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I am now on my second tank. The first one was a 75 gallon, and when I moved I upgraded to a 155 gallon tank. Being new to the hobby, I enlisted the assistance from someone for tank maintenance, someone that knew more than me. But nothing seemed to live very long, with the exception of three beautiful yellow tangs. I had a regular graveyard of SPS coral, and my zoos didn't die, but they never multiplied. I tried going it alone, and that didn't help much. MemFish is on the way home, and I would stop in there occasionally to replenish my dying stock. I finally gave in and asked Richard to help me out. Richard and Anthony came to the house, made some major modifications to the tank, and did some significant water changes. I have my own RO/DI unit, so they allow me to supply my own salt water (I of course buy my salt from MemFish!). In the short three weeks since MemFish started maintaining my tank, my zoos are starting to multiply, the fish are more active, the water crystal clear and my satisfaction level has quadrupled.

I can't say enough good about Richard, Anthony, or MemFish. Their home maintenance service is without equal. Their prices are reasonable, their attitude wonderful, and they truly love what they do. If you want a beautiful salt water aquarium, and don't have the time or experience to maintain it, let MemFish help out. Already have a tank, and ready to deep six it? Don't. You probably have a small fortune invested in it. Let MemFish get it up to par. It is a decision that you will NEVER regret.

Larry Hufty



It has been four months now since I let Memfish salvage my tank, clean it up, and get it looking like a real reef tank. And my initial impressions were quite high. Everything seemed to be coming together. It has now been four months, and I am writing you to update my thoughts. And my thoughts are that I am more impressed today with Memfish, with your level of service, and dedication to my tank than I was four months ago. My corals are multiplying like crazy, my fish seem happier than ever, and my chemical levels are better than they ever have been. Now, what makes Memfish a cut above others? Maybe it's the professionalism. Or maybe it's your willingness to make emergency calls in the evening (how about 9pm when my pump started making horrible sounds). Or maybe it is the depth of knowledge that everyone at Memfish possesses. Whatever the reasons, I am here to tell you and your potential customers that using Memfish to maintain your tank is a decision that one will NEVER regret. Thank you for everything.
Thank you. Larry Hufty, Dec 2009


We cannot say enough about MemFish and the service they provide. For several years, we tried others or tried to take care of the upkeep ourselves and had disastrous results. MemFish has helped to create a beautiful salt water environment that has provided hours of enjoyment for me and those who come to my office. They stand behind their fish and materials and are quick to respond to questions and concerns. Thank you, MemFish, for making the tank an enjoyment for us all.


Dee Walker

I finally have time this morning to send you and your staff an over-due THANK YOU for helping me last month.

In fact a very special thanks goes to Anthony McCalister who came over also to my house to save the day.

The saying “Murpheys Law” came to my house on 10/1/09 is an understatement to say the least.

As I was grouting tile in my main foyer at the house about 9:00am I heard water hitting the floor in the den – an adjacent room.

I jumped up with my concrete trowel and knee pads and looked into the den. To my amazement and shock water was pouring out of the back glass seam of my 75 gallon salt reef tank. It had separated due to unknown reasons – age, previous relocation from bedroom to den, poltergeist, or whatever reason.

In fact the leak can be described more as a waterfall. Major Panic are the first words that come to my mind. To make matters worse the aquarium is on a wooden floor and I needed to be in Clarksville, TN to see my daughter in the Miss Tn. Pageant that evening. While I procured a 35 gallon trash can to catch the waterfall coming out from the side I called Anthony on his cell phone. Thank goodness I had previously procured his services to help service the tank once a month or I wouldn’t have had his cell number. Keep in mind this was a non-store hour event. I then received a call shortly from the owner Richard Rendos who coolly told me to surround the aquarium with beach towels and get back to the concrete floor that was hardening by the minute. They were on the way with a portable plastic drum, pump, hoses, shop vac, and a draw strap to secure the aquarium glass. He said Anthony was on the way also and they would unload everything out of the aquarium and take back to the shop for safe keeping. The entire operation only took one hour!

Now I am here to say that is SERVICE. Three weeks later my new unit arrived, all the live rock, coral, and critters were put back in and it looks better than ever. I had wanted the past couple of years to make a couple of modifications with my pump and support equipment and this was perfect opportunity to do so. Again, many thanks to Richard and Anthony and folks at Memfish for a job well done ! ! ! !

Oh yeh; the tile in the foyer looks great and I arrived to watch my daughter in plenty of time that evening!