Top 5 Best 40 Gallon Fish Tank: Solid and luxurious design

An aquarium may sound unfamiliar to many people, but it has been a trend for a few years now. Because the price is not high and suitable for the office population because everyday working, brainpower is very tiring and stressful. An aquarium was born to serve the needs of decorating a small, beautiful home space. We offer the following 5 best 40 gallon fish tanks for you to choose the right product for you.

SeaClear Acrylic AquariumBest for the complete set of equipmentLight and durableUse Acrylic materialSimple cleaningLow leakageThe cap is fixed
Landen 90P 48 GallonBest for minimalismTransparent glassHandmade silicone rimThe coral pad includedThe necessary tools are not available
Advance Aqua Tanks AcrylicBest for long-standing brandsAcrylic materialDurable over timeThere are cleaning equipmentLarge classic shapeResistance to water leakage is not outstanding
Long Octagon Aqua Table AquariumBest for uniquenessBeautiful blue lightBeautiful designA combination of table and fish is convenientNot suitable for families with children and pets
SeaClear System II Acrylic AquariumBest for overallDurable acrylic materialComes with a dry filter systemUse unit priceThe guide is confusing

What is The Best 40 Gallon Fish Tanks in 2021

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium: Best 40 gallon fish tank for the complete set of equipment

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The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is ideal for those looking for a large aquarium to house their fish collection. You have a lot of creative space here to turn this simple frame into a lively and attractive ocean.

Light and durable

SeaClear uses Acrylic material instead of glass, so the tank will be much lighter. That means you can either move the aquarium to any desired location or move to an area with the right weather for the creatures in the tank.

Best of all, this material is actually very durable. It is not affected by much impact, so it will not cause cracking. So, if you live with kids or pets, it’s not too stressful.

More specifically, the Acrylic material is clearer than glass, so you will see the fish fluttering with more clarity and detail. People who love fish and love to watch every moment of them love this spot very much.

Low risk of leakage

Usually, after a long day, you will see puddles of water leaking from the aquarium. However, thanks to the Acrylic fibers and the padding around the edges, SeaClear significantly reduces water flow. This must be the remarkable point that many hobbyists are looking for.

Easy to clean

Cleaning an aquarium full of fish and decorations is quite a headache. It is not only time-consuming but not thorough but also easily affects the organisms in the tank. Also, if you don’t clean it up for a long time, your tank is no longer clean and beautiful.

Understanding that this brand has brought a simple design of just a square shape with large size to facilitate your cleaning operations.


  • Light and durable
  • Use Acrylic material
  • Simple cleaning
  • Low leakage


  • The cap is fixed

Landen 90P 48 Gallon: Best 40 gallon fish tank for minimalism

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The Landen 90P 48 Gallon rimless aquarium with minimalistic appearance is the wise choice for you to create a diverse and beautiful underwater ecosystem. There will be many more interesting points to make you love this transparent aquarium.

Made of transparent glass

Landen is one of the highest quality glass aquariums out there. Made from 91% transparent glass so you can see all the action going on in that miniature ocean.

The 10mm thick crystal plate makes the aquarium look more solid. Furthermore, this material also makes the aquarium more luxurious and attractive. However, this tank will be heavy and may not be safe for families with babies or keeping lots of pets. Therefore, you must take special care to put it in a safe location.

Manual seams

The silicon rim connecting the pieces of glass is completely made up of the meticulous hands of passionate craftsmen. As a result, the gaps are minimized to improve water leakage. You will not need a headache with puddles of water on the floor anymore.

Accessories included

When buying Landen and having a good quality large aquarium, you also have a nanofoam coral reef pad included. Of course, it is not enough to create a rich environment for your collection, but it is considered the first ingredient of the ocean to have more creative ideas for your aquarium.


  • Transparent glass
  • Handmade silicone rim
  • The coral pad included


  • The necessary tools are not available

Advance Aqua Tanks Acrylic: Best 40 gallon fish tank for long-standing brands

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If you are looking to buy a tank from reputable brands and have a long history, then do not miss Advance Aqua Tanks. It is the leading aquarium supplier with a long history since 1986.

