish are best suited for keeping with? Larger breeds of the carp family, Cichlids and other fish can be kept with Dinosaurs. But it should be noted that ” Lungfish ” cannot be kept with Dinosaur Fish. This can be dangerous for them.

What do Axolotls Eat?

Live feed for Axolotl fish

How to raise the Salamander Axolotl is not difficult. They drug predators. When young, you can eat earthworms and daphnia (water eggs, moina) earthworms.

However, the Axolotl Iguana raised with any fish needs to be observed to see if they attack each other. Avoid becoming food for each other.

After growing, you can feed shrimp, industrial food in pellets or fish meat, fish intestines and fish liver. After maturity, you can feed goldfish, crayfish, small fish, big shrimp or fish fillet.

At the same time they are also very greedy, the amount of food is extremely large. Once the aquatic animals are not fed enough, they will eat other fish. During the day there is almost no need to feed.

If feeding, small fish the size of fry can be fed. The smaller the size, the less it does not entangle its jaw. Axolotl fish in the evening can choose from a number of slightly larger foods to put in the tank.

Artificial food for Axolotl fish

In order to create the best nourishing conditions, in addition to feeding live prey, the way to feed Salamander Axolotl with artificial food is also very good.

You can buy food and fish supplies that hobbyists share or share at Axolotl Fish with any fish should buy food that is suitable for both fish breeds.

Dinosaur fish food – Axolotl fish is full of nutrients, the faster the fish grows. Have good health against illness. Make sure the fish’s digestive system is suitable for the food you choose.

Note when feeding Axolotl fish

The Giant Hornbill Fish has a huge amount of food, once the bait is not fed enough, it will harm other fishes. Therefore, when feeding, it is best to apply the collective method.

In the dark, the Dinosaur fish did not seem to budge. If you want to feed, do not want the salamanders to be damaged, it is best to give some fry during the day.

The ability to catch prey during the day of the Axolotl fish is low. Axolotl fish eat live food, then die and then can also eat. However, their eyesight is not good, if using dead fish or dried fish, the veterinarian recommend using a forceps to bring it in front of its eyes. It will eat right away.

If using the farming method Axolotl to eat fish, clump or shrimp, then the shrimp must remove the claw and the spiny tail. If you throw away the live rock Moroko fish directly into the tank, they will eat the gills of the salamanders. Will greatly affect the aesthetics.

Mexican Axolotl fish regenerate extremely quickly

Mexican iguana will slaughter each other to death when in the situation of not enough food. The regeneration ability of the Mexican Iguana is very strong. They can restore severed body parts within a month.

Reproductive conditions of the Axolotl fish

  • Breeding season: the end of winter to the beginning of spring every year is the flourishing season of a salamander
  • Number of eggs: 60 -500 eggs
  • Incubation success rate: about 85%
  • Age of starting to reproduce: at least 11 months old, a fully mature salamander is able to breed
  • Conditions for salamanders to breed: temperature below 23 ℃.
  • Spawning place: grass bushes or rock caves.

Mating method: Axolotl fish

  • Natural: put the tank out of the window. Sunlight shines on it to increase the temperature of the water, which will stimulate a salamander
  • Separate farming: separate a pair of salamanders to raise separately, after a while they will mate
  • Lighting: using artificial light to shine every few days, this Axolotl farming method changes the biological cycle of salamander.

The salamanders of different colors can be completely mated. For example, red-eye and black-eye pairing will result in 10% ~ 20% red-eye salamander. Remaining morphology is similar to normal but has recessive genes. Some individuals will have many unique characteristics.

Mem Fish Store hopes that, through this article, you will better understand how to raise Axolotl Iguana and capture which fish Axolotl Fish keep with. If you need to learn more about other aquarium fish, you can refer to the articles of

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