Customers' Tanks

Kevin Tran's 265 gallon mixed reef

System includes 3 x 250 watt MH, 4 x Actinic LED strips, VHO Actinics, Calcium Reactor, Reef Octopus XP5000INT skimmer, Refugium, 2 x Vortech MP-40W circulation pumps.




Robin Mitchell's 75 gallon Rimless Planted Tank



Robert Stephenson's New 315 gallon mixed reef


Custom tank, stand and canopy, 75 gallon custom sump/ mud refugium from MemFish with Reef Octopus Pro 300 protein skimmer.

 Blueline 70HD return pump, calcium reactor, 1/3 HP chiller, controllable Koralia's along with Tunze stream circulation pumps.

2 x 48" Nova Extreme Pro lighting fixtures with PowerBrite moonlight modules.

Marty Klauss' 120 Gallon

Remote sump/filtration in separate room. Custom installation by MemFish.

Mike Whiteley's 90 gallon

Don May's 140 Mixed Reef

John Fisher's new 168 gallon Peninsula Fish Only Tank!

Custom tank, stand, and canopy. 55 gallon custom sump/ wet/dry from MemFish, Reef Octopus NWB-200 protein skimmer, Mag 12 return pump, Nova Extreme Pro lighting.

144 Half Circle Tank in a local attorney's office.

144 Half Circle Tank with 36" Nova Extreme Pro Lighting

Custom Sump by MemFish, Kalk reactor, Reef Octopus NWB-150 protein skimmer, Mag 9.5 return pump, auto topoff.

Ron Childers' 68 Gallon Half Circle Tank Setup



Custom Sump by MemFish. This may be small, but we have packed in a Octopus NWB-110 skimmer, a refugium, a return section, and a 4 gallon auto topoff reservoir.

You can see the Vortech pump controller, and the ReefKeeper Lite controller mounted on the door.


Tank is up and running. I will take more pics when it clears up.

Setup specifications:

Lighting: 2 x 39 watt T5 high output, and 4 x 24 watt T5 high output

Skimmer: Reef Octopus NWB-110

Circulation: Mag 7 return pump, and Vortech MP-10.

Automation: Tsunami Auto Topoff, ReefKeeper Lite Level 1 controller, and Vortech Controller.

Rick Rodell's 270 Reef Tank

New tank above.

Old tank and the process of changing it over are pictured below.



Old tank was acrylic and had lots of scratches. The old sump was 28 gallons. The old skimmer was an Aqua-C rated for a 180 gallon tank.

New - tank is all glass made from 3/4" thick glass with a center overflow. Sump is a custom MemFish 40 gallon with Reef Octopus SSS5000INT protein skimmer with Bubble Blaster 5000 pump.

 Return is 2000 GPH through two 1" Sea-Swirls. Chiller is remoted into the next room.

We also added a Calcium Reactor, Auto Topoff system, 2 x Sicce Voyager 4 pumps (moving 1600 GPH each), Eliminator Power Strip, and a Neptune Systems Aquacontroller Pro connected to the network.

 Lighting consists of 2 x 250 watt MH with 4 x 54 watt T5 actinics. This will be a mixed reef with lots of LPS corals, zoanthids, and other softies.

We opened up the aquascape by removing 95 pounds of rock and re-scaping the rest of the rockwork. This will provide better circulation, and more swimming space for the fish.