Made from 50% lighter Acrylic

There is no denying that acrylic aquariums win more consumer sympathy because it is 40% brighter, 17% stronger, and 50% lighter than an aquarium made of glass.

In addition, this material is shock-safe, so you can be confident that the life of this aquarium is a lifetime. So, in terms of cost, this option can be expensive at first, but in the long run, it is much cheaper.

Classic appearance

Like the aquariums above, this 40-gallon aquarium has a classic rectangular shape with silicone connection angles that reduce water leakage. However, the company does not mention much about this point, so it may not be the highlight. Therefore, you should not be too hopeful about this.

This product is focused on depth, so it looks a bit small on the outside but actually very wide for you to create a diverse ecosystem of colorful fish.

Equipped with a hood

The hygienic problem with this tank is not much of a problem as this is a product with both hot water drains, filter slots, and a hood. As a result, your tank is always in a clean state and has no unpleasant odors.

However, that’s all that comes with it. If you were expecting a unique decorative accessory, you are probably disappointed.


  • Acrylic material
  • Durable over time
  • There are cleaning equipment
  • Large classic shape


  • Resistance to water leakage is not outstanding

Long Octagon Aqua Table Aquarium: Best 40 gallon fish tank for uniqueness

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The aquarium table sounds strange, but it is very trendy to challenge the fragrant coffee while watching the fish floating in the water. There are many aquariums of this type on the market, but the Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium stands out because of its unique and novel design.

Luxurious and trendy

This aquarium cafe table measures 30 x 30 x 16 inches. The tabletop is 38 x 38 inches in size, just enough space for you to relax in the morning. Here you can both watch the fish playfully and prepare a standard cup of coffee with your favorite taste.

Under the bottom table, a layer of blue glass pebbles shines to create a sparkling and mysterious space. At night, this dim aquarium light will be the highlight in your home space. Especially the blue color combined with the diverse colors of fish makes it look like the ocean is present in front of you.

The table is hexagonal 6 glass, so the colors reflected inside are even more vivid. Glass can be a bit heavy. Still, it is suitable as a decorative ornament and splendid home.

Easy to assemble

You need one more person to move the Long Octagon. This is a bit inconvenient if you are at home alone. However, after moving to the correct position, reassembling is very simple, and you can do it by yourself. It shouldn’t be too difficult if you lift the tabletop. So, regular tank cleaning is also very convenient.

When installing, one piece of advice is to place the tabletop 4 inches from the body for a better fish viewing experience. Besides, it is also easier to clean the tank in the future.


  • Beautiful blue light
  • Beautiful design
  • A combination of table and fish is convenient


  • Not suitable for families with children and pets

SeaClear System II Acrylic Aquarium: Best 40 gallon fish tank for overall

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Whether a beginner or an experienced veteran, the SeaClear System II aquarium will satisfy them, it meets the expectations of the dream home that a fish lover has built for his spiritual children.

Easy to use right out of the box

The 36 x 1 5 x 20-inch aquarium with 2 black and cobalt colors is suitable for both buildings, a blue ocean or a freshwater aquarium. The included 350gph filter and the submersible pump make it easy to use right out of the box. The black hood already includes solid items for installing fluorescent bulbs, so you don’t need to prepare additional tools.

An integrated dry filter system

The aquarium has a mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration system built into the back of the tank. Thanks to the rear, it does not take up much space in the tank but is a very useful part to help your aquarium stay clean and beautiful. Besides, keeping your water clean is also protecting your fish collection.

In particular, you can use this system to counter against a regenerated rock or live rock with nitrate balance if you do not want to use it. Many people prefer rocks, and they claim that they have a better balance of nitrates.

Lightweight acrylic tank

This version is similar to its predecessor, SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set, made from acrylic material with 4% higher transparency, 17% stronger activity and 20% better insulation than glass. In addition, this aquarium is durable and resistant to impacts, making it convenient for families with babies and pets.


  • Durable acrylic material
  • Comes with a dry filter system
  • Use unit price


  • The guide is confusing

Buying guide for the best 40 gallon fish tank

Priority is given to fish tanks that are glued without braces

The aquarium is one of the most common household items. People often use hidden glue without braces. This is a very professional firm if you play aquarium or aquarium; if you do not know what this tank looks like, you can refer to the article below. In this section, we will only advise on how to choose the right glasses.

There are cases where the tank is 70 cm or more in height for lakes that are too large, you must have braces to ensure safety, but the glass is still computerized and hidden glue.

Limit buying old aquariums

Many of you do not know what braces are like? These are glass panels glued on the tank’s surface, as shown below, are used to fix and increase the tank’s safety.

Unless you want to save money and are not ready to invest in a quality aquarium, refrain from buying old glasses, thin glasses, and braces. These tanks are designed to keep fish, not to play in the aquarium by its very nature. There are many reasons for this: aesthetics, safety, and professionalism, completely inferior to the glue hidden without computer grinding.

Make use of existing old aquariums

If you have an old aquarium that has been in use for many years and the glass is 5 cups thick, you want to take advantage of it as an aquarium to save on the cost of buying a new aquarium. It is okay, but be aware that the sole must be sure and only play simple aquascape compositions. Suppose you do not support the base and put many details into the tank, for example, playing very heavy. 

In that case, with rocky aquarium layouts, the risk of tanking and cleaning the house is very high because the bottom glass cannot withstand the floating force. It can also be dangerous if there are children at home.

As shown below, this iron leg does not support bearing if the thin tank is very dangerous, so the row of iron bars supports the bearing for the bottom glass.

We tried an old 5-meter lake and played with the waterfall stream layout, which I left in the yard. In the middle of the night, we heard the rush of water. Without opening the door, I knew what was going on because many people had shared experiences. The aquarium is broken! But since the lake is too old, I don’t care.

Choose to buy a new aquarium

First, you refer to the common sizes of the aquarium that people often play, then measure where your house corner is right to place the tank; we can adjust the size as you like, suitable with their home space, there is no need to form the right size that other people often play, however, it is necessary to consult the construction unit in cases where the size of the lake is too unusual.

If you have chosen to buy a new tank, your number one priority is still glazing with computerized glue.

Use glasses of 8 mm or more

For lakes with a length of 90 cm or less, you can use 8mm glass. If the length is greater than 90, I suggest that you use glasses of 10 or more for safety; if the tank is over 1 meter, then 12 mm or more is extremely sturdy and safe to use. Depending on your economic ability, the thicker the surface of the tank glass is.

Since the glue-hidden aquarium can only be made with a height of 50 cm or less, if you can afford and want to make a large aquarium, about 80 – 90 cm in height, you need to New braces that are sturdy enough.

You may want to change the size of the aquarium shortly

If you have a spacious house and begin to love the beauty of the aquarium, consider carefully before investing in a relatively small tank to practice playing, for example, a small pond with the size of 60 x 40 x 40, because when you know how to play aquatic. Successfully, i.e., plant a beautiful green tree, the chances of you will liquidate a small tank to buy a bigger tank for your passion. I have met a lot of customers in this case.

So if you want to play a big tank, say 1m2 x 50 x 50 for example, and are concerned that you have no experience, feel free to play, and if you are reading this article and contact me, I will show you each step carefully to be able to play successfully. Note that you do not have to buy from me to advise me; you still advise if you do not buy.

Once you have chosen the right size and type of watch for your needs, the next step is selecting and matching the lights. For example, a lake 1m2 x 50 x 50 must use a lamp with enough capacity to light the lake. If the lamp is too weak, of course, the tree can not grow or even die.

Some tips when setting up the aquarium

  • You should not release the fish immediately but wait for the tank to settle for at least 3 days. It is best to stock the fish one week or more, then make sure there will be no death due to unstable water.
  • If you have ground soil, you should change the water 30-50% for the first days without fish. And you should plant the whole plant at setup time and release the types of water ferns or algae because these types can grow fast. The newly set up lake will have abundant nutrients because it will be abundant; if not controlled well, it will cause harmful algae.
  • With the family of goldfish, carp, you should not play aquatic, should not have gravel, ground because this is a species with a lot of habit and stools.
  • When pouring water into the lake, you should put a tissue or some plastic bag and pour the water over. Allow the water to run evenly, not to cause strong currents to disturb the soil or plants.
  • Should drop a few food pellets to create waste, to start microorganisms. If there is no food during the lake’s creation, the microorganisms will starve as much as possible.

Release the fish

  • Choose to buy fish that are suitable for the tank with the right density. Predictive later population growth factor or fish grow up. Goldfish can grow up to 20cm. Choose healthy fish that show no signs of disease.
  • Do not pour fish directly into the tank immediately. Use a needle, poke a few small holes in the plastic bag then leave the plastic bag in the tank. Allow the water to flow in slowly into the bag so that the fish can adapt to the water environment and temperature of the aquarium.
  • Cut the plastic bag and add the fish after 30 minutes.
  • If you already have fish in your tank, you should consider isolating newly purchased fish and disinfecting it with saltwater first. To avoid new fish getting sick, the fungus infects old fish.

Maintenance and cleaning

  • A 30% water change should be done once a week, even if your water is not cloudy. The new water addition will add minerals to fish, shrimps, and aquatic plants. And you should add a little more microbes later.
  • In the event of a water change of more than 50%, split up several replenishment times.
  • If the tank’s microbiology is stable, the fish feces will only turn into harmless sludge. When itchy eyes, you can suck it out, so that is the main aesthetic problem.
  • Do not clean the filter and change the water at the same time. If your tank has a high density of fish, changing the water and rinsing at the same time will blow away a large number of microorganisms. And this will affect the stability of the tank. Fish will easily weaken because the concentration of NH3, NO3 increases because of a temporary lack of microorganisms.


What is the cause of aquarium water in aquariums or muddy?

First, the aquarium water is turbid because the aquarium and aquarium water filters are still new. At this time, the amount of microorganisms in the aquarium is not stable, leading to the lack of water in the lake.

Second, the lake water is cloudy due to the algae contained in the aquarium too much. This makes the tank water cloudy and turns a moss green color. At this point, you should install a UV filter to eliminate harmful algae.

Third point, dirt from stone objects, aquatic plants, lake decoration accessories. Dirt will accumulate underneath the tank floor, and this phenomenon will be improved after a few days.

How long should the lighting equipment be left on?

With designing aquariums, we only need to let the lighting system for 8-10 hours/day be enough when the lights are turned on when the sun rises and then is quiet.

In addition, if the lights are turned on continuously, it can cause the aquatic animal to wilt because of too much light. In addition, some types of aquarium fish should also have time to rest at night. Too bright lights will affect the circadian rhythm of aquatic animals and make the fish flock easily to die.

Do aquarium fish need sleep?

This question is interesting! Quite a lot of you think that aquarium fish living in water should be “extremely alert.” The fish is still sleeping! The only thing is that animals are sensitive to light and to sound. That’s why such a mistake only happened.

Like most animals, aquarium fish sleep at night. So turn off the decorative lights so that the fish can rest!

What is the right time to release aquarium fish into an aquarium?

Certainly, when you first start making an aquarium, the owner should not rush the fish in immediately. Please wait 1-2 weeks; the microbiology and water conditions of the lake are stable for the aquarium fish to be introduced.

Why is there a lot of algae in the aquarium?

Even though the aquarium is properly designed and cared for, there will likely be algae. Explaining the above, experts have pointed out the following reasons:

  • First, algae appear due to an imbalance of nutrients in the water. One more point, too much light, low CO2 content, and less substrate are also the causes of many algae.
  • Second, there are many slow-growing algae in the aquarium. So the owner must remember to regularly clean and clean algae on the glass.

To be able to stabilize the number of algae inside the tank, there are many options. For example: planting more bushy trees to prevent harmful algae. Or the owner can completely add more aquarium fish to eat all harmful algae. Where algae are too many and grow, it is possible to use specialized chemicals. In particular, do not leave excess food in the tank excessively. If dead aquarium fish, they must be taken out immediately. Thus fish carcasses will not be decomposed and partly limit the algal blooms.


Above are the top 5 best 40 gallon fish tanks on the market that we can offer you. We hope, through this article, you can choose the right one according to your preferences. Good luck!

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